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Video || Hillary’s Having Another Bad Day

Well, they only had six years to plan this thing. And they’re already showing just how bad a Hillary Clinton campaign can be.

Here she is, parking the Scooby Van in a handicapped spot and discussing . . . the weather. Such a natural.

She got caught lying about how her grandparents were all immigrants, when in fact only one was, and he came as a kid. I gather someone looked it up and found ticket stubs from the Mayflower.

And the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of foreign donations was back in the news. The outfit has decided to continue taking foreign donations, though not from bloodthirsty tyrants anymore.

And just to rub it in, here, courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon, is a collection of her various accents.

Another day in paradise for Mrs. Clinton. Does she really want to be president that bad?

51 thoughts on “Video || Hillary’s Having Another Bad Day”

    1. I think there should be a “WIDE LOAD” sticker on the back of the Scooby Van. And on the back of Hillary’s Pansuit as well! Ruh Roh! That was a personal attack! Boy am I chagrined!!

  1. And lest we forget that she attended night games at Wrigley Field in Chicago, rooting on her beloved Cubbies….wait, there were not lights on back then…must be her night vision.


    1. Well, she attended Yale Law School, they have Ivy Covered Walls,she was probably there at night at some point. See, another honest mistake!

  2. Even Daily Kos has been critical of her plan to raise 2.5 billion dollars to campaign on.

    She had a lousy campaign in 2008, she should have stayed in the Senate or run for NY Gov, I was done with her when she joined Team Obama.

    1. No Marjo !!!
      Bring it Hillary, we need a laugh.

      Make a fool out of yourself, we are watching with anticipation of your next move.

  3. Choosing a Hillary shrillary voice is akin between scratching the blackboard with the nails on your right hand or the left hand.

    1. I have family members that would because they say “we need a woman in the WH.”
      I have no problem with the gender of the next president, but NOT HER !
      Just scroll up on this thread and see the opinions of thinking men and women that would abhor her presidency.

  4. I love the second video, how when she’s caught in a lie her advisors try and paint Hillbilly as some kind of idiot or a retard. Clearly she doesn’t know the meaning of the word “immigration.”
    My dad talks about how he was in a rock band in the ’60s, however I’m not confused enough to tell people that my dad is Jim Morrison.
    If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past seven years of Fairy Barry, our next president doesn’t need to be a retard and they don’t need to be a liar.

  5. Remember the whopper about her mother naming her after Sir Edumund Hillary? LOL! It was in her bio and Bill’s biographies until someone realized Sir Edmund didn’t climb Everest until 8 yrs after Hillary was born. He was an unknown beekeeper when she was born.

    The only thing she has ‘climbed’ is the mountain of cash that went missing when she left the State Dept.

  6. There’s so little out there to enjoy in the sphere of politics these days. I intend to savor every hour of this woman’s sorry and laughable campaign. It should provide some amusement at least.

  7. This is pathological, Mrs. Clinton can’t stop lieing. But why lie about even your grandparents? She makes up stories and lies to make herself interesting to people? What a goofy woman. I guess that goes hand in hand with wanting the power so much and lieing. Both are not normal behavior for a 69 year-old. She looks exhausted doing a few schools, how can she run a country? It will be run by other people just like when she was Secy of State. And Hillary Clinton can’t give up and won’t give up the foreign donations from the Middle East, God forbid that she might give up money, which is her obsession. She wants that money pot, doesn’t care who it comes from as long as she gets the money for herself or should I say the Clinton Foundation? Get lost Hillary Clinton, we have enough with the liar in chief and spendthrift of taxpayer money in what used to be the White House. We don’t need another so-called “President” we can’t trust to tell the truth about the little things and the big things too.

  8. Oh, Keith, the video with the different voices of Hillary was good. Thank you for the prevous videos. I believe Hillary’s campaign will be an entertaining one.

  9. Marks brothers, Three Stooges, Abbott and Costello, fill the rear stage as Bill Clinton, played by Henny Youngman stands close to the microphone saying “take my wife,please!

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