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Obama Reveals His Anger at His Opponents

President Obama suggested he harbors some strong hostility against those who criticize him, saying it was difficult for him to “love” them.

At the White House Easter Prayer Breakfast, no less.

Meanwhile, the president failed to even mention the rampant violence being committed against Christians around the world, the most notable recent example of which occurred in his father’s own homeland, Kenya, where scores were recently slaughtered by Islamist terrorists.

He said:

On Easter, I do reflect that, as a Christian, I’m supposed to love. And I have to say, that sometimes when I listen to less-than-loving expression by Chrstians, I get concerned.

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  1. are you kidding me?!?!?! this man is not a christian. In fact every time he can kill us or put us down he does and every christian knows there isn’t one of us without sin.

  2. So let’s see.
    Obama is only concerned when he gets less than loving expression’s by Christians, but no concern that Christians are being murdered.
    So unless you adore him, he isn’t concerned about you.
    That’s ok. I don’t care for Obama much less adore him.

      1. There are flip-flops available that say that on the foot bed. It would be a fantastic look for him. He and MooChow could have matching footwear.

  3. If this godless man was a Christian, he would not be compelled to remind everyone, ad nauseum, that he is a Christian. This has been a red flag for me for 7-8 years now.
    He is pure evil!

  4. Secret under cover Muslim agent of Iran is not happy that we do not like the destruction of our country.
    ValJar front man playing the role but his hate of whites comes shinning thru.
    What about all the divorce talk for after he leaves office?
    He made his mandatory stop for Easter and now he can go play golf while ValJar runs the country.

  5. “And I have to say, that sometimes when I listen to less-than-loving expression by Chrstians, I get concerned.”

    There it is again — the patronage.

    “Wow! I’m concerned!” Better unleash another “historic” speech in which I straighten everything out according to the world according to Obama’s Great Greatness.

    Just admit that you’re mad that you’re not king, Obama.

    1. He’ll wipe out that concern with an executive order. Henceforth, no one, I repeat, no one is allowed to say anything critical of the Won.

  6. “…sometimes when I listen to less-than-loving expression by Christians, I get concerned.”

    If he is a Christian, why does he separate himself from the group. Why not call them ‘my Christian brothers and sisters’, or some other inclusive term.

    ***When Bob Beckel was fired from The Five, my first thought was it must have been his anti-Muslim rants. Obama heard it, and had him axed.

    1. I don’t think Beckel was fired…he had back surgery recently and tweeted that he hopes to be back soon. Gutfeld also mentioned it on the air a couple of weeks ago.

      1. Have heard both versions but a few reliable sources say he was fired. We’ll see.

        At any rate, anyone is better than Juan! He’s everywhere now!

      2. The Beckel disappearance has been a mystery. Some think he was let go because he was off the air for several weeks with absolutely no mention of his absence at all. People repeatedly asked the other co-hosts about Bob on Twitter and Facebook and all questions were completely ignored. Finally, Greg mentioned the back surgery at the end of a show a couple of weeks ago. He said that Bob had just had back surgery the previous day and was doing well. However, he had already been missing from the show about five weeks by then. The total silence for five weeks was odd. Plus, they never said anything like Bob will be out recovering for a few more weeks but he’ll return to the show soon; we all miss him as we know you do.

        The way they handled this just seems strange. Something is definitely up.

        1. I agree. No mention of him.
          I mentioned the other day that it was getting to the point that there were several things Bob did not approve regarding o, etc.

        2. You’re exactly right, Snark. Something’s up! Five weeks of nothing…and then it’s ‘surgery’.

          Not buying it! I’m going with the wags that say he was fired.

    2. I love Bob Beckel — I don’t agree with him often, but I love his sincerity and that he is able to have a variety of opinions, not just the liberal party line.

      I do hope that he isn’t gone from The Five. Juan is too preachy.

  7. This to me is another indication that we will never be rid of his rhetoric.
    He is thin skinned and harbors no hesitation to go after anybody that opposes his opinion or his agenda.

    If the next president turns out to be a conservative and begins to take his policies apart, he will be relentless in his attacks against them.

      1. Neither did Obama Star.

        The field is getting interesting.
        Cruz, Paul, and maybe Walker.
        This is going to be interesting.
        Cruz is a world class debater.
        Walker,…battle tested against the Wisconsin liberal onslaught.
        Paul is yet to be seen as far as how conservative he really is.

        All of them want to cut the size of government down.

    1. Oh, we’re gonna hear from the Obamas forever — The One and The Wife and I fear the Princesses will become professional chatterers, too, someday.

  8. “As a Christian”! That is not a statement that we Christians use in conversation. He says these words a lot, giving credence to his outside persona, but there are the times he slips & lets his inside mooslem out.

        1. Opportunist, yes. But that statement about the Muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound…? He may like that wailing, but most US citizens have never heard that specific ‘call’.

  9. Obama is about as Christian as I am Buddhist. The man is a phony little nincompoop who acts like a vengeful 12 year old when people express displeasure toward his vile behavior.
    I truly hope the world does not think he represents all Americans.

    1. The world knows that he does not represent America.
      The ones that would take advantage of this opportunity to make inroads into our power see a weak president.

  10. One of the most hypocritical comments ever uttered at a Christian Breakfast….but not surprising. The only one he adores is himself and even in front of dignitaries and members of the church, he cannot avoid self adoration.

    One day a great book will be written describing the inner Obama, but we already know the tome.


    1. The great one? Why are you putting him on a pedestal. Its obvious that he has evil feelings toward all things American, white people, Christians and Jews, With all that racism in him, I wouldn’t even joke about him being the great one. With all that criticism at Easter, he is the one who has no love for Christians, etc.

  11. Actions speak louder than words, and his actions(or lack of actions) have been hateful to Christians, Jews and frankly the founders of your country..

  12. All this from the alleged Christian who once said: “We’re gonna punish our enemies, and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.”

  13. I listened to Rand Paul’s speech over on c-span, and the one thing that I didn’t like about it was the fact that he said that the IRS should not be allowed to discriminate on religion and parties.

    I say that the IRS should be abolished.

  14. If Obama is a Christian, why has he not established a foreign policy to protect and defend Christians being persecuted and murdered?
    With his praise for Islam and the type of ‘Christian’ Church he attended for allegedly ’20 years’ – I really do not think Obama knows what he is. He is like Bill Clinton and others, falsely proclaiming solidarity with groups only to get their support. What is it with this guy and his commentary at Prayer Breakfasts – remember the last one? Why in the Heck is he invited to speak at any such gathering? He is a phony and a despot.

      1. Exactly!! He is NOT a Christian. He might not be a practicing Muslim at this time, but it’s very clear that he most closely identifies as a Muslim. He goes out of his way to support them every chance he gets.

  15. Here is a post Easter verse for y’all…..

    The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. Ecclesiastes 10:2

    My new favorite!

    1. Slam!
      Great comment Oklahoma Lady.
      I have had disagreements with certain issues with all Presidents. However they did not whine, and act like a 2 year old pressing the ME issue!

      1. Wonder what he’s going to do when he loses his bully pulpit. Get a show on MSNBS so that he can continue lashing out at his ‘enemies’?

  16. Oh those carefully orchestrated pauses! Intended to lend additional impact to the words uttered.
    They once were called “pregnant pauses” but I suppose that phrase can no longer be applied.
    I found this particular remark to be odd. Is he saying if we don’t agree with everything that everyone worldwide says and does we are not loving Christians?
    What designates one as a Christian? They acknowledge their salvation by/from/of Jesus Christ.
    And, as Christians, we are told that our behavior and character will reveal us to others as Christian:
    “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”
    -Matthew 7:20 King James Version
    What are the fruits?
    “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
    Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.”
    Galatians 5:22-23 King James Version (KJV)

  17. truckinjarheadretired

    In my humble opinion, this so called intelligent individual is about six bricks shy of a load. He’s not the least bit intelligent.

    Semper Fi

    1. Yes but Marine,…he is the president.
      That evidently gives him the right to tell you to shut up and deal with with it.

      Semper Fi.

    2. Only an idiot talks the way Obama does. He just likes to hurt people by saying idiotic things like that. If he wants to be hated, he is!

  18. Apparently those Christians students in Kenya were not sufficiently loving so the more loving Islamist radicals brought them their just rewards

    Prayer is a political tool anywhere Obama and Sharpton are together.

        1. that was to the guy who said he would never vote for McCain again. I think that is a VERY short-sighted way to think. in fact, it’s the same thinking that got Obama reelected, when 2 million “conservatives” decided to hold their breath til they turned blue and not vote for Romney.

    1. I heard talk on the local radio that it would take $20 million for someone to oppose McCain and that none of the Republicans here in AZ have that kind of money. I hope they’re wrong.

  19. A very sick animal with a hand grenade. You gotta have a low I.Q. to criticize Christians on Easter! And on purpose too! He must have a death wish!




    A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.

    Mahatma Gandhi

  21. “it’s terrible when Christians say mean things. however, it doesn’t bother me at all when Iran said the destruction of Israel was non-negotiable. in fact, I’m helping them build a bomb!”
    -note from our attorneys: not a real quote…but he’s thinking it.

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