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RNC Video Shows the GOP Learned Lessons from Democrats

Republicans have lost the past two presidential elections in part because they have allowed their opponents to define themselves – and to define the Republican nominee too.

This ad¬†out today from the Republican National Committee shows that the GOP has learned its lesson. With Hillary’s announcement expected Sunday, this relentlessly negative ad holds nothing back, seeking to undermine¬†Clinton’s expected effort to revamp her image into something kinder and gentler.

Democrats have long been better at going negative. Nobody likes to say they support the tactic, or even that they’re doing it. But, combined with a positive message for your candidate, it works.

16 thoughts on “RNC Video Shows the GOP Learned Lessons from Democrats”

  1. Very good! However I would have let her face sit there a few seconds longer, after the comment: What difference does it make, was stated.
    The calm music with the silhouette type entrance of her was perfect, topped off at the end with her face.

  2. Negative ad? oh boy. If that’s the extent of the negative ads they’re planning to run, then we should ask MrsC what color carpet she wants int he Oval office.
    The best ad should infer that she “killed” and wounded the men of Benghazi, that she allowed drugs to be imported from Columbia that have destroyed our youths, and that she has used her political insider position to avoid paying income taxes.
    She should be hammered with Obamacare, the national debt, the idiotic foreign policy that allowed ISIS to prosper, the crummy school lunches forced on innocent children – it’s time to take off the velvet gloves.

    1. I agree everything you stated blasted on the airwaves. I thought the sweet beginning and the slam face at the end was good for starters.
      That’s why I mentioned (Her angry face) should have been shown longer while the statement: What difference does it make was on.

  3. Sorry disagree Keith…far too short and obtuse…will only appeal to insiders like you and I…not the general public who don’t know all the inside baseball stuff.

  4. A147 and Lee – the blank page is great but it needs the word “NONE” across it. For all kinds of things – disclosure about your e-mails? Participation by foreign leaders in the Clinton Foundation … But the blank page is stark enough for the low-info voters.

      1. It is going to be a monumental effort to kill off this particular vampire and make sure it stays in the grave. A stake, silver bullet, stiring of garlic and more will be needed.

  5. Decent spot, but it needs to be shown en masse on TV starting NOW…and not just on FOX. GEICO buries their competition by blanketing the media market with ads, relentlessly. Not saying their product is superior, but tell me every kid out there does not think GEICO when ask to name an insurance carrier….

    We need to emulate that kind of advertising.


  6. That voice of hers really got me when she did the e-mail thing from the UN and she sing songed “I followed aaaall the rools” in that defiant way that we see all the time whenever she speaks. Her wrinkled face with that one crossed black eye that slides into the corner of her eye.

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