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Two Famous Doctors Have Accused Obama of Psychopathological Behavior

Okay, they’re both Republicans. And one of them is running for president, probably. But come on, play along here.

Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer Tuesday said President Obama’s contention that Scott Walker needs to learn about foreign policy was borderline pathological, given the vast mess the president has made of the world.

Krauthammer, who is a psychiatrist, spoke on Fox:

I mean, we all know that Obama is a narcissist, but this is sort of bordering on the pathological. Given the wreckage that he has left America’s foreign policy in across the world, and I could go through the list of countries but it would take up the whole segment from all the way from Mali to what’s happening in Iran and Iraq and Syria right now. For him to be condescending to anybody on how to conduct foreign policy is quite remarkable.

Well, you do have to wonder a little bit about the reality testing of someone who thinks they’ve mastered a subject they seem to be flunking with gusto.

Meantime, a couple of weeks ago, when told Obama looks elegant and clean, Dr. Ben Carson pronounced: “Like most psychopaths. That’s why they’re successful. That’s the way they look. They all look great.”

Carson’s not a psychiatrist, but he is a neurosurgeon. He’s seen a lot of brains. Presumably, he knows what they’re thinking.

Okay, that doesn’t make any sense. But still, he’s a doctor.

45 Responses to Two Famous Doctors Have Accused Obama of Psychopathological Behavior

  1. Yeah, that thing about looking at brains and knowing what they were thinking got me, too, Keith. My own dad was a shrink and he said you can never tell what someone else is thinking–you may think you can, but you can’t. Who told Carson Obama was clean and elegant? I missed that one… Krauthammer used to have a disclaimer–that he was not using his psychiatrist chops on this stuff–now he pulls out the old couch!

    • I guess I don’t have any common sense then, because I am not big on these distant diagnoses… Carson just casually calls the president a psychopath? In fact, I just read a study yesterday that concluded that saying “I” a lot does not make one a clinical narcissist…

      • From there filter they think he is nuts.
        But maybe he is doing what a mole agent would do to destroy this country. Undermine us all over the world. Secret agent man!

        • I don’t know if the president has the other actual characteristics of a narcissist…I tend to see him as a self-referential, peevish person…But I am objecting to these diagnoses even by mental health professionals who have never met or treated him. You mnay think this stuff is “obvious”–but it probably isn’t that simple.

          • I do not object to them, I do however respect them.

            I have known many people that wear their degrees on their sleeve and don’t possess the common sense God gave a goat.

          • How many times have we seen an attractive, clean, intelligent person on the outside,turn out to be for instance a twisted, sadistic killer? And all the neighbors talked of how shocked they were .. and how “he was such a nice young man”.
            I came to the conclusion some time ago that barry was mentally sick.. and everyday he seems to prove it over & over. In other countries he would have been removed from office.

      • How about an educated observance then?
        That’s the thing with narcissists. They are so self-involved and arrogant they think nobody else is smart enough to figure out what they really are.

        • What good does it do to call someone a clinical name–it’s not like there is a cure…He will never have insight into how creepy he comes off, how misguided…I just don’t get all this flinging around of terms. As for some highly educated people being “dumb,” of course, it’s true–but that does not mean all are or that this is a valid excuse to dismiss all.

  2. The Good DrK has evolved over the years, but still brings his observations down to where we can understand them. Of course, most of us already have the same opinion of MrO, without the benefit of years of training.

    When a sitting President chastises or demeans a sitting State Governor for his assumed lack of knowlege of foreign affairs, he deserves to get a smack-down from a respected opinionator such as DrK.

  3. Obama is a full-blown megalomaniac. Pure and simple!
    Beginning with his Berlin ‘speech’ all the way through to that unprecedented acceptance ‘spectacle’ with the Greek columns….Obama’s megolomania was on display for the world to see.

    For the last six yrs. I’ve said he needs to be examined by a team of unbiased shrinks…and then declared ‘unfit to serve’.

    It’s a no brainer!

    Megalomania – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Megalomania is a psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, omnipotence, and by inflated self-esteem.

  4. Oputter is just the front man for ValJar and her friend and relative Vernon Jordan.
    “Jordan is a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a member of the Bilderberg Group.”(Wikipedia)
    Never heard of the Bilderberg’s? They get together once a year under a media black out. What they discuss is never leaked.
    Oputter is worst than anything this country has ever faced before. The enemy within!

    • Slobama is a narcissistical, pathological,liar. He wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit him in his skinny little posterior.

      Simper Fi

  5. I appreciate everyone’s response.
    Let’t try it this way.
    He is not a typical bully. He likes to appear cute, instead of tuff.
    He doen’t tell the truth.
    He doesn’t like to follow the laws in the Constitution.
    He speaks well of (others) while insulting the Christians.
    I could go on and on.
    I don’t care if Krauthammer or Carson are doctors are plumbers. I feel they are American citizens, that spoke from their gut.

  6. Unlike The Obama, Mr. Walker does not require Marie Harf to “clarify” statements on his own administration’s foreign policy.

  7. I don’t understand The One appears to have no sense of context — and the same for Meesh.

    Christians are being murdered, so for Easter The Ones danced funky in front of a bunch of kids.

    If one felt any grief over the destruction of a 4th century church, let alone wholesale murder of Christians, how could one jive?

    And if one felt nothing, how could a person be so blind as to not espy the “optics” of dancing on a sacred day bloodied by recent deaths.

    What’s the DSM-III for this behavior?

  8. If the MSM can anoint the President as being one of the smartest to ever occupy the WH, we can trust Krauthammer’s opinion as well.


  9. Psychopathological issues? That’s a serious accusation. I agree with being narcissistic and self-righteous. He reminds me of a wild bull going through a china shop. We’ll be tear our hairs (some) and cry out to God why this plague.

  10. I turned on The Five for just a moment. Greg was discussing o’s comment about Christians. I did not listen to the whole thing the other day. I just heard the clip where o stated: Girls are different than boys.
    He said that after mentioning he had his newphews at the house.
    Now let me make myself clear. The barbie doll issue bored me to no end as a child. I left my sister behind, and went outside to climb trees with my brothers, play football, etc.
    I appreciate everyone letting me vent on that comment.