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Yes Indeed! The 88 Times Hillary Said Mmm Hmm

During a single event in New Hampshire Monday.

The Clinton campaign has scheduled surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York to try to remove some of Mrs. Clinton’s Mmm Hmm’s. During surgery, doctors will attempt to install some artificial “Yups” and “You don’t says.”

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

11 thoughts on “Yes Indeed! The 88 Times Hillary Said Mmm Hmm”

  1. Mmm Hmm: Def: Why am I forced to listen to these blithering bobos when I should be in the oval office shouting out commands!


  2. A noted political pundit proposed the absurd notion of Mr’s Bush, Cruz, or Walker being filmed inside a fast food place wearing big sunglasses and never speaking to anyone there.
    This video showing MrsClinton humming and nodding is more absurdity that no other candidate for the WH could be imagined doing while conversing with potential voters.

    1. Yes, and her hemming and hawing over questions about whether Bill’s speaking fees bought any geopolitical goodies–just a diversion from her “real” goal of being average… Seriously this stuff is solid gold!

  3. Those of you in New England will remember fondly when Howie Carr would play a tape of one of the Kennedys and ask the audience to guess the number of ‘ohs’ and ‘ahhs’ . It was great fun . Seems we might play the same game with Hildabeast .

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