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White House Smears Grassley

The White House Thursday turned its vicious invective on one of Washington’s longest serving, most respected and most honorable senators, Republican Chuck Grassley of Iowa, branding him as dishonest.

Here’s what supposedly failed the White House honesty test.

In September, Grassley said, “Rather than rush a nominee through the Senate in a lame duck session, I hope the President will take his time to nominate a qualified individual.”

Then Thursday, talking about Loretta Lynch’s lengthy confirmation process, Grassley said, “If you want to subtract November and December from that long time frame, you should do it.  The Democrats were in control of the Congress and they decided not to bring her up.”

Earnest attacked, calling it “exhibit A in why it is very challenging to work with congressional Republicans.”

That, in my mind, is an astounding display of duplicity.  And I know that it may be that you guys are looking at me — many of you have been in Washington longer than I have — and you’re thinking:  That Josh really likes working at the White House, he’s so idealistic, he’s got stars in his eyes, he’s so naive about the way that Washington works; that this kind of dramatic reversal and going back on one’s word is just business as usual in Washington.

The sad part, I think, is that Senator Grassley — particularly in his home state of Iowa — has cultivated a reputation as somebody who is true to his word.  And I think the only conclusion that I can draw from this astounding exchange is that it’s possible that Senator Grassley has been in Washington for too long.

Earnest needed a pretext for an attack on Republicans, but he could have at least chosen one that made sense. Grassley may not have wanted Lynch to be considered during the lame duck session. But it was still the Democrats’ choice not to bring her up. So she wasn’t considered then, and the period should be subtracted from the confirmation process, Grassley said. Where’s the duplicity?


What’s really going on, of course, is the deployment of repellent political tactics. As I noted yesterday, Saul Alinsky is still the prophet  of choice for the Obama White House: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it,” Alinsky wrote.

The superb irony here, of course, is that while the White House was charging duplicity, it was revealing its own. From the president on down, the White House regularly protests that it wants only to work with Republicans and to cast the rancor and partisanship aside.

And then it goes and for no particular reason unleashes a nasty attack on an 81-year-old senator.

I really have to give the White House credit. They’ve turned disingenuousness into a work of art.

One reporter called Earnest on the inconsistency, prompting a sneer.

Question: You referred to Senator Chuck Grassley as “duplicitous.” Is that helpful –

MR. EARNEST: I referred to his comment as duplicitous. But, yes.

Is that helpful to the process of getting Loretta Lynch nominated?  Is that helpful to building relations with the party that controls the U.S. Senate, do you think?

Question: Is that helpful to the process of getting Loretta Lynch nominated? Is that helpful to building relations with the party that controls the U.S. Senate, do you think?

MR. EARNEST: I’ll just observe, John, that being nice has gotten us a 160-day delay. (Laughter.) So maybe after they look up “duplicitous” in the dictionary we’ll get a different result.

Note Earnest tried to suggest that he was calling Grassley’s statement, and perhaps not the senator himself, “duplicitous.” But how exactly does one become duplicitous without saying something duplicitous? Uttering something duplicitous by definition makes one duplicitous.

Maybe Earnest doesn’t fully understand the meaning of word.

34 thoughts on “White House Smears Grassley”

  1. Hey, remember this administration is led by those who studied politics in Chicago. Lie, attack, smear ….. The end justifies the means.

  2. As an Iowan, I am proud to call Senator Chuck Grassley my senator. He is honest, bold, and one of very few who has stood up to this evil administration. Also, I have noticed that Josh reads almost all of his answers at the pressers, so one can only assume the questions are well anticipated and the answers indexed for easy reference.

  3. It’s interesting to watch this young man get tangled up in his own underwear as he makes remarks, then have to explain those remarks, then attack people who question his explanation of his remarks. Poor Josh has begun his slow walk to meltdown status, following the footsteps of Jay Carney.

  4. I don’t understand the faux outrage on the DEM side. What would Obama do without his partner in crime? He has said over and over that he doesn’t want Holder to leave. Plus, he rarely mentions Lynch.
    Sorry, I smell a rat here.

  5. OK, Joshing Earnestly. I didn’t want to look up the word, but you made me.

    “deceitful; treacherous, duplicitous behavior. deceptive in words or action.”

    The statement cannot have behavior. The statement can not use words (it is words). The statement can not have action. Only a person can exhibit behavior, use words, or take action.

    To use the word “duplicitous” can only refer to the Senator, not the statement.

  6. I just saw the new trailer for “Star Wars”

    Was that Michelle with Hans Solo?? Looked just like her! Might have been Chuebaca…..but I don’t think so.

  7. Any senator over 75 should no longer be there. They aren’t representative of the population in terms of age, and I’m willing to bet they have little, if any, understanding of the technologies and software that has become ubiquitous in American life in the last 20 years.

    1. There are those of us who are born incompetent. There are those of us who become incompetent by the age of 50. If you have heard Senator Grassley speak recently you would know that he is NOT incompetent. Age is just a number. If you want to test members of congress to see id they’re smart enough to be there, I’m fine with that, but don’t eliminate people just ’cause YOU think they’re, ahem, OLD! And as for technology, Senator Grassley seems to have a pretty good grasp and I am absolutely SURE he has a legion of young techies to keep him up to speed. So why don’t you go update your face book page and leave HIM alone!!

    2. Maybe you think Obama is smarter than Grassley? Prejudiced against older Americans are you? Voting for Hillary Clinton are you? Your post is the dumbest one I have ever read.

  8. Josh, what I was really thinking is how big a snake and an asshole you are. How do you sleep at night knowing you are as full of shit as an overflowing septic tank? Ever here of Pete Stark? Charles Rangel? John Coyners? Dan Inouye? John Dingell? I bet you have –

  9. Only in Obama’s Oppositeworld can you call someone a liar for saying something that is obviously true, then say you’re not calling THEM a liar, just the WORDS they’ve spoken!

  10. Fortunately it’s up to the voters of Iowa not Josh Dishonest and Fairy Barry to decide whether Senator Grassley has been in Washington too long. So shut it!

    1. Yes!! Let me see!?!?!? Who’s REALLY been around too long? In my NOT so humble opinion, ALL of Barack Obama’s Press Secretaries. Although I have to admit, Josh is MUCH LESS unpleasant to LOOK at than the previous 2!! Still full of feces, but, what the heck can we expect from the mouthpiece of the Crapper-In-Chief?

    1. Actually, I believe if we reversed everything that has been done under BHO, we’d be America again!! And THAT my friend would be no small accomplishment!

  11. The state of cocksure certainty of being right all the time in the mind, is also a sign of senile dementia setting in. Senator Grassley may not remember what he said when he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. There really should be a requirement to test for this in our very elderly career politicians in the Senate. Their capacity of doing harm to America with a slip of mind is frightening.

    Back in the 1960’s a TV producer for the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour visited a session of the Iowa legislature in which Grassley was debating. When he returned to CBS TV City in Hollywood, the ongoing skit of Pat Paulsen for President was born.

    1. “The state of cocksure certainty of being right all the time in the mind, is also a sign of senile dementia setting in”. So, you’re saying the President of The United States has senile dementia?

    2. And having been around at the time, Grassley/Paulsen, Yeah, I can see that. But remember there was a serious Pat Paulsen for President effoert back then, so how bad coul Grassley have been?

  12. And I think the only conclusion that I can draw from this astounding exchange is that it’s possible that Senator Grassley has been in Washington for too long.

    If we are talking duplicitous …. how could Josh leave out a mention of Harry Reid?

    1. Fortunately, my ex-fiance taught me the meaning of duplicity back in 1977. I’ve NEVER had to look it up since!! And I think we’ve got a couple of posters on this thread who are working hard to fit IN to the definition of duplicitous!!

  13. He doesn’t understand the word, must have a low I.Q. Earnest spits out the poison he is told to say which is written by Obama. How low can you go to disrespect Grassley by this know-nothing POS. Grassley hit a big nerve when he said the truth that they didn’t bring this Lynch clone of Holder and Obama out soo ner. So the snakes in the White House always have to strike a person that beats them at their game. Uf any Republican votes for clone of Holder and Obama Lynch, so many of us won’t vote Republican again. Let them try it and Clinton will win.

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