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Photo of the Day || White House Propaganda Machine Deifies Obama

White House photo-propagandist Pete Souza reached a new low last week with this photo of President Obama during his trip to the Caribbean. Of course, you’re paying for this.

Can any of you imagine Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, or either of the Bushes allowing a photo of them like this to be released to the public?

Obama rainbow

45 thoughts on “Photo of the Day || White House Propaganda Machine Deifies Obama”

  1. What? No Styrofoam columns? OK. Cue the chariots! Bring out the dancing girls! Make sure the Nubian slaves are ready in one, two, three! Let the lions loose! Light up the rainbow! Bread and Circuses for everyone! Hail, oh mighty Caesar!

    1. You may be a little wrong on who the slaves will be this time around, but they certainly won’t have any problem sacrificing Christians. Seems they already have a pretty good start, actually…

      1. Yes, they do have a good start. We’re now in a time when we hear about the murder–the martyrdom, in fact–of Christians and innocent Muslims, men, women and children, every day. Thousands of them. And the world stands by and watches, as they did when the Holocaust was in full fury.

    1. …and none of the sycophants (alleged ‘journalists’) in the “WH press corps” say a thing about the egos in the Obama regime…

  2. The photag guy is not dumb or out of touch – he saw what happened to the flower lady when she didn’t do what the Os expected or wanted.
    He likes his job, wants to be there when this bunch is gone, soooo no more photos of MrsO’s behind, only photos of MrO being honored by the Gods of The Sky, and if he can’t quite capture the good shot, then he photoshops one to please.
    If his photoshops remove unwanted shadows, or the love handles, or make the Os look marvelous, then so be it.
    Job security.

  3. In his half white narcissistic world, He is GOD.
    For the rest of us, we see a USA being destroyed. He is fine with that.

    It is the end of the beginning of the end.USA headed for the end of the end.

  4. It its original use, the rainbow signified a promise from the Lord to never unleash the Flood upon the world again (Gen.9:12).

    Maybe this signifies he’s preparing to deliver relief from the current destructive force as well? After all, with G*d, ALL things are possible…

  5. Documented textbook traits of a psychopath:

    *Superficial charm
    *Grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
    *Pathological lying
    *Cunning and manipulative
    *Lack of remorse or guilt
    *Shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
    *Callousness and lack of empathy
    *Poor behavioral controls
    *Lack of realistic long term goals
    *Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

    Remind you of anyone? ?…
    Heres a hint: one is a current president, the other announced her intentions this past weekend whose husband has proven to be one.

    1. How about Obama and Clinton (Mrs. Piggy) greedy and power-mad and hate their own county, want to load it up with illegal immigrants purposely to ruin America, kind of like Hitler was. Power crazy these two, they should be eliminated not the Americans who are born here.

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