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Hillary Wants to Put America Into the Hospital

This is Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo. It’s really bad, on a number of levels.


What does it remind you of? A number of people are saying it reminds them of this:

hospital sign

I say Hillary is right. America is in bad shape, and needs to go to the hospital. And Hillary¬†will be the doctor. She’ll use the same snake oil Obama proffered, with similar results for the patient.

Amazingly, Hillary is planning ahead, and has already developed the template for her reelection campaign logo.


65 thoughts on “Hillary Wants to Put America Into the Hospital”

  1. Ten years in the making … how many millions spent creating a logo “ready for ridicule”?

    Only thing missing from it is, “I am with stupid”

  2. Uninspiring, unoriginal, just like The Hag herself.
    She can’t even come up with any new lies to tell. She just recycles the old ones.

  3. Just as delusional as Obama — this one.

    A little OT but about Hillary. We all know she is “amongst the people” on her Scooby Doo vehicle. And we have learned that when traveling she has a list of “creature comforts” and prefers presidential suites.

    So, my question is — where is Queenie putting her head down on this little road trip?

  4. Rubio can launch his campaign today by making a simple statistical statement: “Mrs. Clinton was last in the WH when I was a young man, not even old enough to vote.”

    Simple, to the point. He is 43, she is 68?
    But it casts her in a light that is, well, historic in terms that are not flattering if you intend to portray yourself as the hip champion of the younger generation.

    Maybe she can do a better job if she did commercials for reverse mortgages.
    Hill the Shill


    1. It does remain to be seen how aggressively the republican candidates will campaign against her.

      They need to take the gloves off.
      She is a soft target.

          1. 10/23/68. 67 days after my 18th B DAY! Plan was to learn a skill I could use to get a job to support myself while I used the G.I. Bill to put myself through college. 20 years later I retired. Man plans, God laughs!

          2. Early enlistment.
            Graduated High School and 1 month later I was at Lackland. (69).

            Maintained Cryptographic equipment systems for NORAD, and then overseas in the Philippines during Nam.

  5. That’s surprisingly simple. But it seems to work. Americans elected a president whole stole his campaign slogan from Bob the Builder. “Can we build it? YES WE CAN!!”

  6. I think the dear woman needs a tagline:

    The old becomes new again.
    Old ideas for a new century.
    America’s greatness is no laughing matter.
    Call me earlier–I go to bed at 10.
    I get it–you don’t have to hit me upside the head.
    Suited up and ready to ramble.
    I will send America the Bill.

    1. Careful Star. “Old Ideas for A New Century”. I can just see Liberal Voters nodding their heads and murmuring, “good good”!

    2. I’m curious as to why she used a van to drive 1000 miles into the heartland.
      Is she trying to convince us that she is just like one of us ?
      Reminds me of the bus Obama used to campaign.
      All of those theatrics were wasted on those of us that know better.

    1. That’s what I keep thinking whenever I read about or hear about all the Obummer WH staffers and Obummer campaign staffers who are working for Shrillary now. She’s crazy to trust them!

      1. Wow! Photoshop even straightened and whitened her teeth. Buck teeth are gone. Easy peasy!

        Oh, that logo! If she is not smart enough to toss it…she’s dumber than I thought.

      1. Chelsea IS married and she IS in the prime of her child baring years so having a baby when she did isn’t necessarily part of a broader conspiracy…. BUT, it sure was convenient timing for “Granny Hill”.

  7. Forgive me for this, but doesn’t look like the “male” symbol-arrow-thing they use when teaching kids sex-ed?

    To me, the logo says: I come with a penis. His name is Bill. Remember him?

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