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Video || SNL Skewers Hillary

Oh boy. Bad news for Hillary.

This is devastatingly funny – I thought so, at least. Kate McKinnon’s Hillary is on a par with Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin. And you know what effect that had.

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8 Responses to Video || SNL Skewers Hillary

  1. It truly is hard to believe the gall of Hillary Clinton. I hope SNL goes after her every week, she deserves it and more. She is a liar and not trust worthy. Had enough of her, she needs to go away.

  2. I am informed I need an updated Flash player–but last nite on 60 Mins, it said notices of Flash player updates can be a devastating ruinous virus. What to do, what to do…guess I will pass on Hillary. Those SNL things often don’t ring true to me…