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Obama Schedule || Friday, April 10, 2015

All events are in Panama City, Panama
9:45 am || Meets with Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela of Panama
1:00 pm || Meets with Central American presidents
2:25 pm || Participates in a business leaders’ CEO Summit of the Americas
4:45 pm || Participates in a roundtable with Civil Society Leaders
7:00 pm || Attends the inauguration ceremony of the Summit of Americas arrival ceremony
8:15 pm || Attends a Leaders’ Dinner

All times Eastern

34 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, April 10, 2015”

  1. What a DAY!! I’m exhausted just THINKING about having to say “buenos dias”, buenos tardes or buenos noches all freakin day long. Poor Barry, I know he LOVES these 2nd and 3rd world countries, he just wishes he didn’t have to GO there. Unless they have a GOLF course!!

  2. Keith,I know its late, but “Meets with Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela of Panama”. And where, exactly, ELSE, would the President of Panama BE from? Maybe Kenya? Well anything’s possible!

      1. AFVet: OT: I read earlier, as well watching Cruz on Fox discuss the matter that the 47FT. Hood Victims to Recieve Purple Hearts. However Govt denying benefits to Ft Hood Victims. Cruz said he will reach out to the Secretary of Defense, so they will get the benefits.

  3. I agree but not all of them are socialist/communist. President Varela of Panama is from a wealthy family that makes rum and sugar. He went to school at Georgia Tech.

  4. Waiting breathlessly for the main event – the Obama/Castro bear hug. Obama’s flunkies are undoubtedly working furiously behind the scenes to arrange a ‘chance encounter’ with Castro at the Summit of the Americas today. Gotta get that photo for the family album.

    1. He gave a little interview this past week. I want him to announce live to the American citizens why he is taking Cuba off the T list. Than remind everyone as well that he released I from the T list.

      1. Actually the fireworks have already started about Cuba. Some Cuban dissidents were attacked in Panama City yesterday. Several articles about it are on the blog called “The Real Cuba”.

        Re: Removal from T list. As recently as July 2013 Panama caught a N. Korean ship going through the Canal. It was carrying military equipment from Cuba to North Korea.

        1. I did mention that fight yesterday. I appreciate the info on the N. Korean Ship. o just does not know the definition of : Protect our nation.

        2. Russian destroyers dock in Cuba more or less regularly. It’ll be interesting to see how that works out in the future. And the Russians have very sophisticated monitoring facilities there as well, monitoring us–phones, etc. And they work closely with Cuban intelligence, as well–training and equipment. Obama, of course, made no demands about these issues in his “negotiations” with the Cubans. What could go possibly go wrong?

  5. Panama Red, Panama Red, he’ll steal your women, then he’ll steal your bed…. time for a choom gang reunion.

    ps.. Extra points for who knows the writer of this song!

          1. I know all the songs of sixties and seventies. I still cannot recall the lyrics or the writers name. I will look it up in a little while. :)

  6. What possible reason does obama have to have 1/2 the week there? I am sure it is to fly in more illegals at our expense. It is not about the panama canal. Everything is for his agenda.

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