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Obama Puts an End to the Monroe Doctrine

President Obama officially closed a chapter in U.S. history that has guided presidents since nearly beginning, indicating the United States will no longer act to resist overseas influence in the Hemisphere.

Obama, who spoke Friday during a “civil society” forum in Panama City, Panama, disparaged past efforts by the United States to forestall the spread of Communism in Latin America and suggested similar missions would no longer be undertaken.

“The days in which our agenda in this hemisphere so often presumed that the United States could meddle with impunity, those days are past,” Obama said.

Let’s think about what Obama means here. Obama’s world view was whelped in the 1980s within Leftist universities where political science professors groaned ceaselessly about Ronald Reagan and dismissed his anti-Communism as primitive warmongering that failed to recognize the basic decency of our enemies.

When it came to Latin America, they spouted something called “Dependency Theory,” which posited that U.S. policy in the region was predicated on sucking the wealth out of smaller, less powerful nations, not preventing Soviet expansion.

This, of course, is the theory Obama embraced, viewing our “meddling” as ignoble capitalist exploitation, not a defensive parry against the Soviets.

Obama phone Castro
Obama on the phone with Raul Castro; December 16, 2014

Obama, as the Iranians have recently recognized, does not understand the evil designs of our enemies and believes in campfire singalongs rather than fighting fire with fire. Meanwhile, he suspects the motives of the United States. And so opposing Communism in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Chile, Guatemala, and anywhere else was “meddling,” notwithstanding the foreign influence behind “indigenous” Communist movements.

This foreign influence is exactly what James Monroe was trying to deflect. Monroe said:

The American continents, by the free and independent condition which they have assumed and maintain, are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European powers.

We owe it, therefore, to candor and to the amicable relations existing between the United States and those powers to declare that we should consider any attempt on their part to extend their system to any portion of this hemisphere as dangerous to our peace and safety . . .

With the Governments who have declared their independence and maintained it, and whose independence we have, on great consideration and on just principles, acknowledged, we could not view any interposition for the purpose of oppressing them, or controlling in any other manner their destiny, by any European power in any other light than as the manifestation of an unfriendly disposition toward the United States.

The Soviet Union was just such a power. But for Obama, Cuba, which was sustained by the Soviets, is really not much different than any other place. Obama said:

As we move toward the process of normalization, we’ll have our differences, government to government, with Cuba on many issues — just as we differ at times with other nations within the Americas; just as we differ with our closest allies.  There’s nothing wrong with that.

As the United States begins a new chapter in our relationship with Cuba, we hope it will create an environment that improves the lives of the Cuban people -– not because it’s imposed by us, the United States, but through the talent and ingenuity and aspirations, and the conversation among Cubans from all walks of life so they can decide what the best course is for their prosperity.

Today, Iran is seeking to spread its influence into Latin America, and Russia is hoping to stage a comeback.

But now, the area is off limits. To the United States, that is. Not to its enemies.

86 thoughts on “Obama Puts an End to the Monroe Doctrine”

  1. “The days in which our agenda in this hemisphere so often presumed that the United States could meddle with impunity, those days are past…”

    This is Obama crypto-speak for “We don’t care what issues south of our border threaten our national security, we ain’t doing nothing to prevent it. Let the illegal criminals in! The drug cartels want more guns and ammo to kill more people? Send them right now! The Chinese setting up hostile operations in South America? I support that! The Dominican Republic being currently destabilized by George Soros? (and it is), Terrific. Let’s have more chaos!”

    18 more months of this nut running a wrecking ball through our country. And no one in Congress lifts a finger to stop him.

    1. The daily outrage from the Obaminator. He is a commie, Muslim traitor spy mole, you name it. He is a hater and its this country and white folks that are the target!

      Where are the checks and balances that are suppose to stop this kind crap?

      1. The problem is the Congress just refuses to use the power of the checks and balance authority granted to them in the Constitution of the United States. It’s as though they are just ignoring the document, or are too afraid to stand up and protect the people of the United States. Tragic times. There ought to be a museum on the Mall in Washington to house to spines of the members of Congress, cause they don’t seem to have used them in a long time. The Museum of Congressional Spines.

          1. Which is what we are supposed to do, and it’s down to us that Congress has gotten away with this BS for so long. In the end we get the government we ‘settle for’.

      2. To Von Ebb: You are so
        right! The only thing I
        dislike is the word “folks”.
        As far as am concerned
        Obama has sullied that word.

  2. Any thinking person would consider such a policy change perfectly befitting the “high crimes and misdemeanors” written into the Constitution to remove just this kind of internal threat to our national security.

    Sadly, his re-election shows we’ve got just enough non-thinking idiots now that we and the future seem pretty much screwed.

    1. All of it can be reversed if we get the president in office.
      Congress has tried to address many issues, but the WH ignores the requests.

      It takes guts to oppose the POTUS.
      It takes guts to oppose the congress.
      Who will win ?

      Maybe the peoples voice isn’t loud enough yet.

        1. Optimism is one thing.
          Determination is quite another.

          I am not waaaay optimistic.
          I am however determined to see this Country survive this onslaught of a socialistic regime.

  3. If there was a time in history for the American People to make a stand, now is the time. Unfortunately, our society is full of mush brains who only get worked up when their cable tv/internet service fails or when juicy news of the latest celebrity scandal breaks out…
    No wonder our enemies (yes obambo, we do have enemies) laugh & think we’re all a bunch of idiots. And for the most part we are, for allowing this outright destruction and endangerment of our country continue.

    1. dood, it is so too late. It was probably too late when Jimmy Carter sold out the Shah. It was certainly too late when the Senate failed to convict Clinton.

      Nothing to do now but keep your powder dry.

  4. With the adults and kids from the south being waved in or even flown in…this will be a land mass, not a country–one big wad. I guess some people are OK with that…

    1. Also–instead of wrining our hands–all is lost–why doesn’t someone from this list run for office–or maybe we back our kids, some of us. Being a member of Congress, though disdained here sometimes, is not easy–we need more feisty people to push back.

      1. “Feisty”, I like that word.
        My wife is.

        Some members of congress are.
        But when they are met with a president that will not back down on the principles that he has determined needed to fundamentally transform America, and consistently thumbs his nose at congress, stonewalling investigations, and demeaning this Country everywhere he goes, the alternative is to remove him from office.

        Will that happen, I doubt it.
        Suck it up America, we’re stuck with him.

        1. Your feisty tomboy wife sounds cool. There are some feisty members–that Cotton guy rolled out a big bet, and I know you will boo me, but McCain takes Obama on quite often. Menendez did until the event…Rubio does, Cruz, Paul, Thune, Jindal…quite a few. Even some Dems. The problem is the WH gets in there first and defines the prob and then the president goes on some dopey show on E! or someplace and makes languid cracks–and the issue dissipates. They are genius at this!

          1. She is cool.

            It will be 40 years in September.
            She is feisty, I am logical.
            Sometimes feisty has to bow to logic.
            Sometimes logic just has to wait out the feisty. :)

            It all plays out eventually.

          2. The resistance to Obama is increasing.
            However the reluctance of the WH to release pertinent information is also on the increase.

            McCain does take Obama on, along with the others,…to what effect ?

            Obama thumbs his nose at them and essentially tells them to stick it.

            The ball is in their (congresses) court.

  5. OT or is this the Open Thread? But some people are being asked to fill out a preliminary Census Form–gender, race, who lives in the residence, etc. Has anyone gotten this? Someone I know said this is to spread Dem voters around in non-Dem areas instead of “wasting” them in the inner cities, which usually go Dem anyhow. I am not sure what this means…any thoughts?

    1. Star, Did you recieve this though the mail, or on the internet? I have not received such such a form.
      It was mentioned to you that this was to spread the Dems around. If so, How could they get away with this?

      1. I think the technical term is “CHEATING”. I haven’t seen or heard of this but could it be happening? Of course. And if it’s helpful to the Dems there will be NO major news coverage!

        1. That sounds like another stick my nose into your business probe Star.

          One question was,…Why doesn’t the 2010 census results apply ?
          Because of the influx of Hispanics that are moving into your area.

          It’s all political, they need to know where their base is.

          1. Star, I agree with you.
            My privacy is just that.
            In 2010, a census person stopped by the house and asked me questions.
            The pertinent information I gave her, the less pertinent was not.

    2. It’s called the AHHF rule.

      HUD was supposed to implement this intrusion and heavy footed threat into every middle class neighborhood by Dec 2014. The census is to determine what ethnic group lives where, and where the info will be used to force “desensitization” of neighborhoods.
      They’re still moving on this reorganiztion of communities, but now at a slower pace.
      The underlying intent is to put low-income people into middle class neighborhoods thinking they will have better access to good schools and jobs, but the real devious intent is to break the Repubs hold on the middle class elections for Congress with the solid Dem votes the low/no income class loves.

        1. Also, there was a big comment fest in WaPo this Am on the middle class. People consider themselves middle class if they have a penthouse or just an efficiency. And they all seem to think they are sliding or being pushed backwards. Now if people are subsidized all over the place to get abodes they cannot afford the quality of any life people do carve out will be further compromised. Yet, when I say that it seems like I am saying certain people should be kept down…it’s a hard subj.

          1. I have fam members who think I am lower class bec I live in a neighborhood with no Homeowners Assn or gate. Being dismissed this way is not pleasant. I don’t want to do it to others.

          2. No Star, you should wear it as a badge of honor.

            HaHa,…no homeowners association, no gate !

            I don’t need no stinking badges,…
            Rock and Roll Star. :)

          3. I don’t want a HOA–don’t get me wrong. They charge you to berate and nag you. But our version now is the city–they harass you if your grass is over 6 inches..even after big rains (which we do occasionally get). They come to the door, they leave notes…the weed whacking guys charge hundreds for an hour’s work…

    3. Have not seen this yet in Tucson. Unfortunately this is a dem city/county & any attempt to alter this is met by Toad Man grijalva & his thugs.

  6. Keith, once again I would like to thank you for information. I have been up since 3:30a.m.. I gave up on Fox. Everytime I turned the news back on, or unmuted the TV, the face, and conversation of Hilla. was being discussed.
    I have been to many sites this morning to read the news. I did not see this any where.
    I am once again astounded. For the last several weeks, I have noted that I was speechless with different bits of news.
    His job is to protect US. His job is to protect each and every one of us. If he wants to join hands with the world (good and bad), than he can wait till he is finished with this job. Once again I repeat what we all have noted, Where the dickens is Congress?

      1. :)
        Keith as well has everyone hear needs a pat on the back, and a Thanks for paying attention. On that note, I am going to get muddy, while placing mulch in my garden.

  7. I abhor conspiracy theories. It is usually a collection of half truths and coincidences. However, I am starting to think Mr. Obama really did spend time studying his daddy’s dissertation. Can one man, though, reverse or destroy enough traditions, principles, and standards to meet the written goal?

  8. With 19 months left to go he’s a little late – a day late and a dollar short – this is something else President Walker will have to “fix.”

    1. God help US if the next president doesn’t have a desire to revoke the socialistic/communistic policies that this president has forced down our throats.

      God help US if the next congress does not support his/her efforts.

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      1. AFVet, remember when a billion dollars was A BILLION DOLLARS? Now, it’s ONLY a billion dollars. I KNEW we were in trouble in the early 80s when new cars were being advertised for ONLY $10,000.00. In the early eighties NOTHING was ONLY 10 grand!!

  10. So the our Commander in Chief once again domonstrates his contempt for us and his hatred for the country he leads by wiping out the works of man greater than himself by double digits! In the Oval Office sits a hater of all things American and a lover of all things Marxist! In eight years he will have made great strides in destroying the country he swore to honor and protect!

    1. Welcome.
      You are preaching to the choir on this thread, however, we welcome your voice.

      Stick around, very wise and intelligent people comment here.

  11. Why isn’t the anti-American “president” Barack Obama impeached? Everyday he proves that he is America’s enemy!EVERY DAY? AND CONGRESS DOES NOTHING TO STOP OUR TAKEDOWN BY THIS IDIOT??? They will be sorry when America rises up and soon!

  12. It bothers me terribly to be reminded of what a pathetic dreamer Barack Hussein Obama is, and I refer to this: “As the United States begins a new chapter in our relationship with Cuba, we hope it will create an environment that improves the lives of the Cuban people -– not because it’s imposed by us, the United States, but through the talent and ingenuity and aspirations, and the conversation among Cubans from all walks of life so they can decide what the best course is for their prosperity.”

    The fool must absolutely know that Cubans cannot decide what the best course for their lives, much less for their prosperity. The fool must know that Cubans, except for a handful of brave ones, are scared to death to discuss what is the best course for their prosperity. Egad! What an idiot!

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    1. Just pulled the article up Keith. Up to very early again this morning. Once again, as I am reading the news. I have had to mute the news on TV several times. What is not being addressed is this ISSUE!!!

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  19. The Termite-in-Chief is merely putting paid to a policy that began to emerge in 1977 when Jimmy Carter signed the treaty giving away U.S. control of the Panama Canal. The end result of that, of course, we’re starting to see with the “progressive” thinking of our current Caudillo in the White House

  20. IF THIS PRESIDENT IS NOT THE MOST DANGEROUS TO THE ENTIRE WORLD AND TO FREEDOM PLEASE SHOW ME. HOW DARE HE COME OUT W/MORE ANTI AMERICAN RHETORIC AND HIS COMMENTS ABOUT US AND OUR SAFETY MEAN SO LITTLE. DEAR GOD IF THIS IS NOT DANGEROUS TO THE USA AND OTHER FREE NATIONS I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. Obama, who spoke Friday during a “civil society” forum in Panama City, Panama, disparaged past efforts by the United States to forestall the spread of Communism in Latin America and suggested similar missions would no longer be undertaken.

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