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REDLINE || April 13, 2015

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Monday, April 13, 2015  
Good morning! In the news today: Hillary Clinton announced what everyone knows: She’s running for president; her campaign’s already screwing up with a weird delay; Chelsea’s invisible hand; Rubio gets in today, with hawkishness central to his campaign; Obama puts an end to the Monroe doctrine; Congress moving legislation to give itself a role on Iran; and CBS announces its liberal new Meet the Press host.
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Clinton announces she is running for president . . . Hillary Rodham Clinton entered the presidential race Sunday, saying she wants to fight for the economic futures of regular people and ending years of speculation about whether she would redeem the disappointment of her failed 2008 attempt to become the country’s first female commander in chief. “I’m running for president. Every­day Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion,” Clinton said in a Twitter message. Washington Post

I think they moved up the announcement, probably because her poll numbers are plummeting, now at the lowest level since 2008. Hillary has Ted Kennedy Syndrome. She’s politically popular until she runs for president.

Slow walk to “yes’ . . . .Her longtime ambivalence made for a rocky pre-campaign period. Politico

The power players behind her . . . With little competition from other Democratic presidential contenders, Hillary Clinton has assembled a who’s who of power brokers for her fledgling campaign. Politico

Campaign already in screw-up mode . . . The announcement was supposed to take place on Twitter around noon, according to multiple news reports, and with an accompanying video. Instead, it came in the form of an email from John Podesta, a former adviser to President Obama, who sent it to alumni of Clinton’s first campaign for president in 2008 and some others. That email trickled its way onto social media. Washington Examiner

Leftist NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio, who managed one of her NY campaigns, won’t endorse her.

Chelsea’s invisible hand . . . An inside report on the shadowy role of Hillary’s most important adviser. Politico

Hillary aims to keep Bill happy, involved . . . Her new team has more confidence that she will be seen by voters as her own woman, with an identity separate from Bill. Thus they won’t be afraid to place him in the spotlight when the time is right, while taking full advantage of his skills as a strategist behind the scenes. Politico

Paul gets right into it with her . . . “What path will America take? Will it be a path to the past?” the narrator asks in the 60-second ad. “Hillary Clinton represents the worst of the Washington machine, the arrogance of power, corruption and cover-up.” Fox News

Of course, the ridiculous media portrayal of him as misongynist will complicate things.

Will have to start answering about Benghazi, emails . . . The days of answering softball questions at paid speaking engagements have ended for former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who will face a slew of tough questions that she has sidestepped for months now that she has formally announced her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. Washington Times

They’ll try to dismiss such questions about her current and past scandals with the line that she has already been “fully vetted.” And then they’ll start calling people sexist

A helpful guide to Hillary’s scandals . . . Hillary Clinton’s he scandals will surely play a dominant role in the 2016 presidential race. To help readers keep track of them all, herewith is a list of significant Clinton scandals over the years. It is by no means a comprehensive list. Washington Examiner


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Obama puts an end to the Monroe Doctrine . . . President Obama officially closed a chapter in U.S. history that has guided presidents since nearly beginning, indicating the United States will no longer act to resist overseas influence in the Hemisphere. Obama, who spoke Friday during a “civil society” forum in Panama City, Panama, disparaged past efforts by the United States to forestall the spread of Communism in Latin America and suggested similar missions would no longer be undertaken. “The days in which our agenda in this hemisphere so often presumed that the United States could meddle with impunity, those days are past,” Obama said. White House Dossier

Obama: No Iran nuclear weapon “on my watch” . . . “I’ve been very clear that Iran will not get a nuclear weapon on my watch, and I think they should understand that we mean it,” Obama told Tom Friedman. On my watch? Uhh, I thought the goal was to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon on ANYONE’S watch.White House Dossier

Another command performance ordered up . . . President and Mrs. Obama will host a tribute to Gospel music at the White House Tuesday. White House Dossier

White House press pool fights way in to see Obama . . . White House reporters traveling with President Obama in Panama were forced to shove their way past a group of armed local Panamaniacs who were trying to prevent them from covering an event with Obama and Panama’s president, Juan Carlos Varela. White House Dossier

Quote of the Day || April 13, 2015

Obama Schedule || Monday, April 13, 2015

ImageLegislation to give Congress a voice on Iran deal moving . . . After months of delicate negotiations with the Iranian regime, President Obama this week will face a high-stakes confrontation with defiant lawmakers — including members of his own party — who are intent on influencing diplomacy over the future of Iran’s nuclear program. With supporters closing in on a veto-proof majority, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will formally draft legislation Tuesday that would give Congress some authority over lifting sanctions against Iran, a precondition for Iran’s partial dismantlement of its nuclear complex. New York Times

Yes, Bibi has an alternative . . . “First, instead of allowing Iran to preserve and develop its nuclear capabilities, a better deal would significantly roll back these capabilities, for example, by shutting down the illicit underground facilities that Iran concealed for years from the international community,” Netanyahu said from his office in Jerusalem. “Second, instead of lifting the restrictions on Iran’s nuclear facilities and program at a fixed date, a better deal would link the lifting of these restrictions to an end of Iran’s aggression in the region, its worldwide terrorism and its threats to annihilate Israel.” The Blaze

Obama’s spin is constantly that no one is offering alternatives. The alternatives are clear: a better deal, or military action. But Obama is capable of neither.

Iran: “The enemy” has conceded to our nuclear redlines . . . A senior Iranian military leader is claiming that the United States has conceded ground on a range of Iran’s so-called nuclear redlines just weeks after agreement between the two sides sparked debates and disagreements in Washington, D.C., and Tehran. Washington Free Beacon

Iran sanctions may be hard to “snap back” on . . . experts have noted that once the complex web of restrictions crafted after more than a decade of effort is unraveled, it may be impossible to effectively re-create it amid a wave of lucrative new business opportunities made possible by Iran’s reintegration into the global economy. Washington Examiner

George Will’s strange Iran containment idea . . . Will’s current column is “Containing Iran’s nuclear intoxication.” In this column Will presents the possibility of containment/deterrence of the Islamic Republic of Iran as an open question. He therefore leaves the wisdom of the arrangement in a state of suspended animation, to be determined. Power Line

Unusual mushy headedness from the conservative commentator. 

American reporter in Iran charged with espionage . . . A Washington Post journalist detained in Iran for over eight months is accused of “espionage” and “acting against national security,” the semiofficial Fars news agency reported Sunday. Fox News



Rubio to announce today . . . U.S. Senator Marco Rubio will make a muscular foreign policy a focal point when he announces his presidential candidacy on Monday, portraying himself as the Republican most ready to handle threats to America in a chaotic world. Reuters

RNC video shows GOP has learned lessons from Democrats . . . With Hillary’s announcement expected Sunday, this relentlessly negative ad holds nothing back, seeking to undermine Clinton’s expected effort to revamp her image into something kinder and gentler. White House Dossier

GOP hopes to “rev the vote” . . . A new nonprofit is hoping to rev up motor sports fans to participate in campaigns and elections, seeking partnerships with racing giants like NASCAR and support from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in an effort that political strategists say could increase GOP voter turnout. Washington Times

Some GOP-style community organizing!

President Marco Rubio . . . How the senator’s team thinks he can beat the odds in 2016—and how easily it could all fall apart. National Journal

Romney hits back at Reid, who lied about his taxes . . . “I’m glad he’s retiring and I wish him well in his retirement, but I’m glad he’s out of the Senate soon.” Washington Examiner



Castro: America bad but Obama good . . . Cuban President Raul Castro recounted the history of U.S. “imperialist aggression” in Latin America in an address here Saturday at the 7th Summit of the Americas, although he absolved U.S. head of state Barack Obama of responsibility for those past actions. Fox News Latino

Pope Francis stirs up the Turks . . . Another Sunday sermon, another international uproar. Controversy appears to becoming a habit for Pope Francis. A week after he accused the world of “standing mute” while Christians were slaughtered, the pope again stirred anger by calling the 1915 killings of up to 1.5 million Armenians by Turks a “genocide,” and not just any genocide but “the first genocide of the 20th century.” Washington Post



ACLU targets religious charities for refusing abortions . . . The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit on Apr. 6  against the federal government to obtain “documents related to how groups that are awarded government funding contracts are restricting refugee and undocumented immigrant teenagers’ access to reproductive health services, including contraception and abortion.” CNS News

How to get out of the Obamacare tax . . . The majority of the uninsured won’t end up having to pay up. This year at least, the penalty’s bark is a lot worse than its bite. Washington Examiner

Dickerson to lead Face the Nation . . . CBS News political director John Dickerson has been named the next host of “Face the Nation,” host Bob Schieffer announced Sunday. Dickerson’s first turn in the anchor chair will take place this summer, when Schieffer retires after nearly five decades in journalism, more than two of them as host of the Sunday news show. Politico

Great. Another liberal running a Sunday morning news show, this one – formerly of the lefty rag Slate – more obvious than usual.


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  1. “Every­day Americans need a champion,..” and so it starts.
    What does that mean; is she saying that Americans don’t have a “champion”, and are sorely in need of one?
    As an Ev-Am who has felt pummeled, insulted, beleagured, offended and ashamed of the current crop of Dem leaders, it’s nice to know that she promises to be our hero.
    She could make us believe that she has our best interests at heart by denouncing the sitting POTUS for constantly belittling the US’s great positive impact on people around the world, that she might insist that racism goes both ways, and that people have a right to their own opinions, no matter how non-PC they seem to others.

    1. Obummer only did this to set up the next POTUS. If and when the next President gets rid of the “gender neutral” bathrooms, the left will be outraged and rail against it and the new administration.

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