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Live Stream || White House Briefing – April 7, 2015

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. Joshi said Iran has a stash that would take 2 or 3 months.
    He was answering a question regarding the break out period.
    Joshi said they are rolling back many things, such as their stockpile, Reducing centrifuges. Iran is scaling back. Iran has agreed to deal with inspections. After 10 years we will have a better sense of what their goals are.
    Joshi sd admin. continues to be in close contact with Congress. Same time there are details that will be blocked down. Congress should not take a vote that would undermine the arrangement. That is untill after the 3 mth. period.
    Very clear this deal in stopping them from having nuclear stuff. We condemn what Iran thinks of Israel. (My words). Top democrate said I am not buying this. Sale pitch as only just begone. We want Congress to know what is in it. We offered up that the Congress team get classified update. Shumer said I am not waiting. Josh said sales pitch is just beginning. This is clearist the best way. Other Countries feel this is best way. We believe their are democrats that agree with our approach.
    Break out is a year. The o is acknowleging in 15′ they can get more quickly.
    Rep. o said his issue about upset/Christians. Josh did not reply.
    Josh said Ed, I am reluctant to weigh in on the chain of command with o and Army. I will tell you though no serviceman will not be left behind. Why did o say he served with honor when o did not know facts. Joshi would not reply.
    Can you explain when an agreement with a Country, and when is not. Joshi said he will provide details and previous presidents on this matter.
    Rep.Kerry and Cuba is meeting. What is reason for that. Joshi has not seen announcment on this meeting planned.
    No details…
    Bill asked about Boston hearing, and what o thinks about death penalty? JOshi said jury will have to make.
    Don’t want to weigh in on it, they are deliberating.
    Rep. mentioned power outage again.
    I heard enough.