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Obama Has it Right on Trade

President Obama is bucking the left wing of his party and embarking on a massive effort to secure a free trade deal for the Pacific region.

Obama has done almost nothing on trade since Inauguration Day 2009, other than convince Congress to approve a few trade deals that were mainly negotiated by Bush. The new deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, is still not finished, though it was supposed to be done in 2012. But at least the president now seems to be committed to finishing it.

To complete the pact he’ll need fast track authority from Congress, which permits only an up or down vote on the agreement, without amendments. This is necessary because otherwise the deal would be tweaked endlessly, and negotiations with other countries would be impossible.

Opposing Obama is the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party and Big Labor, which has all but stopped making contributions to candidates in order to focus its money on defeating fast track.

Obama and Elizabeth Warren
Obama tries to convince Warren to support fast track by singing to her. Warren, wearing a stylish Mao suit, listens closely.
Photo by Keith Koffler

Obama seems to have shed some of his lefty persona and recognized the economic benefits of free trade, which causes America to lose some jobs in the short run but creates businesses and jobs in the long term.

What’s more, the countries that are party to the TPP – Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam – all have one thing in common: They’re not China. That is, this agreement would be an important national security tool for countering China’s growing aggressiveness in the region.

Unfortunately, Obama has so little sway in Congress that it may be hard for him to get this thing over the finish line. He’ll need lots of help from the Republicans he continues to blast by the day.

In the end, trade win usually win in Congress. But it takes a Herculean effort. We’ll see if Obama has it in him.

19 Responses to Obama Has it Right on Trade

  1. Look at that picture! Warren is such a pathetic sad sack. I refuse to think that if Obama did something “right,” it was not an accident. Trade was my area in the day…do these countries get or have Most Favored Nation status–are they one for all and all for one against China and currency manips? What is this?

  2. Why would anyone trust Obama to do ANYTHING right??? His golfing pal and traveling companion is former Trade Rep, Ron Kirk, and NOTHING got done.

    Obama accomplished nothing positive for six years, and now he’s trying to burnish his legacy.
    Does he really think his first six years will be deleted?

    • Hillary does.
      With her record, I wouldn’t have the guts to run for public office.
      They think they are above reproach, no one can touch them.
      This needs to stop.

  3. Obama tries to convince Warren to support fast track by singing to her. Warren, wearing a stylish Mao suit, listens closely.
    Photo by Keith Koffler

    Thank GOD it’s too early for my Dirty Martini or it would have come out my nose. Olives and all!!!! Oh yeah! If I was a Dem I would be CHAMPING AT THE BIT to see her step forward and take the mantle from Hillary. You bet!!! Can women be dweebs? I’ve never heard the term used except for men/boys!

  4. You think Elizabeth Warren’s mao suit is stylish? She looks like and still is stuck in the 60’s — She is anti everything American along with Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Pelosi, etc., etc. They are all stuck in a time warp, wishing it was the 1960’s — all old hippies ruining the country.

  5. OK fellow WHDofiles, there’s a mystery we must solve! Look at Fauxcahontas’ left wrist. What keeps the watch up there? Here’s my theory. The picture has been inverted! Both Lizzie (The Axe Murderer) Warren and BHO are ACTUALLY hanging from the roof of the Bat Cave. Tell me what YOU think!