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The Obamas Prove Children are Born Republican

Consider this video from Monday’s Easter Egg roll. It proves that man’s natural state is conservatism. Really, it does!

Note: Sorry, you have to pause the video yourself at the end to make it stop.

Because it makes the point: Liberalism is alien to man.

And woman. Okay? Leave me alone.

You cannot be born a liberal. Children are born with all the right instincts. Conservative instincts. They want to achieve things and be rewarded for it. They can be generous, they can be kind, and they can be mean, but they live in the real world. They think funny things are funny, sad things are sad, bad things are bad, and dangerous things are dangerous.

They are never politically correct. This kind of thing must be trained.

Liberalism is about imposing unreality on real people. The unreality dreamed up by those who think they know better and know how others should live.

Children, innocents that they are, know when it’s cold, and must be taught there is global warming, even when there has been no warming for nearly 20 years. They must be taught everyone is a winner, even when they can see plainly everyone is not a winner. They must be taught people who shout “Death to America” might become our friends, even when they can see they are not very friendly. They must be taught that it’s normal for women to become men, and men to become women. They must be taught that it’s not funny when someone slips and falls on their ass, even if it is very funny. And of course, they must be taught that a large portion of whatever they earn must be given to the government, whether they like it or not.

And they must be taught bees are good, EVEN WHEN THEY ARE IN DANGER OF BEING STUNG BY A BEE.

In the video, you noticed two perspectives as bees swarmed about the children.

1. “Bees are good!”

2. “They sting and they’re scary!”

Which is the more accurate description, given the situation?

How about this:

1. “The mullahs who run Iran are good and can be convinced to be peaceful!”

2. “They sting and they’re scary!”

Which is the more accurate?

Any child can tell the difference.

H/T The Daily Caller.

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  1. But Keith, bees ARE good ! I have two bee hives in our garden and I have learned too see these little fellows as really intelligent and interesting creatures. A good and experienced bee-keeper consider swarming bees as something that must be avoided. Looks like the White House should get a better and more skilled bee keeper. Well now, I am just discussing bees. not the other subject.
    By the way, I am leaving for Austria tomorrow. I will visit that glorious city, Vienna. Tell you about it later.

      1. A.J. Those were wild African “killer-bees”. We don´t have them here. Mine are sweet honey-bees , nice and well behaved little girls. But, they can sting if not treated properly.

        1. Mine originates from the Buckfast-bees, a sort of bees developed by Brother Adam, a British monk, legendary among bee keepers.

        2. Some of the Africanized bees are interbreeding with our honey bees and producing a strain that is far more aggressive than the domesticated bee.

          The domesticated bee will leave you alone unless you mess with them or their hive.

          The African bees will attack you on a lawn mower if you get to close.

          1. Katrina, it is hard to tell one from the other.
            Italian bees have stripes on their abdomen that are orange/brown and black.
            The Africanized bees look the same and are about the same size.

            The difference is their attitude around people, pets, and noise.

            My advice to you is if you see a swarm call a beekeeper or the local pest control.

        3. So those bees were from Kenya?

          I agree–bees are good. I am hoping to make a living from my bee cartoons.

          But–that was a lot of bees. I would have moved and gotten inside.

    1. My father was a beekeeper, and at one point had 30 hives.
      I helped him on many occasions and as a result was stung countless times.

      Bees that forage are all females, the worker bees.

      The queen stays in the hive until she determines that it is time to move, hence, the swarm.
      She leaves, and her loyal followers cluster around her eventually lighting in a tree, a bush, or maybe a fencepost.

      Getting the swarm back to a hive is a beekeeper’s dream, free bees.
      It can also result in the little critters stinging you.
      As long as you get the queen, the rest will go with her.

      Bees do not like cloudy overcast weather.
      Rather they like bright sunny days.

      Never try to move a hive on a cloudy day.
      They will come after you with a vengeance.

      1. AFVet, 30 hives ? I am impressed, that must have kept your Dad busy. Italian bees have a good reputation, they have a nice and even temper.

        1. He did that after he retired.
          30 hives and mowing the bee yards and keeping the skunks away did keep him busy.
          Skunks scratch on the entrance hole and eat the bees when they come out.
          Traps were set and 22 cal. firearms were used to dispense of the critters.

          I live in Ohio, and in West Virginia black bears were attacking the bee yards and destroying the hives to get to the honey.
          Bee hives are expensive, and so are bees and a bear will demolish one in short order.

      2. We have Africanized killer bees in southern AZ. They have killed people and their pets. They can make hives under storage sheds, as they did in our yard. Or they will get into the attic space (a very small, long area in most desert homes). Many local people have been hospitalized or died from these dangerous bees. The home next to ours is an assisted living facility & I found them swarming into their attic space one Sunday evening. They always need killed & removed by skilled bee techs. And they always return unless their space has been permanently sealed off.

        1. We had a ball of them the size of a 1955 TV in a tree–cost $300 to get someone to deal with it. I wanted to give them to a beekeeper, but they were not Billy the Exterminator–no go.

    2. Have a wonderful trip, swedishlady! We’ll be waiting for your report on the state of affairs in Austria. Oh, by the way, do you speak Austrian? ;-)

  2. I HATE the expression “Spot On”, but doggone it Keith, SPOT ON!!!!

    Here’s MY favorite part:

    1. “Bees are good!”

    2. “They sting and they’re scary!”

    Which is the more accurate description, given the situation?

    How about this:

    1. “The mullahs who run Iran are good and can be convinced to be peaceful!”

    2. “They sting and they’re scary!”

    Which is the more accurate?

  3. Keith the other day you provided two pictures. Today a very simple example of good and bad.
    All your fine intelligent articles should be seen on msm. As well these simple examples should be shown as well.

  4. IMO, this video proves that MrObama is a mean, evil bully who cared nothing for the safety of other people’s children. Not willing to stop reading a book to insure that no child would get stung, he actually tried to convince them that bees are “good”.

    We all agree that bees are “good” when they’re about their, um, bee business of pollenating, or making honey, but when they’re swarming around our heads, we have every reason to fear them.

    As for the Iranians, the mullahs/whatevers, how in the world can we make a critical life or death pact with them when they are still debating the use of toilet paper vs the “left hand”?

  5. A few days ago when I first saw the bee clip from the Let’s Move Carnival, (formerly known as The WH Easter Egg Roll), I couldn’t believe what a JERK Obummer was to those little kids. Absolutely no concern for their safety or for the fact that they were scared that bees were swarming all around them.

    I just mentioned it in another thread, but I sincerely hope the next POTUS gets rid of that completely cost ineffective WH garden, as well as the dumb beehive, and the WH beer.

        1. They’re home in their cozy $$$$$$$ homes or country clubs, drinking their $$$ wine or liquor without any care or concern for their constituents.

    1. Thanks for that link. I had heard about the letter writing assignment on Fox, but I didn’t see this article or any others with her various tweets. This activist “teacher” should be fired!

      Gee, when my son was in third grade, the class practiced their letter writing skills by writing letters to soldiers. They also collected items to make gift boxes to ship them for Christmas.

  6. 1) Left alone, bees are fine. They sting when they feel threatened. I once rescued some people who jumped out of a car — afraid of a bee inside. I walked to the car, found the bee, extended a yellow highlighter, and calmly carried the bee down the street where I set it on a bush.

    2) The real story here, I think, is the “If you build it” concept. They built a bee-drawing garden, and got bees. They “built” an open border, and got the natural result. They built a nuclear-able Iran. Watch out for that son-of-a-bee…….

    1. That is true.
      Honey bees never sting unless they feel threatened.
      If you piss them off, they will sting you.
      They have one sting to defend themselves, and then they die.

  7. Does the possibility of Anaphylactic Shock enter into ‘The Walt Disney”cartoon garden/book photo opt…??
    If the King and Queen say the Bees won’t sting has to ‘Bee’ true.

    1. Egads. “Hacked” is not exactly an appropriate verb to use on a headline involving ISIS. Have they given up their primary occupation? One can only hope.

  8. I keep thinking of that woman who was in some athletic club (Club Athlete, or Club Planet or something) — in the lockeroom and she looked over and saw a man’s meats, ball and penis, hanging from the crotch of a “woman.” The club found HER to be in the wrong when she complained. AFter all, meat and balls said he thinks he is a woman.

  9. Then God said, let the earth bring forth living creatures after their kind… God said it, and it was so…The declarative.. God said it was Good…
    Therefore, since God did it and God said it. Then that is good enough for me…

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