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Video || The Press Can’t Figure Out Why Hillary is Running

I’m not even sure she really wants to run. There doesn’t seem to be any joy in the effort, as Rich Lowry points out today. The whole thing just has it’s own momentum, rolling ahead, divorced from any substantive landmarks.

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  1. Perhaps this is the Swan Song campaign. After a lifetime of running for this, campaigning for that, defending all manner of wrongs, and never reaching the public forgiveness or honor enjoyed by the Kennedy clan, she’s just tired, worn out, and exhausted by it all.
    Lacking the physical energy shown by other older candidates, maybe even the good health necessary to hit the circuit for so long, she really does appear to be going through the motions.
    But, who else do the Dems have – the faux Indian, little known Governors of little states, or some dark horse waiting in the wings.
    It’s all on her and that’s a heavy burden for an old lady.

        • I thought of that when I was writing that comment.
          Either Bill, or their financial contributors.

          Heaven knows how many deals they have made over the years.

        • Yeah, Bill may be pushing her to get even with the Republicans for impeaching him! We’ll show them Hillary, you’ll be President and I’ll be back in the White House, thats what they probably say to each other, Hill and Bill.

      • Nothing but ambition ! She wants the world to fall at her feet. Just watch how she swaggers herself around. The woman is so stuck on herself. She suffers from obamanism: a severe condition of believing you’re the most intelligent person in the world and surrounding one’s self with others who’ve been tricked into following your massive ego all the way to the fiery gates of hell and beyond.

        • A wise assessment.
          Maybe it is a desire for the limelight.
          Maybe it is an intense need for adulation.
          Maybe it is a desire to accumulate vast amounts of money.

          I don’t have the same mind set they do.

  2. I rarely take pleasure in seeing someone fail, but I have to say for Hillary, NOTHING would make me happier than a 2016 loss. Of course, jinx, double jinx, I wouldn’t want that loss to be because of a Elizabeth Warren win! Gasp.

  3. They were pretty taken with Rubio over on MoJoe–hope this isn’t a Kiss of Death from the press (approval). I agree with SrDem–she is looking a little rode hard and put away wet–at least do something with the eye bags–and No, I am NOT suggesting she get Pelosi’s doc’s number.

  4. Gerry Brown Gov of Mexico North wants to run! Maybe they will give him a shot of “WTF” and try him. (Sarc)

    He wants to save water by only saving Hispanic and black peeeps houses. After all the whites do not deserve a house because u know, we have that white privilege thing! (sarc)

  5. Fascinating to hear the left of center media question Hillary’s message, or question if it exists at all. The next few months will determine, after all, if any of this really matters, or is the voter so ignorant of the facts that they are willing to elect an image that defies definition and purpose


    • There is a morbid fear that the premier candidate they can field is Hillary Clinton, and she has the possibility of going down in flames.
      The left is immersed in a conundrum.
      What to do ?
      I find it fascinating to watch.

  6. Drudge links to a Daily Mail article that discusses how many fake twitter followers and fake FB likes HC has. Also one of the women in her ad was a supporter of Abortion Wendy.

    • Rush just said that she is paying FB fans $38 to ‘enhance her page’.
      Some from overseas.

      If we can’t field a conservative candidate that can’t destroy her, we may as well give up.

  7. Wonder if she is still going to claim to be ‘no ways tired’.

    There was a lot of talk this morning on the Jose whatshisname show about Chelsea playing a huge role in the campaign with practice debate sessions between mother and daughter. I wanted to throw up!

    Just bow out gracefully, Hill. You are over the hill.

    • Don’t forget the folksy drawl. ‘ain’t no ways tarred’. You remember, the patronizing tone that would be unforgivably racist if it didn’t come from a D? I do have to share a snark I saw on Daily Caller though. It was wisely said that Hillary has been around so long, the first time she destroyed a message to cover her tracks, she had to kill a Pony Express rider to do it…

  8. Old Hill must be exhausted from spending the last two years running her generous derrierre off to collect her obscene $250K speaker fees.

    She certainly isn’t spending her ill-gotten gains on her campaign from the looks of things. This time, she is going third class – vans, old clothes, and Huma.

    What a greedy crook! Hope someone investigates her slush fund.

    • Go back up the thread Girly1.
      Hillary is paying people to like on her facebook page.

      Massive egos,
      A total dismissal of the intelligence of general populace of America.

      You go Hillary, you dumb B****.

  9. I can’t help but wonder if Hillary and her staff overlooked all the negativity surrounding her, assuming she could win people over. Twitter has been on fire since Sunday. People are tweeting anything and everything about Hillary and not in a good way. One of the tweets today was her H logo pointing the way to Ambassador Stevens grave.

    Stick a fork in her, she’s done.

  10. What was the financial status of her previous Presidential campaign? I seem to remember it ended deeply in debt. Perhaps that has something to do with this campaign.
    They trotted Chelsea, husband and baby out for photog ops during their stroll around NYC last weekend. I remember when she was off limits – except when they needed to use her for image building. Some things never change.
    I don’t know these people personally and never will. But there seems to be a desire for dynasty building.

  11. In 2008, Hillary ran one of the worst campaigns for President in history. With this campaign, only two days old, we can see she is running THE worst Presidential campaign in history. Now that’s her real accomplishment.

    • Doesn’t matter to the faithful. I saw one such who supplied a lengthy critique, expressed a wish for another candidate like Fauxahauntas, and openly said they plain didn’t like her…then said “But I’ll vote for her before I would ANY republican-YUCH! And with vapid thinking like THAT, sic transit gloria Mundi…

  12. Hillary Clinton running for President? Why? She acts weird, like a post-menapausal woman, she sounds so out of it, looks at the camera a lot – says what? Hillary Clinton: “Something is wrong if college students have a debt to pay”? Huh? She is suggesting all should be free like a true communist/socialist that Hillary Clinton is. Good luck with her being President, she sounds weak and will be a weak commander in chief.
    Didn’t we have enough with Obama hating and firing all the generals in the military which is leaving us wide open to terrorist attacks. God forbid Hillary Clinton.

  13. 69 maybe 73 year-0ld Commander in Chief, just what we need, a depressing, weird, creepy woman running for President, who couldn’t even do the right thing in Benghazi after the Ambassador begged, begged and begged for help and then he was raped and murdered because nobody came to try to save him and the others because of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, how mean are those two? Also Hillary Clinton couldn’t even be honest enough to turn in her government e-mails?? Because she did terrible things thats why she didn’t turn them over. If she was innocent about the e-mails she would have given them to the government like an honest moral person would! Apparently, there was a lot of stuff in those e-mails that would show the real mean Hillary Clinton.