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Obama Golf Update

Just, for the record, want to make sure you are aware that President Obama has not been missing any golf.

He played the last two weekends even though he spent half of this past weekend in Panama. Both outings were at the Joint Base Andrews course, mainly with the junior White House aides who usually accompany him onto the greens.

The president has already completed ten rounds this year, and we’re only just into spring. He has golfed 223 times since becoming president.

10 thoughts on “Obama Golf Update”

  1. There are a lot of things surrounding the Obama family that are different, OK – historic, compared to previous First Families and this constant, obsession with golf is one of them. Pres/Gen Eisenhower was a golfing fan, but it was a different time, and the Eisenhower’s had no children living with them in the WhiteHouse.

    Another oddity is that the Obamas never seem to go “home”, home to their Chicago mansion during breaks in DC’s schedules. It’s true that their private home wouldn’t have all the amenities they enjoy at the WhiteHouse, but it would offer something more valuable – a respite from the constant attention and observation.
    Privacy would seem to be something sought after and relaxing even for a short period of time.

    1. They are never going back to Chicago. Boston is out too, too cold, golf season too short. Stanford might work, but who knows. My bet is they keep a similar schedule as the Clintons, together but not.


    2. Good points, srdem. It does seem that golf is Obama’s excuse for not spending more time with the family. Can’t recall any golf games during his first campaign. When did this obsession begin? Jan. 21, 2009?

      The golf doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the apparent ‘sham marriage’. The mask came off immediately after Obama’s last election.

      What ever happened to his first priority – finding a ‘place of worship’ in Washington? Never happened.
      Whatever happened to his joy at being able to have dinner with his family every night?

      It’s was all a farce. I’m beginning to believe the rumors that MO is really the beard…and she is really a ‘he’. I think those poor kids want nothing more than to separate themselves from the family circus…i.e. ditching their Mother on the Japan trip.

      The Chicago place represents the ‘family structure’ that never was. MO never wants to return.

      1. Maybe the family doesn’t want to spend time with him.
        From what I’ve gathered, both Mo and Bo are thin skinned.
        My guess is that those two girls can’t wait to get away.

  2. I am SO GLAD that Our President is still able to get in his golf game. it’s so good to hear that he’s not letting that whole world-going-to-hell-in-a-handcart thing get him down.

  3. As I mentioned in the Sunday open thread, he arrived back to the WH after about 1 am on Saturday night/Sunday morning and he was out on the golf course a mere twelve hours later.

    What father and husband who is away on business for four days, including all day Saturday comes home and spends all day Sunday on the golf course? Clearly, this family likes to spend as much time away from each other as possible. I wonder if they’ll follow the Shrillary and Bubba model when they leave the WH and reside in separate residences all the time.

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