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REDLINE || Thursday, April 16, 2015

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Thursday, April 16, 2015​

Good morning! In the news today: Why the Corker Iran bill victory is really a Corker cave-in; Holder taking guns from veterans; Obama carbon plan won’t help but will cause massive economic pain; Cuba still doing terrorism; Netanyahu warns of another Holocaust; France leads anti-Semiticism surge; and Hillary didn’t leave a tip at Chipotle!

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The Corker Cave-in . . . A treaty requires a two thirds vote by the Senate to be accepted as law. Corker’s bill turns that on its head, allowing Congress to vote down the treaty with Iran but giving Obama veto power, which must be overridden by a two thirds vote. MEANING THAT INSTEAD NEEDING TWO THIRDS OF THE SENATE FOR HIS TREATY, OBAMA ONLY NEEDS ONE THIRD. White House Dossier

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Holder gun-ban list of “mental defectives” is mainly vets . . . The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee wants Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. to explain why a Department of Justice gun ban list has a “mental defective” category consisting almost entirely of names belonging to military veterans and their dependents. “It’s disturbing to think that the men and women who dedicated themselves to defending our freedom and values face undue threats to their fundamental Second Amendment rights from the very agency established to serve them,” said Sen. Chuck Grassley. Washington Times

VA official promoted after cooking the books . . . Hours after release of a devastating audit that found top-to-bottom problems with the administration of veterans’ pensions in the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs office — including records manipulation — the man most responsible for those failings was promoted to a high-paying job in the department’s Washington headquarters. Washington Examiner

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Obama: I’m not a tax-and-spend liberal . . . President Obama expressed amazement Wednesday that his opponents portray him as a tax-and-spend liberal, and he also gave a plug for the fiscal responsibility of the Clinton administration. Washington Times

Please, someone adjust his medication.

Obama’s UN carbon pledge could cause massive pain . . . The Obama Administration’s pledge of 26 to 28 percent cuts in U.S. carbon emissions by 2025 is coming  under heavy fire from business and scientific experts, who charge the radical goals were not backed up by any concrete planning, likely to cause energy-intensive industries to flee the country at a heavy cost in jobs, and unlikely to make any difference at all to global carbon emissions—or to climate. Fox News

Not to mention the pain of getting in accidents in light-weight cars. Pain and death.

Michelle continues her excellent work for veterans . . . I don’t know if the program was started to burnish Michelle’s image, but it’s the fourth anniversary of Mrs. Obama’s and Dr. Jill Biden’s Joining Forces initiative, which aids veterans and their families with struggles at home, and she’s proven beyond a reasonable doubt her genuine commitment to the cause. If there’s one function of government I can get behind, it’s to serve those who have served all of us. White House Dossier

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Al Qaeda beating ISIS . . . The Islamic State’s lightning offensive through Iraq and Syria last year has dominated the headlines, but the jihadist group that has won the most territory in the Arab world over the past six months is Al Qaeda. Politico

China tightens grip on disputed islands . . . Beijing announces plans to further develop a heavily disputed range of islands in the South China Sea, fueling concerns over its growing presence in a region where more than $5 billion in trade passes though every year. Reuters



Conservative leaders plan secret meetings to pick candidate . . . Behind closed doors, a discreet group of right-wing vote-brokers will audition contenders and choose one it thinks can beat the GOP establishment favorite. National Journal

Rubio would attend a same-sex wedding . . . Although he thinks marriage should be between a man and a woman, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio says he would attend a same-sex wedding of a family member or friend to show his support for someone he cares about. Newsmax

Scott Walker ahead of Jeb Bush in South Carolina by 13.6 percent to 12.7 percent, according to a new poll.

Cruz woos Orthodox Jews . . . He boosts fundraising while stressing traditional values and support for Israel. Politico

Christie calls for “right balance” on guns . . . “We’ve got to make sure we have public safety, but on the other hand we have to protect people’s rights both as sportsmen and hunters and for self protection too, find the right balance,” Christie said. Politico

Christie making entitlement reform a centerpiece . . . New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who is making cutting Social Security and Medicare the centerpiece of a possible presidential campaign, conceded on Wednesday that he is taking a risk with the proposal. Reuters

The nation is spending its way into oblivion. The other GOP candidates need to step up on this.

Hillary didn’t tip at Chipotle . . . “Her bill was $20 and some change, and they paid with $21 and left” without putting anything in a tip jar on the counter, Charles Wright, the manager at the Maumee, Ohio, Chipotle restaurant told Bloomberg.

Clinton lies about her grandparents . . . Speaking in Iowa Wednesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that all her grandparents had immigrated to the United States, a story that conflicts with public census and other records related to her maternal and paternal grandparents. The story of her grandmother specifically immigrating is one Clinton has told before. Clinton’s sole foreign-born grandparent, Hugh Rodham Sr., immigrated as a child. Buzzfeed

GOP dirt diggers dog Clinton . . . Nearly 100 staff of Republican opposition research group America Rising are digging up dirt on Hillary Clinton. The group has 20 full-time and more than 50 part-time trackers across the country, mostly in early primary states and big money hubs such as Boston, New York and San Francisco, to document Clinton’s every move. Washington Examiner

Clinton foundation to keep accepting foreign money . . . The Clinton Foundation said late Wednesday that it will continue to accept donations from foreign governments during Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, despite concerns that such gifts will create a conflict of interest for the Democratic front-runner. Fox News

Meet inevitable Hillary’s inevitable running mate . . . Democrats are grooming Housing Secretary Julian Castro for national office. If Marco Rubio is on the Republican ticket (and even if not), Mr. Castro may be the Democrats’ obvious answer. Christian Science Monitor

Reid: GOP candidates are “all losers” . . . In a candid interview with CNBC’s John Harwood, the ex-Democratic Senate Majority Leader ripped on the Koch Brothers, his Republican counterpart Sen. Mitch McConnell (whom he called “a lump of coal”), conservative journalist Rush Limbaugh, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Washington Examiner



Report: Cuba still involved in terrorism . . . Cuba’s removal from the state sponsor terrorist list appears at odds with disturbing evidence collected for a report on Cuba’s terrorist ties posted by the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies last month. “I think this is an unwarranted concession. Number one—Cuba is still involved with terrorism and is still harboring American and Spanish terrorists in Cuba—is still involved with Hamas and Hezbollah,” says Jaime Suchlicki, Director of the ICCAS. Daily Caller

How is it that none of these countries we’re striking deals with are required to change any of their behavior?

Netanyahu warns of second Holocaust from Iran . . . In back-to-back tweets, he said, “Just as the Nazis aspired to crush civilization and to establish a ‘master race’ as ruler of the world while annihilating the Jewish people, so too does Iran strive to gain control over the region and then spread further, with the explicit intent of obliterating the Jewish state.” Washington Examiner

The Jews won’t sit still for another one. Guaranteed.

How Israel hid its secret nuclear weapons program . . . In its final months, even as the Kennedy-Nixon presidential race captivated the country, the Eisenhower administration faced a series of crises involving Cuba and Laos. Yet, as the fall of 1960 progressed, President Dwight D. Eisenhower encountered a significant and unexpected problem of a new kind—U.S. diplomats learned and U.S. intelligence soon confirmed that Israel was building, with French aid, a secret nuclear reactor in the Negev Desert. Politico

Anti-Semiticism surges . . . Anti-Semitic attacks surged worldwide in 2014, with the highest number of incidents occurring in France, according to an annual study published in Israel on Wednesday. Reuters

Pope: Marriage is between a man and a woman . . . Pope Francis criticized “so-called gender theory” today and reaffirmed that marriage is the union of a man and a woman and was created so by God. “For instance,” said the pope, “I wonder, for example, if the so-called gender theory is not also an expression of a frustration and of a resignation, which aims to cancel the sexual difference because it no longer knows how to address it. Yes, we risk taking a step backward.” CNS News


You must also know 2 

Student loan default rate at 27 percent . . . With tuition at the University of California and other top schools growing faster than inflation, student loan defaults are skyrocketing. Daily Caller

Obama wants to increase federal student loans for college, putting taxpayers on the hook for billions more. How about canning fish in Alaska during the summer instead?

Feds issue a half million Social Security numbers to illegals . . . The Social Security Administration has issued 541,000 Social Security numbers to illegal aliens as a result of President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration in 2012. Washington Free Beacon

Just try taking them back. The amnesty will not easily be reversed.

Whatever happened to the big, bad deficit? . . . The Medicare “doc fix” is expensive, and only about one-third of its cost is offset by budget cuts. It’ll add some $141 billion to the deficit over the next 10 years. And that’s not the only up-spending in the works. Add in likely increases in military and domestic spending, and the deficit could go up $100 billion in the next year alone, calculates longtime federal budget expert Stan Collender. Christian Science Monitor

A Message for Tax Day . . .

Christians don orange to honor ISIS victims . . . A new campaign sweeping through American churches has worshipers wearing orange – either in their Sunday best or on ribbons – to raise attention to the Christians executed at the hands of ISIS. Fox News

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  1. The messages coming from this administration about our veteran military are clashing against each other.
    MrsO thinks vets are pathetic, homeless and unable to help themselves so that the government needs to coddle them, but the DoJ thinks they’re a danger to society that need to be corraled and disarmed.
    MrO wants to honor the wounded, but doesn’t care all that much if they have their wounds treated at the VA or not.

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