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History Repeats

Lausanne negotiators

The secret Republicans of Silicon Valley . . . In an industry where only liberal ideas are "allowed," many libertarians and conservatives keep their political views secret. National Journal  Arkansas hospital blew $8 million on solar panels . . . The Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas, is reportedly taking down solar panels that still don’t work roughly two years after they were first installed in 2013. The Blaze

Enough said.

12 Responses to History Repeats

  1. This is unfair to Neville and co.
    Germany never announced “death to Britain”.
    And these talks weren’t about creating super weapons.

    Iran is going for a nuke and has already announced “death to America”

    Kerry is worse than Neville

  2. At least Kerry can keep his hands down in an official picture unlike Obama. Kerry can’t help looking like an idiot – he is the definition of one.