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Hillary Drives by Iowans in Wheelchairs

17 thoughts on “Hillary Drives by Iowans in Wheelchairs”

  1. Seinfeld’s “Elaine Benes”; Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake.
    SNL writers probably don’t know where to start with this new form of campaigning. Every aspect of this short foray into fly-over country looking for truckers and Ev-Ams was as fake as, well, as could be.
    Comedy gold, strange new optics, and a MSM stuck with a candidate who’s too old, too cold, and a loser.

    1. And she has such contempt for all us ‘lower class/servent-like average Americans. Shouldn’t she understand schmoozing by now? She really depicts the Wicked Witch of the West. Na nana na na na.

  2. I have a video playing in my brain of the Scooby Van mowing the folks in the wheelchairs down, accompanied by Hillary’s cackle! Oy! Gonna take some brain-bleach to get THAT out of there!

  3. Perhaps we all need to pledge to ignore her until she decides to stand in front of reporters and answer real life questions, ones that are not staged.

    This is boring.

  4. Not that I ever was a fan of HRC, the attempt to control the candidate and her message is going to blow up soon.

    Although didn’t Mr0 do the same thing?

    1. Yes, the O campaign was very careful with his public appearances.
      The difference; he was new, fresh and he could be charming. No one knew much about his background (we still don’t), so he didn’t have all this heavy baggage that MrsClinton does.
      Her handlers don’t dare let someone who isn’t friendly anywhere near her.

  5. Didn’t actually see the people who were in wheelchairs on this video. If they happened to be Seniors in wheelchairs, the caravan probably sped up to pass them by quickly.

    Hillary can’t afford to be around people her own age, especially if they are in wheelchairs.
    If she and Bill are elected, the Wh will need handicap ramps and paramedics on duty at all times. They both look unhealthy!

    Hill is over the hill. She is selfish and greedy beyond all reason. The Clintons and Bushes need to respect this country and give someone else a shot at the job. What are they thinking?

  6. Think of the effort it took for them to get there.
    Obviously, they weren’t on the guest list.
    She needs to appear with young people, not seniors.

  7. Did anyone see her bizarre nodding while she was listening to the hand-picked Democratic operatives…err, “average Iowans”…in the diner? Her whole rollout has been one long SNL sketch.

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