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Hillary Clinton Discovered Grooming Goats at Petting Zoo

No, that didn’t really happen. But just you wait.

So Hillary is attracting attention, albeit highly befuddled attention, roaming the roads from Chappaqua, New York to Iowa in a van. Along with her Secret Service detail, of course.

Here she is below wandering the streets of a real neighborhood somewhere, looking about as natural as a baroness trying to pretend there was nothing amiss after she’s fallen into the chimpanzee exhibit.

I love how NBC claims it snagged an “interview” with her. Below you can see the press further degrading themselves by scurrying after her “Scooby van” so as not to miss anything in case she decided to say something substantive, or merely slipped on a banana peel.

One of the few epithets that hasn’t been applied to Mrs. Clinton is “strange,” but with her artificial attempt to ensconce herself among real people, whom she hasn’t had contact with since the last time she was forced to in 2008, “strange” may soon be added to her personality portfolio.

What Hillary, who has been trying to avoid scrutiny her entire adult life, doesn’t understand is that people crave authenticity. Candidates, even lousy ones like Clinton, have to at least be themselves.

Hillary Clinton Iowa

Americans won’t automatically reject elitism. They embraced Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy with genuine affection, and neither tried to pretend they were something they were not.

Ronald Reagan, who had a certain regular guy appeal, nevertheless also stood at something of a distance and projected an air of class and even elitism that didn’t diminish anyone’s love for him.

Hillary is poll testing herself into failure. She’s the Michael Jackson of politics, having has so many image facelifts that people can’t bare to look at her anymore.

She needs to figure out what she’s fighting for, and then battle for it with the passion she at least once had. And do it by just being Hillary, if she still remembers who that is.

27 Responses to Hillary Clinton Discovered Grooming Goats at Petting Zoo

    • x2 No advice please, watch, tomorrow she’ll be Hillary, the real rich Hillary and that won’t help her either. I am afraid that the election will be rigged, the machines will be rigged and they won’t count the military votes and it will be all fraud for her by these crooked dems and that will put this so out of it woman in the White House, so she can keep secrets and lies from the American public for the next 4 or 8 years. Oh God, please help us get rid of these people.

  1. uh-oh. remember when this happened to Gore? pretty soon we’ll see Naomi Wolf brought in to consult with Hillary on “friendly” wardrobe colors.

  2. Sinister Thought – What if Hillary is half-heartedly running to glean any remaining morsels of cash from her supporters as a retirement project? A nice, well-funded old age pension.

  3. The clip of her with the children is precious comedy – the poor tykes can’t wait to get away from her. Stranger danger! LOL.
    Oh, boy.
    Who is charting her moves here – the writers from SNL?

  4. That’s good advice, Keith. Now stop that! She doesn’t need to improve. Let her crater in from the weight of her own hubris. Many of us need the satisfaction of that moment.

  5. Careful,Mr.Koffler, or the Hiltards will add “Strange” to the forbidden words list…

    After all, it IS hate speech. ANY speech THEY hate is THEIR definition of “hate speech”…

  6. Keith, you mentioned “strange”.

    I will go further to deranged.

    It is amusing for us common folk to watch the elites try to be like us.
    I say,…bring it on.
    We will make fun of you as long as you wish us to.
    Or at least as long as you continue to make fools of yourselves.

    Eventually you will die, or the people will put a stop to the dynasty that you think that you maintain.

    The people are much stronger than you.

  7. HRC’s new PR Agent has a massive job to remake HRC’s image! This comment will seem very harsh, but my wise Grandpa told me that ‘You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig!’

    HRC is not a leader and she will never be a leader even if her PR Agent manages to fool people and garner votes for the 1st Female Prez! She is the most ‘driven’ woman in politics, but she forgot that she was suppose to accomplish something before her second bid for CIChief of the USA!

    (Keith, you can edit this comment away if you wish. I am especially annoyed this evening by the MSM chasing after her every move and word as if she might actually say something worth hearing!) j

  8. A little OT, but just wondering…

    Why did Hilz use Twitter for her big announcement when she could have done it the same way she did when she started her political career? You know, back in the ’30s, when she used her broom to skywrite “SURRENDER DOROTHY”?

    Then, as now, her campaign was short of substance and long on intimidation.

    Here’s hoping her campaign THIS time goes as well as THAT one…

  9. She thinks she’s the incumbent b/c her last name is Clinton. This is all about Bubba’s illegal third term.
    When you are the only name on the ballot and you are a DEM, a loss for HRC will be catastrophic.

    We need to be worried about the millions of voter registrations that are attached to O/Care…and the illegals. Quid pro quo. We give you free h/c and you WILL vote for us.

  10. Hey, if she is into animals that much, she can come and give my cat a bath. That would be a Hillaryious sight indeed!
    I still wouldn’t be able to pull the lever for her though.

    • Remember the old Steve Martin line about how he gave his cat a bath and they both enjoyed it very much but it was hard to get the fur off his tongue? Never mind–just a random thought.

  11. The kids at the school she visited were locked in their classes and not allowed to talk to her. Totally staged and the media bite hock like e and sinker

  12. Agree–she is “strange” and “creepy”–two words that adhered to Obama quite early on. Not that it prevented people from slobbering over him–apparently strange and creepy play.