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Michelle Continues Her Excellent Work for Veterans

I don’t know if the program was started to burnish Michelle’s image, but it’s the fourth anniversary of Mrs. Obama’s and Dr. Jill Biden’s Joining Forces initiative, which aids veterans and their families with struggles at home, and she’s proven beyond a reasonable doubt her genuine commitment to the cause.

If there’s one function of government I can get behind, it’s to serve those who have served all of us. And Michelle, and well as Dr. Biden, is to be commended for her vigorous and consistent commitment to helping veterans, long after any PR benefit might have worn off.

From their White House schedule:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The White House – First Lady Michelle Obama delivered remarks on a call with Mayors participating in the Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Washington, DC – First Lady Michelle Obama will deliver remarks to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Joining Forces at the Congressional Club’s annual Congressional Spouses Luncheon.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Montgomery County, MD – First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden will visit a Vet Center in Montgomery County, MD to highlight and amplify how Vet Centers are resources for veterans and their families. Vet Centers offer a range of resources including mental health counseling, outreach, and referrals to veterans, service members and their families.

Monday, April 20, 2015

New Orleans, LA – First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden will travel to New Orleans, LA and join Mayor Mitch Landrieu to highlight the Mayor’s Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness.

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Vice President’s Residence, Washington, DC – Dr. Jill Biden will announce new commitments made to the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI), enabling greater access to AP College Readiness Programs among children of service members and veterans.

She is promoting the initiative with an interview in Glamour magazine, where she said:

Think about the amount of training the average veteran has received through the military—physical training, project management training, public relations work. Think of an average tour of duty in a foreign land, the money we put into developing that, and then they’re discharged, and what, we let that investment go? Absolutely not. These are some of the best-trained people in our society.

That’s very nicely put. And with their service, our veterans have also invested in America. And America owes them a return on their investment, which Michelle is helping us provide.

50 thoughts on “Michelle Continues Her Excellent Work for Veterans”

  1. Since you admire this so much and think it’s a genuine cause, not just a publicity ploy, hy not suggest she use all her supposed personal clout to get on the stick cleaning up the scheduling and lying messes?

    1. I have to agree Star, I’ve been wondering why she needed her OWN veterans activism network when so many great organizations have been doing the grunt work for decades that she could certainly highlight. I wouldn’t even mind paying for those trips. :)

      One good example…when Obama uses the military as pawns to stop their paychecks during gov shutdown threats, Navy Relief quietly steps up guaranteeing their paychecks. I never see her defer to them for anything ? She’s more awareness I guess that military troops exist, but I don’t think she’s anymore effective than if the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders waved their pom-poms for NFL head injury causes. (ok, maybe that wasn’t a great analogy ;)

    2. You are right! The wookie never does anything that is not self serving!

      National Enquirer says, tranie and delusional man to divorce after they leave the black house.

      Whatever will ValJar do? Who will she go with? or is it back to Iran?

      When the Oputter nightmare is over we will have either:
      Jeb Bush – neoconservitive warmonger or
      Billary – neoLib warmonger.

  2. Ok, here’s the Joining Forces White House site…

    I’m a lifelong military USMC dependent (my i.d. card has never expired, true story, married hubby a month before my dependent daughter i.d. expired) Is it me, or does the MO “support site” come up shallow? Rah, Rah the troops/families is good, okay, but there is no there there.

  3. Jill Biden gets it. She does this work from the heart, as the mother to members of the service and not for the publicity. As for Michelle, aw c’mon Keith, put Satire at the bottom of this post. Not a sincere bone in her body.

  4. I would be far more likely to believe that Mrs. Obama is genuine in supporting this cause IF the rest of the administration was not so contemptuous of the military.

      1. Hmmm, my computer is posting my comments with my having to touch the keyboard. Love me some technology!

        That was supposed to be;

        True, X5!!

  5. Hey Michelle !
    How about some ‘Excellent” activism to bring home our Marine Vet & other American Citizens locked up in an Iranian prison.

  6. C’mon, this is just some excuse for her to fly about the country and act like she actually gives a hoo-ha about anyone except her peeps.

    The whole premise of “homeless” veterans is a sham. We’re not short of housing in the USA; there is no lack of apartments, houses, or motels/hotels to shelter someone who is dischaged from the military. They may be homeless for a lot of reasons, and not just that they were former military.
    If they can’t find a job, then they can join the other 50million Americans who are jobless, too.

    MrsObama might be able to sell her concern for the military if she had ever shown the least bit of care for them before she became the FLOTUS. However, her only concern before that was for herself, and her family.
    There is no history of any of the Obamas being involved in any charity, any group that would aid the downtrodden or even the afflicted.
    The Everyday Americans that MrsClinton is searching for in fly-over country have always been involved in helping others – from the poor, the homeless and even our four-legged friends. They never get recogition, they don’t get their faces on covers of magazines, and they don’t pat themeselves on the back for their unselfless, and true concern for others.

    1. excellent comment… I will go one further. If you notice, they are always surrounded by the Active Duty members and family. I think this may be the first time in a few years (2009 and once in 2014) they will be visiting field facilities to promote their program. I have never seen them invite retiree’s to any of their of their promotions. How about visiting the VA centers?? How long did it take for BO to visit Phoenix?? And that was after being shamed into doing it (after they created a conference for him to visit there and dunk the basketball). It’s been over 1 year, and still a major mess.

      I have a brand new VA Center about 45 min away, and I will not visit it, because they are having trouble fully staffing it. And they are not sure if they can.

  7. I looked for the satire tag too.

    I might even buy Keith’s premise if I had remembered that the dynamic duo had ever taken up Veterans as a cause. Or if on her expensive trips to appear on the TV chat shows, she had once mentioned Veterans. But beside her unfortunate spendthrift personality, all I remember is her self-appointed role as the Food Police.

  8. Sorry, Keith, but I have to agree with all of the excellent comments made on this post today.

    To my fellow WHD’ers, thank you for not letting me down! I was out all day and am just checking in here. As soon as I started reading this post, my first thought was I can’t wait to get to the comment section and see everyone’s responses.

    This Joining Force initiative is all talk, no action. Moochelle uses it to fly around the country, particularly when campaigning and fundraising. And, as always, it’s all about HER. I mentioned the other day that the WH made sure to get this stupid photo shoot covered on Entertainment Tonight recently. Mooch is on these shows more than most realize. The WH calls all the entertainment “news” shows on an almost weekly basis

    Why is she on the cover of Glamour Magazine with two celebs? Why not appear with two members of the military, or with military spouses that she talks about? Better yet, just do something. All she ever does is talk and act as if people aren’t aware of the issues members of our military and their spouses, and veterans are facing. We don’t need an awareness campaign, Mooch. Maybe YOU – having never in your adult life been proud of your country – weren’t aware of them before, but the vast majority of us were. As I said the other day, in elementary school my son’s class wrote letters to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for Christmas they collected items to make care packages to send them, along with notes thanking them for all they do for us. So, yeah, WE have all been aware of our military members, veterans, their spouses and families for a very long time Mooch, and have done what small bit we can do for them. We don’t need you to talk, talk, talk about it; we know.

    1. After 20 years in the Military my B.S. Detector is fine-tuned! And the meter is pegged in the red!! It could, of course, just be my personal distaste for the 1st Couple, but I don’t think so. I think Michelle is about as sincere as an Iranian Nuclear Negotiator! I think her “concern” for the plight of our military and veterans was concocted solely to offset the angry, America-hating persona she showed us in the beginning of her hubby’s 1st term. As for Jill Biden, I don’t know enough about her to know how sincere SHE may or not be. But she DID marry Joe so her judgement IS open to question!

    2. Well said, Snark! Good point about MO never appearing on a mag cover with a member of the military. It’s beneath her.

      I’m surprised the WH hasn’t been renamed ‘Obama Productions Ltd’. Life is just one big cattle call at the Big White.

  9. Maybe Michelle could economize and COMBINE her 2 activisms. She could call it “Let’s Join Our Moving Forces” and it could focus on providing healthy lunches for the Military!

    1. Oh my gosh, AJ. All they’d get for lunch would be a small floret of cauliflower, a pkg of crackers and piece of lunch meat. :( Michelle should have to eat those school lunches for every meal.

  10. The comments on this post capture my sentiments, and are far more eloquent than I can be. I served 21 years, one of my sons has just retired from the Air Force and another son retires in four years. So we are a military family. Michelle’s “I Love Veterans” PR gesture is all theater. There’s no there there and we all know it.

  11. My understanding is that Jill Biden began this and had to Meesh a place. I never saw any interest in the military from the Obamas until they realized that they might need their votes.

  12. The VA is a godforsaken mess, and Bob “Ronald” McDonald needs to go.

    And Keith, with all due respect, you live in the DC area, and I doubt you’re overlooking all the stories The Washington Times is running about how screwed up the agency is.

    There was a report not long ago that vets who work for the agency–and there are a lot of them–were having their medical records accessed illegally after turning whistleblower. The civilians who ACTUALLY run the place–the entrenched turf protectors, in this case, the idiots who caused all the problems–don’t have to worry about that.

    So, let’s get the VA operating like an agency worthy of James Madison’s America, and not Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil,” before we start praising politicians of EITHER party for how much they care about vets.

  13. Meesh loves to get into the center of a crowd and act as if she’s pretty and get all serious and deep-ish at moments. Just another celeb-wanna-be venue for our First Woman.

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