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Video || WH Won’t Say Clinton Donations Didn’t Affect Policy

Nor, it seems, does the White House care, otherwise they’d be vowing to get to the bottom of it.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today pointedly dodged, using unrelated verbiage, questions about whether those who gave to the Clintons during Hillary’s time as Secretary of State received favorable treatment for their agendas.

Have a look. From today’s briefing

14 thoughts on “Video || WH Won’t Say Clinton Donations Didn’t Affect Policy”

  1. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today pointedly dodged, using unrelated verbiage, questions about whether those who gave to the Clintons during Hillary’s time as Secretary of State received favorable treatment for their agendas.

    “Pointedly dodged, using unrelated verbiage,”

    Mr. Koffler, as a wordsmith, you are exceptional.

  2. I think the Dems are letting Hillary drive herself off a cliff. I don’t exactly feel sorry for her, but I think she’s the only one who doesn’t see Elizabeth Warren coming.

    When votes for blacks were discussed, the women asked about themselves and were told, “This is the Negro’s hour.”

    History has been repeated here with Hillary’s career ambitions.

    1. I agree, Anonna, and she is doing a mighty fine job at it, too. Imagine if she worked this hard as SOS.

      Pocahontas frightens me.

  3. The current administration, and the ones before it, would never investigate anything a previous President and First Lady did, whether in office or retired.
    Being Dems makes that taboo all the more important.
    What an ugly precedent would be set if MrObama had his minions investigate PresClinton’s actions as a private citizen, or MrsClinton’s actions as our SoS, and now a credible candidate for the WhiteHouse.

    Heads would explode, doors would be slammed and locked, and the MSM would have a hysterical fainting spell. Constitutional scholars would be flabbergasted, unable to get out of bed.
    No, let the chips the Clintons put on the table be their downfall.

      1. It there were some strings attached to the donations it would mostly be ‘on the come’ or ‘paying it forward’ on the odds that MrsC would be the next President.
        Who could say then that a favorable trade with us would be a payback for their prior generosity?
        The MSM already has the info that they need to destroy the Clintons and the Obamas if they wanted.
        They don’t want to do that.

        1. Oh what tangled webs they weave.
          Only to be deceived by the very people they bought and paid for.

          But the deception is rampant, and deep within the mire of politics and the political aspirations some people have knitted over the years into a maze of confusion and a deliberate attempt to mislead the people.

          Hopefully, this time, this election, we will do better.

  4. The new Obama mantra: See no evil; hear no evil; speak no evil.

    I’ll bet Obama’s OFA slush fund is a replica of the Clinton foundation. He’s a quick study when it comes to corruption. Most of the anonymous donors probably have curried favor with Bill, Hill and Obama at one time or another.

    Obama is just licking his chops while waiting til 2016 when he can start jump start his own foundations and give $500K speeches all over the world.

    There is no way on God’s green earth that Hillary needs $2.5 Billion to run a campaign. She doesn’t even have a primary challenger for pete’s sake. It’s all so obscene!

    1. Yes, Obama is licking his chops like the low life he is. Not an honest or patriotic bone in his body. And he is stealing money even now! All the money in the world will never make this miserable little sadistic anti-American hater of all white people happy. If he makes it to the age of 65 it will be a miracle with all the thousands/millions of enemies he has made, corrupt POS

  5. Hillary could drown kittens on stage and the Democrat Party and the MSM would still blame everything on the Republicans out to get her. I’ve heard this increasingly and now I am pretty convinced there is nothing she could do that would severe this cord. And it’s not like politicians look down on corruption and abuse of power. She and Bill are good to go….always.

  6. Hillary’s already spinning this as just a “distraction” (not a smidgen!)

    she made some poor-little-me noises about “if the Republicans didn’t have me I don’t know what they’d be talking about,” hardy har har.

    well we’d be talking about whoever ELSE was running, you dumb so-and-so! what are the Democrats doing? talking smack about the Republicans. I mean honestly, how stupid do you think we are? it’s called politics.

    and YOU’RE doing the distracting, Hill. because this isn’t just some “old information” that everyone’s already heard. (shades of “what difference at this point does it make”?) even ultra-prog Juan Williams said tonite that it could be damaging if true.

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