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Marie Harf Has Another Bad Day

I’m not sure why State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf became a spokeswoman.

She’s certainly an intelligent young woman – and opinionated, self-righteous, and condescending, as any good young liberal should be. Fine, at least she has some sizzle. State Department briefings have previously been legendary for their watching-paint-dry excitement.

But a spokesperson really has to be able to take themselves out of the equation. You are speaking for someone else, after all. And while it’s fine to inject some personality into your briefings and remarks, you really have to resist the temptation to give your own opinions and react to reporters in ways that can undermine your message. And that, Marie Harf cannot do.

Here she letting AP’s Matt Lee under her skin.

And here she is being snide to someone else.

H/T The Blaze.

48 Responses to Marie Harf Has Another Bad Day

  1. Harf and Psaki impressed me as being the same woman. I wonder why they were chosen. The Obama team seems immature enough that I can imagine them giggling and chortling over putting very young women in important positions — take that! old white male hierarchy!

    Or are they the answer to the handsome women on Fox News?

    I can see them as young professors – emotional, insecure, backbiting, attacking types that make grad students miserable.

  2. Why was she chosen? War on Women, sexism!
    What better way to deflect any critical or blunt assessment of the Obama foreign policy than to put a young, BLONDE, woman on the podium.
    C’mon. We all know why there isn’t some middle-aged professional sporting a comb-over standing there.

    a little ot: We’d like to believe that the professionals who have made the State Dept their career aren’t snippy, dumb, or clueless, but work behind the scenes to do the right thing.

    • with all due respect, I highly doubt that Marie Harf’s blondeness had anything to do with State hiring her. I think the fact that she wrote her master’s thesis on the “problem” of evangelical Christians supporting Israel is a much more likely reason.

      blondes, they’re agnostic on…but they love them some Israel-haters!

    • Denise, The website leaves out that she is anti-Israel and that is one reason she is in her position. While her background info ‘reads’ as impressive, at 34, she does not project any sense of confidence or credibility! Awkward! IMO

      I am reminded of the old Peter’s Principle: promoting someone to their highest level of incompetency. jb

  3. She reminds me of all those stuck-up, think-they-are-smarter-than-you, arrogant sorority b#tches that were Political Science/International Affairs majors at college.
    I had one ( 20 years old, she was attractive… but the second she opened her mouth she was an arrogant bitch) talk down to me because I “wasted” my time in US Navy instead of going to college after high school.

  4. Not sure which is worse, this or the Hilary video. Maybe they can share their speaking skills with each other and come up with something in between.

  5. Harf and Psaki are truly representative of the Obama administration and the Kerry State Department. Little Susie Rices in the making.

    • …I am kinda glad I failed that State Dept. Foreign Service Officer test years ago. I do not know if I could work at this messed up State Dept. under this Obama regime…

      (but the Leadership Institute in DC is having a “US Foreign Service Career” training seminar coming up in May that Im interested in attending…)

    • It all boils down to this Grace.

      No-one is held accountable in this administration, and they are consistently allowed to get away with it.

      But,….if a republican makes one statement that can be construed as marginal, the TV lights up with ridicule.

  6. Harf reminds me of the many women who stormed into Target the other day to greedily grab Lilly Pulitzer merchandise. I despise women like her and she gives the rest of us a bad name.

  7. When you are tasked to represent your employer and report to the media from a public platform you had better have some self-control. Harf’s lack of self-control denotes an arrogance and insecurity that is not reassuring. Intelligent? I don’t think so.

    • I agree.
      The arrogance comes from the title.
      The insecurity comes from looking at people that have far more experience and expertise.

  8. “She’s certainly an intelligent young woman.” Really?? I think that when Obama went shopping for “young people” to serve in his admin, Marie Harf was sitting on the shelf right between Tommy Vietor and Jen Psaki. (Obama: “Yeah…and gimme a blonde with smart girl glasses.”)
    I don’t think Obama or his senior advisors are capable enough or knowledgable enough to pick capable and knowledgable people to do the job (any job). Or else they just don’t care.

  9. She is not intelligent. She says stupid things such as lack of jobs causes Islamic terrorism and we can’t kill lour way out of it. Really, how did we win World war II? She may be well educated but she knows nothing at the same time. Her Valley Girl mannerisms are major league annoying.