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Obama Enlists His Friends in the Press to Help on Iran

President Obama today met with a mostly left-leaning group of journalists from a mostly left-leaning group of publications to make his case for his Iran nuclear appeasement deal.

According to The Huffington Post, the meeting was off the record, meaning that as a condition of getting in, reporters were required not to report or discuss with anyone whatever they heard.

That is, it’s an attempt by Obama to influence their reporting and get his ideas into their journalism without having his fingerprints on it.

Present at the meeting were The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait, The Wall Street Journal’s Gerald Seib, The New York Times’ Carol Giacomo, The New Yorker’s Dexter Filkins, The Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky, The Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim and The Washington Post’s David Ignatius, Eugene Robinson, Ruth Marcus and Greg Sargent.

Even for jaded Washington journalists, a plea from the president is not easy to resist. For those already sympathetic, like most of the ones present today, it will no doubt serve as a call to arms.

The Wall Street Journal has been harshly critical of Obama’s Iran dealings, so perhaps Seib was called in to try to get some of the edge taken off.

Obama has already sat for on-the-record interviews with lefty Tom Friedman of the New York Times and National Public Radio’s Steve Inskeep.

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14 Responses to Obama Enlists His Friends in the Press to Help on Iran

  1. I refuse to believe their propaganda. Obama is no better and actually worse than communist leaders dictating to the media. At least with Putin you know what you’re dealing with. But Obama changes daily and just when you think he’s done the worst he possibly can, he pulls another rabbit out of the hat.

  2. I’m going to hope against hope that someone in the room had the balls to say, Listen Barry, we’re not cashiering what’s left of our reputations so that you can claim “peace in our time” as you sashay off for another round of golf on the taxpayers’ dime. We’re still going to have to actually, you know, WORK, come January 20, 2017, and we’d like to be employable.

    You DO know what work is, Barry…don’t you?

    If you want a propaganda ministry, then establish one. We can’t carry your water one more inch without looking like propagandists. We’re journalists, not propagandists. So we’re done here.

    Didn’t happen, no doubt…but wouldn’t it have been swell if it had?

  3. So, in just the last few days he’s had three meetings/interviews that were kept off the schedule, (today’s meeting, and the NYT and NPR interviews). Why the secrecy? It’s not like we don’t see or read about the interviews, or hear about the meetings later.

    It’s interesting that WaPo had FOUR people at today’s meeting.

    • The ComPost is the fish wrap of record in DC, and apparently, there are still some locals that haven’t yet had their fill of the clown prince of collectivism.

      Scary thought, on reflection.

  4. The Head Snake Tamer of his signature one ring circus assembles all his snakes. His whispers the secret command…”just be yourself”

  5. From WSJ they bring Seib? Huh. Found the most friendly guy they could .

    Henninger was too busy? Stephens not available?

    From the other outlets, they found the biggest name they could. From WSJ they invite Seib.