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Feinstein: Netanyahu Must “Contain” Himself

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said Sunday she trusts the Iranians and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu should “contain” himself.

Feinstein spoke on CNN’s “State of the Union” with CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta, who, though less flashy than a couple of others, is one of the best questioners in the White House briefing room.

FEINSTEIN: I wish that he would contain himself, because he has put out no real alternative, in his speech to the Congress, no real alternative, since then, no real alternative . . .

I believe that this foreign minister (Javad Zarif) and this Iranian president (Hassan Rouhani), both of whom are moderates, really want to show that there is another way for Iran, and therefore, giving up this program is worth it.”

ACOSTA: You mentioned Foreign Minister Javad Zarif a couple of times. It sounds like you trust him. Do you trust the Iranians?

FEINSTEIN: I believe he (Zarif) is sincere. I believe that President Rouhani wants this. And it looks like the supreme leader will be agreeable.

Netanyahu, Feinstien repeatedly added, was not being “helpful.”

As in, please help arrange your own demise.

Feinstein¬†wouldn’t even acknowledge that Iran has been trying to develop a nuclear weapon. Talk about unhelpful. She really needs to contain herself.

H/T CNS News.

37 thoughts on “Feinstein: Netanyahu Must “Contain” Himself”

    1. But I do have a better way. Sanction them into compliance, under threat of losing their own spot on the world map if they can’t behave like grown ups.

    2. You are right Star. How could Feinstein almost say she trusts the Iranians when, almost every day, they say death to America and death to Israel and NETANYAHU SHOULD CONTAIN HIMSELF??? What a dog Feinstein is. Typical turncoat self-hating Jew turns on Israel for the new Democrat/Communist party. Just like the communists they are, they don’t believe in God anymore, just the PARTY!!! Feinstein go rot you disgusting turncoat on America and Israel.

  1. Feinstein should concern herself with the pair of jackwagons running this country’s foreign policy. What the rest of the world thinks of the foolishness of Kerry and Obama is a consequence of their behavior, not a press event that some backwater US Senator should try to manage.

    1. A excellent collection Marcus.
      Thanks for doing the research.
      Now to send same to friends who saw Republications are in politics for the money. HAH!

      1. My sad thought is that Feinstein is not the only Congress critter who has financially benefited from drinking at the trough in Washington. My blood still boils from the insider trading scheme Congress participated in–until they got caught. Lots of them made a ton of money on that one.

    2. Excellent, I wish Marcus or someone would send his e-mail to the husband and Feinstein herself. Who is she kidding? Netanyahu should contain himself while the Feinsteins rake in OUR MONEY for her old age. How could she criticize Netanyahu or anyone for that matter while she is stealing money from the government. Criminals and traitor and no one stops these crooked people from stealing our money for themselves?

  2. The brainless walking dead voters have been electing this witch forever. She is a leach and her husband has been making a ton of money from insider deals from her.

    I am ashamed of the voters here in Mexico north. Dems Dems nothing but Dems. Most have Mexican last names. The average voter here is a 30 pound over weight Mexican. Gerry brownout is the worst of the worst.
    The gov expected 1.2 million illegals to come in for drivers lic in 3 years. 500,000 in the first 3 months. There are at least 20 million illegals in this state. We will hit 2 million lic by the end of this year, maybe more!

    1. About that 20 million number – every time I hear Dems (and Republicans) claim there are 11 million illegals in this country, I scream at my TV that’s total BS; there must be 20 million illegals in California alone!

  3. What the SamHill is she talking about – “helping”, “contain”?
    How exactly does anything PMNetanyahu says about this non-deal and faux-agreement not “help”, help what?
    Contain! is that like ArchieBunker telling his wife to “stifle” or is it just a plain “shutup”.
    Perhaps someone might point out to the old lady that having hordes of Iranians march through the streets shouting “death to America” isn’t helpful either.

  4. Shame on you, Dianne Goldstein Berman Feinstein, what would your parents say?

    At 81, the oldest member of the Senate.

    Bibi should retort her, tell her to get thyself to Boca, the shuffleboard team needs a member and your usefulness in the US Senate is behind you now.


  5. I’m from California. Both my U.S. Senators and ALL my statewide elected Officials are Democrats. I’m so ashamed that when people ask me where I’m from I tell the “Yemen” or “Kazakhstan” or someplace else with better governance than we’ve got here!

      1. Harv, get with the program. I’ve been conserving water for years! Gin, Vodka, Scotch, Bourbon (I’m boycotting Tequila)! The choices are practically endless. AND refreshing!

  6. Keith Thanks for bringing this up. I saw this over the weekend. I could not find a polite way of making a comment regarding her making a comment such as “Contain himself”.
    Why didn’t the reporter ask her, Why she wasn’t containg herself with such a comment?

  7. Ah the hubris of Diane Feinstein from the safety of the hills of the Capital and SF. Gives up Bibi and Israel as easily as she gave up the report revealing intelligence sources worldwide.

  8. Netanyahu leader of a postage stamp country surrounded by evil and Feinstein wants him to contain himself? I wouldn’t blame him if he goes ballistic over this. Islamic Muslim Arabs track record on keeping agreements is sorry. They sign documents, then go home laughing. Sayyed Ali Khamenei, considers dealing with infidels a joke…

    1. You are correct. I believe lying to Infidels is perfectly acceptable under the Koran, or Khoran, or Quran, or however in the heck it’s being spelled this week!

      1. Lying to infidels when it benefits Muslim interests is certainly permitted. It’s called Taqiyya, and is certainly what the Iranians practiced during the latest round of discussions in Switzerland.

  9. You do not seem to be listening, Ms. Feinstein. Mr. Netanyahu’s alternative solution is to not allow Iran to have ANY nuclear capabilities!

  10. here’s what the Democrats, led by Obama, are really trying to say:

    “You Joos are making too much trouble. Why can’t you go quietly into the cattle cars like you did in 1938? Now THAT’S the way Joos should behave.”

    the picture of Obama and Feinstein lecturing Bibi Netanyahu on what is “best for Israel” would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous.

    1. Oh Rulierose, I love your post. But you know what? Self-hating joo Feinstein, getting rich, greedy pig stealing from the government. The trend for the American Jews in government is to defend Palestine and Hamas and Iran. Can you believe it? God damn idiot Dianne Feinstein. Contain yourself!

  11. Javad Zarif and Hassan Rouhani are “moderates”?
    Diane, put down the crack pipe.
    Now stfu and go count your money.
    (I know, I’m a bad boy)

  12. Feinstein is not trustworthy. Google Feinstein/MILCON. She signed off on millions of dollars in contracts with her husband’s corps. In other words she put the money in her pocket.

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