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Sunday Open Thread || April 12, 2015

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      The enemy of my enemy is my; no wait that’s not right.

      The friend of my enemy is my; nope, that’s not it either.

      My friends, you ARE the enemy! That’s not exactly it either. But I like it!!”

      -Barack Obama

      A note from our attorneys: Go ahead, sue us!

  1. It appears in many cases we have become a big gripe session. I am attempting to think of ways I can be a positive about the 2016 election besides casting my vote.

    It appears to me about 35% are going to be on the liberal/progressive side no matter what. I am not going to visit with them. It would be a waste of time. They don’t even try to reason and discuss the subject at hand. I am usually accused of being either racist or it is someone’s fault especially Bush.

    Then there are about 40% or more who are conservative. No need to visit with them It is like preaching to the choir.

    That leaves about 25% who are uninformed or don’t care. I am hoping to find at least 5 to convince before Nov. 2016.

    1. The most important factor in the 2016 election will be the MSM’s frantic desire to see MrsClinton elected, no matter who her opponent might be.
      Right now, she has name and face recognition while her presumed opponent – GovWalker, SenCruz, etc- doesn’t have that media face time that she has enjoyed.
      The polls show her beating, say, GovWalker right now, but how many of the lo-infos know who he is, what state he’s from, or what his issues are. As the debates, the constant news cycles show her opponent, she will look and sound like like a stale, old rerun of out-of-date programs.
      We all know how sharp SenCruz is, how he can charm, so imagine him standing alongside the programmed, tired old woman who has nothing to offer but more of the same.

        1. They have a thin pool.
          Obama is going to scare the hell out of any potential dem candidates from even running.

          What are they going to run on ?
          A failed presidency ?
          The continuation of failed policies ?
          A platform of ‘hope and change’ ?

          They wouldn’t dare criticize the one the only Barack Obama.

          1. Ah, but you forget all the successes:
            1. Obama care
            2. Cuba
            3. Iran
            4. Iraq
            5. Economy
            6. Peace in the Middle East

            What? You didn’t KNOW these were successes? Hmm? Guess you’re not buying into the MSM drivel!

          2. Your correct. Mr. Half black can not be criticized. They ignore the white half!

            He seems more angry now when I can listen to a few seconds of his latest crime speech.

          3. Obama is a low-class sadistic punk jew-hater and hater of Christians too. He only got elected because the idiots voted for him because he is black. All his records were sealed, no one knew anything about his communist, anti-American, anti=semitic self. We have a lot of low I.Q. people who can’t put 2 sentences together and thats who voted for him and also the voting machines were rigged to vote for him too. They will do the same thing for Ms. Piggy Clinton if no one stops them and it seems that no one cares to save America now.

      1. If it was just Hillary Rottham running, I wouldn’t be too concerned.
        Bill is the stealth candidate. Amazingly, he is still a rock star. Hill will always play second fiddle.
        Heck, she couldn’t even round up 10,000 fans for her book-signing.

        1. I look at it this way.
          Hillary running will keep viable dem candidates out of the race because they are afraid of the Clinton machine.
          She is ruthless and will attack anyone that tries to oppose her.

          1. To Girly1.
            She has so much baggage that only a fool would vote for her.
            Of course, fools put Obama in there, and he had no baggage that he would let us see.

          2. Maybe we are looking at this the wrong way. Maybe–by accident–a range of competent people from each party stepped up for many decades and made this a horse race–but now due to the 24-hr news cycle, manipulation by well-funded operatives and I don’t even know what else–the system has warped. Maybe this was inevitable with the decline of the educational system, the paucity of critical thinking, the conclusion jumping, the cult of opinion, etc. Maybe it can NEVER go back to what it was…Maybe we are stuck with a very flawed system, no regular order in Congress any more, bad thinking, bad actions, lies, high-handed executive actions, the imbalance of the three branches…

          3. That’s a well thought out scenario Star.

            All we can bank on is the possibility of common sense coming back into play.

            If that happens, we have a chance.

          4. Not so much common sense as self-interest. If people see this immigration flooding, little Spanish speaking enclaves (is this still a thing), separate but equal coming back, the pitting of populations against each other, etc., they may not think it’s in their best self-interest or that of their kids or their kids’ future…

          1. So, I’m not the ONLY one who’s noticed she always looks as if someone close to her has just passed away! Probably one of here Native American ancestors. You know,wit the high cheek bones!

    2. It’s the 25% that can sway the tide.
      Those that vote dem only no matter what.
      I have family members that do that.
      They don’t bother to investigate the candidates.

      1. Because their evening news tells them what to do, eliminating any valid rep candidate by spewing lies & untruths. To them, the news is always “right”.

  2. Morning all. Little down in the dumps today. Few days back wife came home and car in front of her had just hit a squirrel on the lane in front of the house. I went out to check and my heart sank.

    Though I couldn’t tell for sure, he sure looked like my “Rocky” that had been outside my writing window for the past several years. Running halfway up the tree trunk to a natural perch, eat a nut, back down for more. Cold of winter, heat of summer he’d be there.

    Not wanting it to be him, but realizing it probably was, I gave him a proper burial in one of the gardens.

    Needless to say the “perch” has been sans Rocky these past few days and I’ve had to accept it will stay that way.

    Yes, he was just a squirrel. Yes, nature takes her course. Yes, life goes on. Yes, yes, and yes, but damn, I’m sure gonna miss that little critter.

    Now on to the weekly shameless self-promotion. Sunday’s JGlobe column hits the Atlanta 11 and how if we really want the best for our kids it’s time we “Give education back to the people”

    1. Sorry to hear about your little ‘Rocky’, Geoff. Squirrels are such innocent little critters – it really hurts whenever something happens.

      Our cat did the dirty deed a few months ago, and I was ready to kill the cat! The predatory laws of nature – ugh.

        1. I read an article on hummingbirds some years ago.

          Seems they are extremely aggressive critters.
          The author stated that if they were the size of a crow it would be unsafe to walk outside.

          1. they literally get in your face. The come right up a few inches from your nose, hover, and check you out! And only one can feed at a time–they are quite clear on who is waiting in line!

    2. Read your post about Rocky and I know how you feel. I have tears in my eyes after reading about the little squirrel that you knew and loved. We have squirrels in the back of our building in Manhattan, New York City and I, too, got attached to a squirrel that had a brown color on his back. He used to come running to me for nuts. And then he disappeared,either he froze as the weather this winter in New York was snow every day or he went somewhere else (I hope so, hope he’s alive and well). We get attached to the squirrels as they are so cute to look at, adorable. I worry about them when I don’t see them and always leave nuts in the back. But I have to be careful because the policy in our co-op building is that we are not allowed to feed the squirrels or the birds. They call it littering when you leave nuts and bird feed. One time I told the Security Guy that told me not to feed them that I hope one day he’s hungry and no one gives him any nuts. He walked away. I love animals, have dogs and a cat and it breaks my heart when any animal is hungry or any person for that matter. It hurts me as I write this. I always remind people that the New York Times had an article about squirrels and birds in New York, that they are wildlife and should be taken care of. A lot of people leave food for them but thats no enough. Also, a lot of people wish the pigeons and squirrels were dead — those ones have no regard for wildlife and they are just plain dumb. Sorry about your loss of Rocky, I once had a favorite dog named Rocky and I still miss him, and he’s gone at least 10 years. He was a good old boy and a beautiful Carolina Dog. Look on the Internet and do a search for Carolina Dogs and you will read about them and see how beautiful they are and they all look alike. Again, sorry about Rocky and I feel bad about him too. Life is cruel to squirrels and pigeons and the little birds too.

    1. Every half hour or so Fox starts off breaking news with something like “we are waiting for HC’s announcement”.


      Equally bizarre that she will be pretty much the lone candidate on the D side.

      Then Elle et al can do big air brushed photo shopped pox of what can only be a coronation.

      1. If she thinks she can use social media to appear “with it” – she’s wrong. Points out her pathetic Grannie trying to be hip status in bright red.

      1. Twenty pics of Chelsea should be the kiss of death for Hill. No amt of photo-shopping will help the face that only a Mother could love.
        And besides, she is sooo snotty.


        Ugh, what a fake, phony, staged photo op! They must have called the paps before they went out yesterday to walk the dog and the baby in the stroller. It looks SO phony. She’s smiling her fake smile, just like her mother. And, he looks miserable as always. Plus, look how awkward they look. Who walks like that with her hand in the crook of her husband’s elbow as he’s trying to push the stroller? She’s so phony, just like her mother. This was SO orchestrated to put this out there the day before Shrillary’s announcement.

  3. The WH apparently tweeted a pix of Obama with a rainbow emanating from his face. Even WaPo readers were not wowed. Not that it does any good with Hillary on the scene. The Post also said Iowa voters wanted her to woo them…woo? Oh, ick! Don’t even!

  4. OK gang.
    What’s your take on the Harry Reid incident ?
    Did his exercise machine assault him ?
    There has been some postulation that he may have been attacked by some disgruntled individuals for some unknown reason.

    Maybe it was Mitt Romney’s tax preparers.

    1. Missed this comment earlier AFVet. I’ve been wondering about this for some time now. I think Harry’s gay lover beat the crap out of him! No I DON’T have any facts to support this, but Harry says it’s OK to lie to achieve your ends, so I’m quite sure HE won’t mind! And beyond my sarcasm, Harry Reid was NOT attacked by an exercise machine! The REAL story my never be told, but the truth has not been told yet either!

  5. I honestly do not know any husbands and fathers who, after being away on business for four days (including all day Saturday) and not returning until after 1 am Sunday morning, would hit the golf course a mere twelve hours later and spend all day Sunday golfing:

    WH Schedule:

    Saturday, April 11, 2015
    7:20PM THE PRESIDENT departs Panama en route Washington, DC

    Sunday, April 12, 2015
    1:00AM THE PRESIDENT arrives Joint Base Andrews

    1:15AM THE PRESIDENT arrives the White House


    Mark Knoller’s tweets:

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    Air Force One is wheels up from Panama for flight back to DC.
    7:53 PM – 11 Apr 2015

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    Pres Obama playing golf this afternoon at @AndrewsAirForce.
    1:35 PM – 12 Apr 2015

  6. What, no tweeted announcement??

    Hillary Clinton Will Run for President in 2016

    Hillary Rodham Clinton will seek the presidency for a second time, one of her top advisers said Sunday, ending two years of speculation and coy denials and immediately establishing herself as the likely 2016 Democratic nominee.

    The announcement came in emails from John D. Podesta, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman, to donors and others.

    “I wanted to make sure you heard it first from me – it’s official: Hillary’s running for president,” the email reads. It goes on to say that Mrs. Clinton will soon meet with voters in Iowa and will host a formal kickoff event some time next month.

    Mr. Podesta ends the email by referencing what is likely to be a major theme of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign. “We need to make the middle class mean something again,” it says.

    The announcement effectively began what could be one of the least contested races, without an incumbent, for the Democratic presidential nomination in recent history — a stark contrast to the 2008 primaries, when Mrs. Clinton, the early front-runner, ended up in a long and expensive battle won by Barack Obama. It could also be the first time a woman captures a major party’s nomination.

  7. Ugh, more from the NY Times article:

    She will embark on her latest — and perhaps last — bid for the White House with nearly universal name recognition and a strong base of support, particularly among women. But in a campaign that will inevitably be about the future, Mrs. Clinton, 67, enters as a quintessential baby boomer, associated with the 1990s and with the drama of the Bill Clinton years.

    This campaign will begin on a small scale and build up to an effort likely to cost more than any presidential bid waged before, with Mrs. Clinton’s supporters and and outside “super PACs” looking to raise as much as $2.5 billion in a blitz of donations from Democrats who overwhelmingly support her candidacy. Much of that enthusiasm is tied to the chance to make history by electing a woman president. But some, too, owes to the lack of compelling alternatives in a party trying desperately to hold on to the White House when Republicans control the House and the Senate.

    Mrs. Clinton’s declaration on Sunday is to be followed by a series of intimate but critical campaign events in Iowa and New Hampshire. She will use them to reintroduce herself to voters and begin to lay out the central theme of her candidacy: improving the economic fortunes of the middle class, with an emphasis on increasing wages and reducing income inequality.

    Her return to the campaign trail this week offers her a fortuitous circumstance: Tuesday is National Equal Pay Day, the point in the year at which, on average, a woman’s pay for working in 2014 and 2015 would equal a man’s pay just for 2014. Pay equity is an issue that Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy will take up in earnest, along with others important to many women, like paid family and medical leave, a higher minimum wage and affordable access to child care.

    1. I am so sick of sixths bullcrap about the “gender pay disparity”. Shrillary, Obummer and the libs all know it is a complete MYTH!

      The wage gap statistic, however, doesn’t compare two similarly situated co-workers of different sexes, working in the same industry, performing the same work, for the same number of hours a day. It merely reflects the median earnings of all men and women classified as full-time workers.


      1. Talk about ‘cashing in’ on this ridiculous myth, ‘best selling author’ (what a laugh!) Mica B. (MoJoe) is working in conjunction with the WH (Valjar) on the ‘value of women’.

        Her salary is only $2M/yr. compared to Joe’s $6M/yr. Haven’t heard her complaining …yet.

        From Amazon

        Why are women so often overlooked and underpaid? In Knowing Your Value, the prequel to her new book Grow Your Value, bestselling author Mika Brzezinski takes an in-depth look at how women today achieve their deserved recognition and financial worth.

        1. Will we ever know how much is left in his OFA slush fund? He gets to keep it all when he leaves…every last dime of it! It can’t be used for personal expenses, but that’s why they all have foundations.

          He will be filthy rich the minute he leaves the WH.

          1. They’re totally set for life. They’ll follow the Clinton model and have some scam foundation to support their lifestyle,(flying all over the country and the world, five star luxury hotels, many assistants, etc.) They’ll be rolling in millions for life, as will their daughters. The worst part is they will probbaly be in our faces forever and never go away!

  8. I missed this news from the other day:

    Maya Angelou Forever Stamp Dedication
    WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 07: (L-R) Melissa Harris-Perry, Sophia Nelson, Ethel Kessler, Sonia Sanchez, Eleanor Traylor, Nikki Giovanni, First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan, Oprah Winfrey, stamp designer Ross Rossin and special guests watch the unveiling of the Maya Angelou Forever Stamp at the Maya Angelou Forever Stamp Dedication at the Warner Theatre on April 7, 2015 in Washington, DC.

    More pics here:

    Getty Images: Michelle Obama

      1. Unbelievable! You just can’t make this stuff up. Is there ANYTHING that Obummer doesn’t get wrong??

        “The quote has been attributed to Angelou before. Last year, while presenting the National Medal of the Arts and Humanities, President Barack Obama attributed the quote to Angelou while honoring other artists.”

  9. Mooch the dancing fool is EVERYWHERE! First the Ellen show, Jimmy Fallon,and the White House Let’s Move Carnival, formerly known as “The White House Easter Egg Roll”.

    Now, Rachael Ray (taped last week, will air this Thursday), and even some show on the kiddie channel, Sprout:

    1. ‘And my kids have got to learn how to live in the world like normal kids.’

      Good grief. Most normal kids aren’t taught how to drive by the Secret Service. Most normal 16 year olds don’t have their own car either.

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