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Meet Karen Finney, Hillary’s New Flack

Hillary Clinton has brought on MSNBC commentator Karen Finney to serve as her head flack – I’m sorry, “Strategic Communications Adviser and Senior Spokesperson.”

Seems like her “strategy” centers on spewing hatred and nastiness.

Here are a few of her greatest TV moments. Such a lovely person, I’m sure you’ll agree.

14 Responses to Meet Karen Finney, Hillary’s New Flack

    • Charming was my first thought. The sad part is women fall for this BS. Two close friends, both college graduates, were convinced Romney was going to ban birth control and abortion. There was no talking to them, despite no evidence of such a thing. The sound bites work, hope and change.

      • THEY SHOULD BAN ABORTION IN A LOT OF CASES!!! YOUNG WOMEN THINK MURDER OF BABIES ANYTIME IS OKAY NOW, HUH? how brainwashed are these dumb women? I say dumb because they don’t realize its a living thing being killed, millions of living things being killed in America and we are supposed to be a civilized country? NO MORE, THATS FOR SURE!

  1. Yuk! Birds of a feather flock together, 2 nasties, 2 haughty beasts, 2 liars, 2 big mouths, 2 who rode in on their high horses. The only way Hillary can win is to lie her way out of her ILLEGALLY DELETING GOVERNMENT E-MAILS – why hasn’t Hillary Clinton been arrested for tampering with e-mails that did not belong to her but belonged to the government, huh? Republicans? Afraid again, now of the Clintons and the Obamas?(What difference at this time does it make?) Also arrested for not providing help to the Ambassador when he begged and begged and begged for help and then they were raped and murdered??? And she wants to be President?

  2. HRC must be pretty darn desperate that Finney is now part of the team. It’s going to get nastier than I think I could ever imagine.