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Quote of the Day || April 14, 2015

“You see, it’s my assistant’s fault. When I said, ‘Erase the servers,’ I was actually trying to fire some of the household staff.”

– Hillary Clinton

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

45 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || April 14, 2015”

    1. I don’t think you believe she’s “dedicated to increasing opportunities for the scurrying little cockroaches (oops, she meant to say , the middle class”.

    2. Maumee, Ohio is north of me, right around the Toledo area.
      I did however detect that there was a certain stink in the air right about that time.
      She won’t get down where I live,…too many rednecks.

    3. No one recognized Hillary at Chipotle in Ohio! She didn’t talk to anyone – just sat there with Huma eating a chicken bowl.

      If Bill had been there, the place would have been on fire! If she is elected, Bill will always be the star attraction. Hillary will be ignored whenever Bill is at her side.
      She needs to drop out!!!

    1. Not to worry, I have it on No Authority Whatsoever that next week Hillary AND Huma will be wearing plaid flannel shirts and pleated corduroy pants, with penny loafers.

  1. “You see, it’s my assistant’s fault. When I said, ‘Erase the servers,’ I was actually trying to fire some of the household staff.” Even though they HAVE been working for moi for free since Bill and I are DEAD BROKE! They just haven’t been cutting the mustard, obsequious wise. Somehow they started to think of themselves as my equal and, of course, we just can’t HAVE that!

  2. OT: Keith, thanks for the “Asian Pretty Ladies Link on the left side of the page. My wife says I can have one, if she gets to nail my Johnson to my forehead. I’ll havta think on this!

    1. LOL….very good. When you combine the sunglasses and that “HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE” voice…….well, then we have us some image issues for Mzzz Hillary.

      Speaking of image issues…which persona will Hillary use on the campaign? The doting grandma? The Hunter Thompson hipster in her Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas minivan? Her petulant What Difference Does It Make, bug eyed, caught in her own rabbit trap persona? Her Southern Belle Norma Desmond disguise? Her Black poetry reciting Maya Angelou character? Her I’m Only Here To Help You Nurse Ratched character? Her angry, scrunched-up pouty face because, well, because of most anything happening she doesn’t like.

      Should be quite a circus before it’s all over.

  3. It seems to me if a person feels H. R. Clinton is the best to be president of the USA, then that person has little respect for the responsibilities of that office. Being the first female is not always a positive thing. Recalling Eve, and the serpent story.
    Could H.R. Clinton be easily talked into eating the forbidden fruit? Or, maybe she already has?

    1. We have a long road ahead. I just listened to Judge Napalotano on Fox. It was “criminal” what she did. She is still going forward, because the current click is not going to do a dad burn thing.

  4. Refreshing to know that this is the best the DemonRats can do this election cycle. Kind of like where the GOp was in 2008 and to a lesser degree, 2012.
    Sucks to be you Dems, don’t it?

    1. We’ll see how far she gets, and along the way witness the stupidity level of the dems.
      It will be interesting to see how long they support her.

  5. OT: Russia announcement on Monday, that it will proceed with the sale of advanced missile systems to Iran crosses the so-called “Red Line” established by o administration in 2010.
    2nd Article:
    Israel slams Russia’s decision to lift Iran’s missile ban on Monday.

        1. Speculation that Gog may be Russia and Magog could be Persia, (Iran).
          It was suggested to me years ago to keep one eye on the Bible and the other one on the news.

    1. What gets me is that no-one recognized her.
      She must at her age really be able to dress down, or she landed in a conservative bastion that refused to acknowledge her.

  6. I put this elsewhere, but it really belongs here, so sorry if you’ve seen this already, buuut…

    Hillary’s been around so long, the FIRST time she destroyed a message to cover her tracks, she had to kill a Pony Express rider to do it…

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