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White House Press Pool Forced to Fight Their Way in to See Obama!

White House reporters traveling with President Obama in Panama were forced to shove their way past a group of armed local Panamaniacs who were trying to prevent them from covering an event with Obama and Panama’s president, Juan Carlos Varela.

From the pool report:

Note at the top: local security officials attempted to cut off access as some of the pool continued to file into conference room where POTUS and President Varela were making short statements after bilateral meeting.

Your pooler was among those who had to try and force my way in along with other print/wires. Thanks to wrangler for helping to literally pull me in and get the rest of the pool in.

As pool arrived, at approx 11:24am local, POTUS was speaking‎ with Varela to his left. Secretary Kerry and others in American delegation seated across from Panamanian counterparts.

White House Dossier, which is safely ensconced in the Northern Virginia Washington DC suburbs, has obtained this exclusive footage of the confrontation.

16 thoughts on “White House Press Pool Forced to Fight Their Way in to See Obama!”

  1. Classic “Stooges”, thanks for the laugh.

    About the hapless press/pool – did they get anything worth printing after the classic get out of my way fooforall? Probably not.
    Oh – if the Panamanians were armed, maybe they are eligible for their own version of a Purple Heart – the Lily Liver.

  2. Thanks for the laugh Keith.
    Was o able to see the trouble that the reporters were having getting in? If so, Why didn’t he speak up, and tell the armed people to back off?

    1. I appreciate the article. I was unaware of that, and have not seen it listed or stated anywhere else.
      I must have missed o make that announcement himself, as he spoke to the American people. sarc.

  3. I know being on the President’s Finest team now doesn’t refer to the Marine Corps Band, but the WHPC ?

    Seems like all they cover these days are “Barry was mean to us” type of reports, like being locked in a tool shed when he’s playing golf. I really would like them to know I’m on their side and don’t worry about upsetting Prezzy, worry about the citizens who depend on them.

    And yes, WHD should be required reading for all of them because we care :)

  4. Thanks for the laugh, Keith.

    Now that Obama has ‘made nice’ with all the third world tyrants/ dictators, he is probably hoping the WHPC will be kidnapped for ransom and thrown into one of their prison hellholes.
    For the record, I’m not joking!

  5. Christy Parsons heads up the WH Groupies. Do a you tube search to see her gush over Obama, at a press conference/worship hour.
    I have no sympathy for the Quislings in the press.

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