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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, April 7, 2015

9:30 am || Hosts an Easter Prayer Breakfast; East Room
11:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
2:35 pm || Participates in a roundtable discussing the impacts of climate change on public health; Howard University, Washington

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:45 pm

37 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, April 7, 2015”

  1. At this point, the biggest American offender in the global climate change “crisis” is all the noxious hot air spewing out of Obama’s sanctimonious pie hole.

    1. OK, here’s my analysis of “climate change”. Summer, it gets hot, Fall, it cools down, Winter it get freakin’ cold, Spring, it starts to warm up again. We’ve had “Climate Change” since Christ was a Corporal (and long before).

    2. I know I keep bringing this up, but for those who have missed it, here’s the list of 31,000+ US scientists who have declared the man-made climate change hysteria a complete hoax. Maybe some of them are invited to today’s climate change propaganda meeting? Har Har Har.

  2. Hosts an Easter Prayer Breakfast? What, was Easter delayed to fit HIS scheduled??? Jesus H. Christ!!! And I mean that to be ironic!!!

    1. What the Fulcrum was he doing on Easter SUNDAY (as opposed to Easter MONDAY)? Oh yeah, that yoga thing. I forgot. (Oh no I didn’t, and I never will. Anti Christian son-of-a-bitch)!!

    1. Wow–Ramsey Lewis–one of the very best. “Gentlemen of Swing”, “The In Crowd”. He’s still alive and playing (as you probably know). Almost 80 years old.

  3. It’s interesting that they left the climate change farce at Howard off the weekly schedule.

    Yippee, he’s leaving the country on Wednesday and won’t be back until Saturday. I predict golf next Sunday, and a very late start next Monday.

    On Tuesday, the President will host an Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House; the Vice President will also attend.

    On Wednesday the President will depart the White House en route Kingston, Jamaica.

    On Thursday, the President will hold a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller of Jamaica and participate in a meeting with Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders. The President will also participate in a town hall with young leaders. In the evening, the President will depart Kingston, Jamaica en route Panama City, Panama.

    On Friday, the President will hold a bilateral meeting with Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela and participate in the Summit of the Americas CEO Forum. In the evening the President will attend the Summit of the Americas Opening Ceremonies.

    On Saturday, the President will attend official Summit of the Americas events. The President will participate in a press conference before departing Panama en route Washington, DC.

    1. Stocking up his stash in Jamaica, what we would we do without him and his wife sucking up our hard earned money??? #[%#}{][^*+£

      1. A few more months before this pair of grifters and tricksters get beamed out of the White House, but that day will indeed arrive. And then we can say out loud what we are now all practicing saying quietly–“At last, our long national nightmare is over”.

    2. There is some big wah-hoo about people knowing their value I think this weekend–Rev Al will be there, but I don’t think Obama will. I have no details–when Rev Al speaks I get MEGO–My Eyes Glaze Over.

  4. I previously posted a Daily Mail article about Moochelle on Jimmy Fallon’s show last Thursday, where she said she’d be dancing at the “Let’s Move Carnival”, (formerly known as the WH Easter Egg Roll), at the White House today. She actually said she’s been rehearsing for a year.

    Well, here’s some video of Moochelle dancing today, the third time she’s acted like a dancing fool in just the last few weeks.

    There’s also video of the little kids screaming as Barry tries to read them a story, but their being invaded by Mooch’s dumb bees. Plus, lots of photos of Barry having a great time at the carnival.

    Oh, and Barry got he=it in the head with a basketball. Damn, I’d pay to throw THAT ball!!

    Michelle Obama breaks out Uptown Funk dance moves again… as Barack comes under attack by bees at White House Easter Egg Roll

    Some 35,000 gathered on the White House South Lawn Monday morning for the 137th annual Easter Egg Roll festivities.

    Pop band Fifth Harmony and duo MKTO brought music to the event, and Mrs Obama joined the So You Think You Can Dance all-stars on stage taking the spotlight during a choreographed routine to Uptown Funk.

    This comes only days after she sported her mom dance moves on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon during a segment called The Evolution of Mom Dancing Part 2.

    On Monday, another highlight of the day’s festivities was Mr Obama’s annual reading of his favorite childhood book Where the Wild Things Are, which he has done since 2009.

    However, this year there was a disturbance when bees started buzzing near the children gathered for story-time on the South Lawn.

    Not breaking character, Mr Obama settled the shrieking children by saying: ‘If you’re a wild thing, you can’t be scared of bees!’

    This year’s theme is #GimmeFive, which is part of Mrs. Obama’s campaign to try to get young people to be more active and lead healthier lives.

    However, President Obama did confess to having a bit of not-so-healthy Easter chocolate when asked by a reporter at the event.

    ‘I had a few, I have to admit,’ Mr Obama said.

    Notably not in attendance were first daughters Sasha, 13, and Malia, 16, Obama. The president said they were occupied by ‘a little school stuff going on’.

    Monday’s events included sports and fitness zones, cooking demonstrations, and of course, the traditional egg roll in which kids compete to move their egg to the finish line first using only a wooden spoon.

    Staying true to the roll’s theme, the president kept active during the event, playing tennis with Danish racket star Caroline Wozniacki and basketball with members of the Washington Wizards.

    Despite all the pick-up games he stages on the South Lawn courts, Mr Obama appears not to have improved his game much since he was hit in the head while shooting hoops Monday.

    1. Ugh, typos – “they’re”, not their, and “hit”

      I must have gotten too distracted at the thought of throwing a basketball at his head! Maybe I can get tickets to this stupid carnival next year!

    2. We were better off with the hula hoop! What a cringeworthy embarrassment. No self-awareness whatsoever. None, nada, zilch!

      So she rehearsed for one year in preparation for this tour de force performance???
      When to the tickets go on sale at Carnegie Hall???

    3. I heard the clip where he yelled “bees won’t hurt you”. Uhm,no. If you’re allergic to their sting, they can kill you.

      BO’s oral reading of Where the Wild Things are was really bizzarro. Was he high?

      1. My first thought, Denise. He’s HIGH! Too much WH Bee Beer?

        And then he tells the kiddies ‘bees won’t hurt you’? I’ve had a few bee stings in my lifetime – he’s LYING!

  5. I believe we live in an alternate universe with all the bizarre things going on in this country. And it’s so scary I can’t laugh about any of it.

  6. Couple of fun historical “climate change” events for you.

    1. In the 4th century, the earth was undergoing a severe cooling phase which solidly froze the rivers (Rhine, Rhone, etc.) , allowing the Germanic tribes to cross the rivers safely and invade Rome in the winter. Thousands of Germanic warriors, equipment, horses crossed the rivers easily and went straight to Rome.

    2. In the 8th-9th centuries, the earth went through a perfectly normal and on time warming cycle. This extended the growing season (more food for everybody–yea!), allowed more outdoor activities (exploration, outdoor activities), less forests being used to heat homes, thus more wood for tools and crafts and home building etc). This was a big reason the reign of Charlemagne was able to grow and prosper and extend his empire.

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