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Equal Pay . . . for Michelle?

President Obama returned this week to a subject he has broached several times before, that Mrs. Obama does not receive a salary for her work.

“Let me tell you, now, Michelle would point out first ladies get paid nothing,” he said to laughter during a “town hall” gathering Wednesday in Charlotte, North Carolina. “So there’s clearly not equal pay in the White House when it comes to her and me.”

Well, uh, they’re not doing the same job, first of all. Which goes right to part of the reason women aren’t paid as much as men – they choose jobs that pay less.

But it’s obviously an issue for the Obamas. The president has noted on various occasions that Michelle doesn’t get paid even though “she works pretty hard” and it’s “a tough job.” It seems from his statement Wednesday, even if said with an element of jest, that Michelle is driving the conversation here.

Michelle Obama runs.

I understand the president wanting to stick up for his wife and recognize her work. And she does do some good work. But of course, she is quite well compensated.

How about free housing – utilities included! – in one of the world’s great mansions? And when was the last time she wrote a check to have the place cleaned? Or the lawn mowed? Sorry, maybe the president mows it. And paid travel all over the world, and many weeks of vacation every year. Food delivered by servants after being prepared by a personal chef.

How about the honor of being first lady? Sorry to be so old-fashioned.

It never occurs to liberals like the Obamas that her government salary would have to come out of other people’s paychecks, people who don’t go on safari in Africa or spend 24 days resting up in Hawaii over Christmas.

Her predecessor in the office thinks equal pay at the White House is not really necessary.

Eventually, political correctness will force a salary for a future first lady. But you still won’t see her filling up the limo at the Exxon station.

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  1. We all know the job specs for the POTUS, they’re spelled out in the constitution and he swears to do those things on inauguration day.

    What would the job specs be for the FL, what would she be required to do to earn her money?
    Amerians don’t really want the FL to tell them how to eat, to read a book, not to do illegal drugs, or to plant flowers. We don’t need anyone to tell us that,because we’re adults and are allowed to make our own decisions.
    No one asked or ordered MrsO to do anything at all. She doesn’t have to reside in the WH; if she chooses, she’s free to go live in their mansion in Chicago and dust her own furniture.
    The FirstLady has a staff of over 20 people to do whatever it is they do, and many others to do what the others don’t; so ..what would she do that requires a paycheck.

    1. And don’t forget free digs for her mother. And speaking of flowers–Lady Bird got them planted all over so people could enjoy them beside the highways of America–which I thought was very nice of her–and she did not demand an hourly for it.

      1. Hey Star,

        I take it you hate Michelle Obama so much more than you do her husband?

        I follow this blog closely and often notice how offended you act when people post what you term name-calling and personally vicious comments about Obama.

        Yet you seem to have no qualms going hard at his wife in much the same manner you rail against others here for.

        What gives Star?

        1. Finola,
          I think Keith’s issue is this: Michelle (or any spouse of the President) is not elected or appointed. They should not be making any decisions about what people do or say or eat. She imposes her ‘power’ and she shouldn’t. Yes, she should be a spokesperson for things she wants but not impose.
          The other thing she does is she spends ALOT of taxpayer money on trips and vacations. Considering they are always talking about global warming or the poor or conditions about minorities they do very little to show it. It’s all talk.

          but then I can’t speak for Keith.

        2. the truth and the un-paid and over pampered.
          and all she wants to do is open a window in the white house. most likley have one of her many paid maids open it.

  2. So a designer wardrobe, vacations to exotic places, high end accommodations, private air travel, hobnobbing with the rich and famous, the choicest food and wine, bodyguards, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as her address, private school for her children, private secretaries, a hand selected legacy agenda and the funding for it, a fawning media…all free. That isn’t enough for these spoiled brats?

        1. Look, if I had to do an endless stream of cerremonials–like Q. Eliz–with drapery weights in my hems and a big hat–day in, day out–it would not be my dream. But FLOTUS seems more about the gadding about. and speaking off–where is Bouncy these days?

    1. This might shock some folks but the fact is the president is presented with a monthly food bill. State Dinners are separate and paid for from a special fund.

        1. I remember Bush once saying he was surprised when he got it–never any mention with this pres. It’s for food served in their residence–that is my understanding–not these vacay feasts, etc.

  3. But they are also rich without salary from the gov. Oputters lying books have brought him untold millions of dollars.

    But for low life actors like B and M there is never enough. Just like in Breaking Bad, Walter has 80 million dollars but wants more.

    While ValJar (evil gnome) does the work of ruining the country, the BM show is just there to piss us off with there no class actions.

  4. Can’t believe he said it: ‘Before we were in the WH, I wanted to make sure Michelle got paid as much as she could…I wanted Michelle to have a big paycheck…’

    His first act as a US senator was to see that Michelle did get the biggest paycheck she could! $317K/yr. to be exact. He made that possible by funding her employers at the University of Chicago Medical School several million dollars, which went directly into her pocket book.

    Obama needs to stop personalizing everything – it always ends up exposing his criminal behavior.

    Both of the Obamas have raided the US Treasury in ways we thought impossible. They are ungrateful, freeloading parasites who have not an ounce of love for country. At least not THIS country!

    Obama needs to stay away from the tv cameras. He acts and sounds ‘ghetto’.

    /Rant over/

  5. Is this a veiled attempt to have the ‘First Gent’ on a salary in case the evil election spirits manage to get HRC elected??? No! Plezzzz!

    True story: After BHO’s & MO’s first year in office, a reporter from St. Louis inquired of them on TV about the affects of their lavish lifestyle image had on the American public when so many citizens were experiencing economic hardships??

    That reporter became the target of IRS probes, audits, and harassment over the following 3 years, and eventually lost his job as a TV news reporter! He worked for the local CBS affiliate.

    Between 2004-2008, the citizens slowly began to realize that the IRS was deliberately delaying (and had been systematically doing so) the dozens of conservative non-profit status applications for years!

    During that same time frame, the IRS audited some of the largest and well-known charitable non-profits in the USA. Some organizations that identify as mainly Christian, such as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, were audited.

    The IRS non-profit status delays for the citizens ‘Get Out the Vote’ activities meant that for two election cycles, the IRS successfully suppressed the Constitutionally Guaranteed 1st Amendment Free Speech Rights of Americans, thus affecting election results at local, state, and Fed levels!

    Sad commentary that must not be repeated if at all possible! jb

    1. This flouncing around the world started–I think–when they first saw themselves as a historic gift to the “evolving” country. They thought the Am people LOVED them so much and were swooning so hard, the people WANTED them to have the best of everything as if they were a national treasure. I don’t think this was ever quite true and now it sure isn’t.

  6. Not sure how the subject came up that Moochelle as first lady needs a paycheck for living the 1% lifestyle at taxpayer expense? However, as stated well in article and comments this couple makes all previous presidents seem humble. Carter awful president,bad ideas, but never disrespected office.

  7. Interesting topic – I thin MOTUS should get her allowance for working so hard, from BO’s salary.

    Now think of this one (a scary thought & heaven forbid) – Cankles is elected head cheese. Bill becomes First “Something”. By law, we have to pay both of them, her for being in office and Bill under the “Former President’s Act”

  8. has there ever been such a graceless, grasping couple in the WH? this country she’s not proud of just can’t give Moochelle enough stuff. utterly classless.

  9. You forget the two dozen handmaidens and the personal trainer, and the clothes, the hairdos, the makeovers, and on and on and on.

    The American taxpayer is paying plenty for the “privileges” of the first mooch.

  10. My wife is not paid by my employer either, yet there is a lot that she has to do to allow me to have my job. If she didn’t have the flexibility (from not being employed) to accommodate my longer hours and periodic travel, I couldn’t do my job and earn as much. Some execs have to have spouses accompany them on travel. It’s part of the job and what families do – because it isn’t about me, it’s about our family.

  11. Late comment on this, sorry i missed it before:

    If I work for a company and get perks, I get a 1099 at year end for the value of the services, and that is somewhat taxable. If The FLOTUS wants to consider herself an employee of the govt, then so be it: send her a 1099 for the past 5 yrs that includes housing, wardrobe, entertainment, travel, and yes, healthcare


  12. Not only is Michelle Obama not paid for anything she does, but seeing her success with school lunch reform, she is clearly overpaid.
    It is truly bizarre for anyone to think that someone who is not elected to office, having no given duties,requirements or qualifications should receive a salary…for merely being married to the president!

  13. I miss Laura Bush so much. What a wonderful First Lady and what a different outlook and appreciation of being First Lady vs the complaining and whine from Michelle Obama.

  14. It is a sure thing after Me$$chelle redecorated the family dining room that she should not go into interior design. What is her staff. 20+. How many parties have the Obumos had in the WH that were not govt funtions that all the worked done was paid for by taxpayers. They are suppose to pay for their private fund times. How about Valerie Jarret living in the WH… not just Grandma. Bet all the gifts sent to the WH are all packed away for the Obumos. She is on vacation 5-6 months out of the year. Nobody could afford what she THINKS she is worth.

  15. This is one of the sorts of things that make me believe that the Obamas do not love America.

    If they did, they would want to lessen the burden on taxpayers and treat humbly the perks of their time in the Presidency.

    They seem to think of it as a lottery win with license to dig out as many “free” goodies as they can.

  16. No one told her she had to quit her part-time gov’t affairs job for the Chicago hospital. When BHO was only a Senator, she got over $300K for it. I expect that upon his election to Pres., she could have negotiated a raise, in the Chicago Way. But, one of the things that happens to us (who live and work outside the Beltway), is that when you quit, you stop getting paid.

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