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White House wants to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

56 thoughts on “White House wants to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy”

  1. This obsession with the LBGT crowd is getting to be creepy and off-putting.
    Like most of the proposals coming out of this WhiteHouse, a “ban” on a professional private procedure is another weird loser that will never be considered by anyone in DC.
    It’s as if the denizens of the WhiteHouse sit around their offices and dream up new and outrageous proposals guaranteed to offend most of America.
    Most of us want to scream “leave us alone” every time some new intrusion into our private lives is announced.
    Leave us alone, for pete’s sake.

    1. My theory is that the Obama administration is completely committed to the second step of Hegel’s dialect–to create chaos in every institution, cultural standard, community issue, government affair as possible. It’s what they do.

      The irony is that Obama brags about having been a “community organizer”, which one would think would be an activity designed to get opposing groups to learn to work together, develop common goals and minimize the issues that cause conflict between groups, people and organizations.

      T’ain’t the case with Obama and his peeps though, is it? They are, in your words, incapable of “leaving us alone”.

      1. “T’ain’t the case with Obama and his peeps though, is it? They are, in your words, incapable of “leaving us alone”.

        Since he took office, it seems that everybody is at each others throats.

        Far more divisions now than 6 years ago.

        1. Much of the country is in the second stage of the life of a large organization–the “storming” stage. You’re probably familiar with Tuckman’s developmental stages of an organization–forming, storming, norming, performing. The research shows pretty clearly that when an organization (White House and government in general in this case), is stuck in the “storming stage”, the key source of the problematic issues is the leadership team, i.e. the Obama Administration in this case. The CEO/leadership team then projects the storming they are experiencing in their own little world onto the world outside, the employees and customers–but in this case the citizenry, the institutions, etc. But as I’ve said a million times, Obama was programmed to do exactly what he is doing now–creating chaos/storming everywhere he goes and in everything he does. In his brain, this is “normal”, and that’s the problem.

          1. I agree – this miserable creep loves creating hatreds and chaos in any form he can think of. May he be impeached. He’s a sorry excuse for a man and and I cannot call him my President, not one who is such an evil idiot.

      2. He was never a ‘community organizer”. He was – and still is – a community agitator! Now he and his buddies are agitating from the Oval Office, which is why we have such divisiveness and chaos all throughout our country.

    2. I agree, srdem,. There is an obsession with the LBGT crowd today. It is “trendy” in a creepy way.I guess that the media and the entertainment-industry are infiltrated with activists. And the White House.

    3. Perhaps they are obsessed with this is that it is what they are!
      As a famous comedian once said “he is gay and she is a tranny, everyone knows”
      And then she dies in a strange way.

      As they say there are no coincidents in politics.

    4. I guess Obama feels guilty that he lied about gay marriage and other gay stuff when he ran for President and is trying to make up for it by showing everyone what a liar he was when he was running for President as a straight guy.

  2. I think gender neutral restrooms is a good idea as long as it concerns restrooms with one toilet inside. We are used to it here. There are usually longer lines outside the womens only. But those big restrooms with many toilets, no thanks , there I want to fix my hair and put on some lipstick alongside other females.

  3. You know the administration is a failed state when their focus is on a “gender-neutral” bathroom at The People’s House, and the fact that they support banning the help that conversion therapy could give the poor confused individuals who think they can decide their own gender.
    I didn’t think it was possible for these schmucks to be any more craven and moronic than they already are.
    Alas, I was wrong.

    1. I see it as just another attempt to enrage the American People.
      The White House belongs to US, not you Barry.
      BTW, how many bathrooms do they have in the WH ?

    2. I know, Obama, Jarrett and the other schmucks have nothing to do but ban some therapy for people? You can’t make this stuff up — Dumb and dumber and we should stop paying their salaries! IMPEACH THESE MORONS

    1. Star, you recalcitrant reactionary. How many times do we have to send you back to the re-education camp until you embrace the CORRECT belief. The Free Market is a proven failure. Only government intervention and more regulation are effective. Sheesh!

  4. Just a thought — Wasn’t deBlasio’s wife a big figure in the lesbian world, and wasn’t there a backlash when she became “straight” — or maybe just BI — when she married the big commie of NY? Conversion?

  5. Long ago when I was a little girl I wanted to be a boy. I loved playing baseball, hockey, watching all kinds of sports and hated regular girly stuff, still do. I was a Tomboy. Would the school be ushering me into a conversion today? I am a happily married mother and have been for almost twenty five years. It really is very scary to me on a personal level.

  6. Now I’m worried. The logical conclusion to this exercise will be the Executive Order making “Heterosexual Conversion Therapy” MANDATORY! Brace yourselves! And I mean that literally!!

      1. My wife and have postulated (big word, just to wiz off Her Harfness) that libs would like to ensure all young people engaged in other-than-heterosexual behavior at least one. just to see if they like it.

        1. Hmm, I’m letting my imagination run wild. Where WOLD the brace go? Lot’s of variables here. I would say the possibilities are “endless” but that could be misconstrued (take THAT Marie) as a double entendre.

  7. I have a gay daughter who is, get this, conservative! She can’t stand the politics of the strident LGBT population and doesn’t introduce herself as Susie, I’m a lesbian anymore than I would, Mom, I’m heterosexual. She can’t be alone in her way of thinking yet there’s little to no voice for the quiet gay community. Odd.

    1. There is no voice because they don’t raise it.

      I don’t condone the gay community as it is against the teachings of the Bible.

      That is where I stand New Yorker.
      It is a conundrum to me.

      1. It’s difficult for me too, but as her mother, I know first she’s my daughter, second she’s a sister, third she’s a granddaughter, fourth she’s a niece, fifth she’s a boss of about fifty employees……. and so on….

        1. Nothing wrong with being gay Mom, if someone feels that way. Its not the sex of the person, its the person that someone could fall in love with. I believe its perfectly normal to love the same sex or the opposite sex. I don’t like when this creep Obama wants to ban therapy about it, and how sick and dumb is it that the White House is involved with banning therapy of any kind? Over and over this Obama creature is just a horror and everybody knows it now and yet the Repubs do nothing to stop him or Congress! How can they let this nightmare go unchecked?

  8. Everyone has the right to seek personal treatment for alcoholism, cancer or lice. To ban gay conversion treatment is an infringement on a person’s choices. It may be one of the craziest things I’ve heard of (because our sexuality is hard-wire before we’re even born), but it is that person’s choice. This is what is at risk here. MORE loss of personal freedom and that’s scary.

  9. The only reason Obummer is making one of the bathrooms “gender neutral” is to set up the next POTUS, who will be a Republican. If that president tries to get rid of this gender-neutral bathroom, you know there will be a huge uproar about it.

    I hope that the next POTUS, in his first week in office, gets rid of this UNNECESSARY gender-neutral bathroom right along with Moochelle’s WH garden, which costs far much more money (in time and labor) than it’s worth. Plus, that stupid beehive, and the WH beer!

      1. Oh, I don’t know. I kinda like “far much more”. Has a ring to it. And none of the words has more than letters so they all pass the Marie Harf Big Word Test!!

    1. And the stupid swing set nobody plays on anymore.

      Egads, can’t you just see the staff wringing their hands when the O’s finally vacate the WH. I can’t imagine how much damage they and their dogs have done.

      1. The dogs are better trained than the “family” inhabiting the White House. I’ll bet the dogs don’t put their feet on the furniture.

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