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Obama Prepares to Give in to Iran, Again

One thing the Iranians surely figured out a long time ago is that President Obama will never bomb them. And so they negotiate accordingly.

What they have also noticed is that, this late in the “process,” there is virtually nothing the president won’t accept or do to get a deal.

Within days of hearing Iran’s demand that sanctions be lifted immediately, rather than in a phased way to award good behavior, Obama’s knees began to tremble, and Friday he collapsed to the floor of the East Room and caved in.

Watch a presidential caving happen below! From his press conference with Italy’s prime minister:

I would just make a general observation, and that is that how sanctions are lessened, how we snap back sanctions if there’s a violation, there are a lot of different mechanisms and ways to do that. Part of John’s job and part of the Iranian negotiators’ job, and part of the P5+1’s job is to sometimes find formulas that get to our main concerns while allowing the other side to make a presentation to their body politic that is more acceptable.

Our main concern here is making sure that if Iran doesn’t abide by its agreement that we don’t have to jump through a whole bunch of hoops in order to reinstate sanctions. That’s our main concern. And I think that goal of having in reserve the possibility of putting back and applying forceful sanctions in the event of a violation, that goal can be met. And it will require some creative negotiations by John Kerry and others, and I’m confident it will be successful.

So the signal is very clear. As long as we can “snap” the sanctions back on, we may be able to lift them pretty quick!

But how are we going to get the Europeans and others to cooperate? And what will be the Red Line? If, for example, Iran cheats a little, or messes with the inspectors, is Obama really going to throw the sanctions back on them? And then take them off and put them on again? It’s just not a real-world solution.

But the real world has never been the critical element when it comes to Obama’s approach to Iran.

This was originally supposed to be a deal to dismantle Iran’s nuclear program. Well, the Iranians weren’t going for that, and so Obama abandoned such thinking.

Then it was supposed to be a deal to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, while leaving them with a few face-saving nuclear facilities. Well, the Iranians weren’t going for that either. And so now it’s a deal to stop them from from getting a nuclear weapons for ten or fifteen years.

Obama talks with Kerry about Iran

According to the Wall Street Journal, White House officials are “whispering to reporters” that Iran could immediately accrue $30 billion to $50 billion once sanctions are lifted and they get access to frozen offshore accounts.

This will amount to a bonanza for their efforts to spread their power throughout the Middle East and, yes, build a nuclear weapon.

You see, the administration keeps repeated that “you can’t bomb knowledge” as an explanation for effectively rejecting the military option against Iran. But this is a red herring, pickled and filleted for the consumption of the American public.

Knowledge is not the critical variable here. The recipe for building a nuclear weapon can be found on the Internet. The roadblocks are logistical. It requires money, access to technology and so forth.

Thoroughly bombing Iran’s nuclear program, along with a stringent sanctions regime, would not necessarily be “reversible in two or three years,” as is routinely stated. Iran would have to reconstitute what has taken it decades to construct. It would need renewed access to materials and technology and then the ability to rebuild without being noticed. This would be a very difficult, if not impossible thing to achieve.

Obama’s $50 million gift will ensure that Iran can do everything possible to stealthily cheat on a deal and be ready to ramp back up as quickly as possible once they’ve been caught or decide to simply walk away from the agreement, as the North Koreans did.

But the military option is off the table. As are all other options, other than the option of reaching an agreement.

20 thoughts on “Obama Prepares to Give in to Iran, Again”

  1. DRUDGE carries two article’s on Obamas successful treaty with Iran. One titled ” Iran marks Army Day with cries of Death to Israel, USA… and (Revolutionary) ” guard rejects inspection of military sites under any nuke agreement with Obama.

  2. Obama’s attitude is this.
    Here’s the hole I put you in, now dig your way out.
    Problem is, you can’t dig your way out of a hole, let alone try to fill it back in when Obama controls the shovels.

    Congress has got to stop him once the ‘outline’ is filled in.
    This is the same way they harnessed US with the ACA.

    With this administration, there are so many irons in the fire that the congress is overwhelmed while Obama is constantly pushing his agenda.

    This week’s schedule that Obama is entertaining sports teams is nothing more than a diversion,….for Obama.
    Nothing more than to keep his pathetic admirers’ adoration for him intact.
    “Oh, look at Obama on TV !”
    “Isn’t he funny ?”

    No he is NOT ‘funny’.
    He is destroying my Country and he is being allowed to do it.

  3. I think it was Krauthammer who said there is a chance that the Ayatollah will reject the deal and come back in six months or so to re-negotiate. The starting point of the negotiations would be the current deal on the table.
    Either way, this is not going to end well.

    1. Yeah, I heard Krauthammer say that.
      Obama is outclassed when dealing with these barbarians, and so is Kerry.

      Netanyahu has every reason to be concerned.

    1. The by product of faculty lounge diplomacy.

      Also, the by product of an inexperienced poser that didn’t, and would never serve in the US Armed Forces and used his position to remove the ones that did and disagreed with his philosophies.

  4. “‘I don’t want to get out ahead of John and his team’. but I will”. BHO

    Kinda follows previous statements like:

    “I don’t know, NOT HAVING BEEN THERE AND NOT SEEING ALL THE FACTS, what role race played,” Obama said Wednesday night while taking questions after a White House news conference.

    “But I think it’s fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry; No. 2, that the Cambridge police ACTED STUPIDLY in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home; and, No. 3 … that there’s a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately.”

  5. Ironic. Obama came to office to knock America down a peg or two in the world order, make us one of many, and then we would be accepted and he would be loved. Well, after all the apologizing, bowing, scraping, and agitating in the ME, Death to America still issues forth from Iran. All the disrespect Obama sought for America includes himself. He is an embarrassment, a laughing stock and unfortunately his policies are endangering America’s security.

  6. Does he really, in his own little mind, think that he has the power here? I go back & forth on this. I know he believes himself to be king-like, butt can he really believe the Iranians mean him no harm? Or does he feel so above it all, knowing he can duck into his bunker for 7 years after they bomb us to hell? And to hell with this “USA he rules”….

  7. Obama’s $50 million gift will ensure that Iran can do everything possible to stealthily cheat on a deal and be ready to ramp back up as quickly as possible once they’ve been caught or decide to simply walk away from the agreement, as the North Koreans did.
    Try $ 50 Billion!

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