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Obama Increasingly Compared to Chamberlain

Google “Obama” and “Chamberlain,” and you get 891,000 results.

The president’s appeasement of Iran has increasingly linked him to an earlier appeaser of evil, and the comparisons could become damaging. It’s an image people can really wrap their minds around.

This one, by Newt Gingrich’s American Legacy PAC, is particularly effective. Obama will either have to channel some Churchill or rehabilitate Chamberlain to counter such propaganda.

21 Responses to Obama Increasingly Compared to Chamberlain

  1. There are a lot of things, and people, that we might compare PresObama to, but a fool and dupe like Chamberlain isn’t one of them

    No one can be that dumb, that blind to the intentions of Iranis when every day they announce their hatred of Israel, and their desire to destroy America. MrObama knows what he’s doing and it is frightening to all of us.

    • Because of Obama Iran will have the bomb or has it already, BECAUSE OF OBAMA, DON’T FORGET THAT FACT. This has nothing to do with dumb and dumber. Obama’s spiteful pea-brain GETS OFF on making Israel Squirm for its LIFE, because he’s a sadistic sob and wants Israel to give their land to the Palestinians which never was Palestinian land to begin with! Get it? Why else would he diss Israel and make love to Iran. Obama doesn’t care if Iran says Death to America and Death to Israel, you can tell he doesn’t give a rats ass that they say it all the time? So what does that tell you? That he loves America and Israel? Obama is just an antisemitic pig for the United Nations and the American Communist Party which used to be the Democratic Party.

  2. 891,000 results, only because Obama’s 23-year-old sanitizers at Google have never heard of Neville Chamberlain. Or because they haven’t been approached by the White House Office of New Media just yet.

    Give it time.

  3. Obama IS like Chamberlain … a liberal socialist who falsely believes tyrant despots and makes deals with the devil. One wonders if a man like Churchill did not replace Chamberlain and what would have happened to England during the horror of Nazi bombing of England.

    • WWII could have been short lived if Rockefeller would have cut off their gas flow.. It is really telling that this important fact has eluded the entire dialogs of WWII

      • no such fact exists….The Germans received Ploiesti/Romanian oil once the war started.Then the Caucasus oil fields.Libyan oil was from Italian Colonial Authority.That’s why Rommel’s Army was sent into North Africa to bail out the Italians. Artificial coal oil fuel was being used,too.After the 1938 Munich Agreements a lot of commerce geared up with Germany.The thought was that war had been adverted.The Rockefellers ,were strong proponents of the United Nations idea. Why would they choose to support hyper nationalists, such as the Axis powers

  4. I don’t understand what’s going in his mind and the persons representing us in Switzerland. I strongly believe and hope I’m wrong that his purpose is nefarious.

    • Nefarious yes. He hates the USA. Does not give a hoot for our dear allies in Israel & most likely, per his side kick Valjar, believes he is so special to Iran that their threats are just all in fun! How could they not like “HIM”?
      Cough, choke.

  5. Obama knows exactly what he’s doing. He approaches everything with the same devil-may-care attitude. Everything is about HIM and his legacy. His reckless abandon and inattention to details after six years is terrifying. He waltzed into office with a little check list and he will get everything done ‘by hook or by crook’. His own words!!!

    His arrogant, mindless 45 minute interview on HBO should scare the h*ll out of everyone.
    To sum it all up – it’s okay if things don’t work out in Iran…we will just ‘snap’ back. What a naif!

    “It’s a good deal”. By whose standards? Obama’s? God help us all!

  6. what Obama’s doing is worse than appeasement. remember the words of that former Iranian official who said that during the talks, it seemed that the Obama administration was there to support Iran’s point of view.

    we were going along fine, the sanctions were starting to bite–and then suddenly Obama starts caving on every single thing he said should be part of an agreement.

    now Iran will have 6,000 centrifuges, an underground facility, only scheduled inspections (that is, no spot inspections, the only kind that really matter).

    and best of all: “The destruction of Israel is non-negotiable,” said the Iranians, and the WH said…nothing. not a thing. no, I am wrong. they did say something. the WH said that Israel’s existence would not be part of the negotiations.

  7. At this point, comparing Obama to Chamberlain is an insult to Neville Chamberlain.

    Chamberlain may well have been a softy, he may well have been naive, he may well have been easily taken in, and most of the rest.

    But I think it’s safe to say this about Neville Chamberlain: he wasn’t accused of being in the Germans’ pocket. When Chamberlain came back to Britain, he was mobbed by adoring crowds who took him at his word.

    Obama? Not EVEN. At this point, it looks like further Congressional action on Iran may clear the Senate, and perhaps even the House, by veto-proof margins.

    When even Obama’s own foot soldiers on Capitol Hill are starting to wonder if this Iran “deal” is a piece of paper too far, the jig is probably up.

    Oh…and Chamberlain wasn’t accused of reciting German talking points, as far as I can tell.

    So, yes, by all means, let’s stop comparing Obama to Neville Chamberlain. It’s unfair to Neville Chamberlain.

  8. At least Chamberlain was a man with no secrets. No secret background.

    Before he was a politician, he actually had a series of real “J-O-B’s”.

    Remember when “folks” (as Obama is prone to say) actually had those things in their lives? Before politics?
    Chamberlain spent years working a family plantation in the Bahamas, twenty years a managing director of a shipping manufacturing company, Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Director of National Service during WWl, twenty years as an MP and eventually Prime Minister. Yes, he screwed up in the biggest way possible when it was all on the line. That’s true. But he was a patriot to his country, before he was sadly misguided as Prime Minister, haunted by the memory of WWl tearing his country apart with the deaths of a million British men.

    As a man, and a patriot, Obama couldn’t carry his jockstrap.