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31 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || April 5, 2015

  1. Good morning all. Second pot of coffee brewing now. Sorry I do not have any fried shrimp leftover from last night. :)
    Happy Easter.

  2. On this Easter Sunday I find myself thinking more than at any other time of my life about our society and what’s being done to it.
    The Memories Pizza hatefest just one more example. The left claims to know what Jesus would do and blames the O’Connor family for being un-Christian for not supporting gay marriage.
    I certainly don’t have all the answers but the phrase that I find most appropriate in the debate is “love the sinner, not the sin”.
    Crystal O’Connor never said she or her family hated gays or would not serve them, only that they would not participate in a ceremony that goes against their beliefs.
    I’ve wondered since that story broke if that reporter and news editor have had any regrets over the hate they unleashed all in the name of sensationalized “journalism”.
    Anyhow, should you desire the weekly JGlobe column is up: “Are we really this small?”
    The political left in this country has got to either stand down and find a way to accommodate the silent majority or the last 6 years of division are going to look like a cake walk. (And no, I don’t know whether it’s a gay or straight cake walk.)
    For those celebrating today, may your Easter be peaceful and renewing, for those not, it takes nothing away from you to allow them to have their day.

    • Well done Geoff.
      The backlash against the LGBT dictates has resulted in a major windfall for the pizza store.
      To date it is well over half a million dollars.
      This is similar to what happened with Chic-fil-a.

      The liberals raise the flag and the conservatives tear it down.

      We outnumber them.

      Although their voice is amplified through the media, the roar of the conservatives will eventually overcome.

      • It was better than that. The organizers of the page closed it out at $842,387.
        Looks like the silent majority really did put their money where their mouths are!
        I personally believe marriage is a religious ceremony between a man and a woman. I also wish as a society we would quit using the tax code to benefit one part of society over another and all citizens paid as individuals no matter what their sexual preference or marital status.
        Get the state out of the marriage business and let accommodation for religious beliefs be just that.

        • Amen Geoff.

          God instituted marriage, and satan has manipulated it into a perversion that no longer follows the dictates in the Bible.

          Many passages in the Bible state that other than one man and one woman being married is an abomination to the Lord.

          The IRS should be abolished and in doing so a flat or fair tax should be instituted taxing each individual as per their wages.
          No more loopholes.

    • Nice article.
      little o.t.: Someone posted elsewhere – would anyone really want to eat a cake made by someone who was forced to bake it, someone who thinks your life-ways are sinful?
      That pretty much sums up the majority thinking about the whole gay issue. We know there are homosexuals, it’s not a new or modern thing. We didn’t throw them off of building tops, we didn’t chop off their heads, but only asked that they keep their desires on the ‘down-low’.
      By insisting that we, non-homosexuals and/or faith believers, not only accept them, but approve of their sexual ways, they are asking the impossible, the improbable, and only will generate a backlash that wasn’t expected.

        • Live and let live. Works for a lot of people. Those pizza folks went out of their way to make a point that did not even apply to them and got a million bucks. Live and let live to them, too. I am just watching the passing parade.

          • OK,…so the gays go down the street and find a business that will cater to them.

            Nope, they need to push this agenda right down our throats.

          • “Those pizza folks went out of their way to make a point that did not even apply to them and got a million bucks. ”

            I don’t think they went out of their way to make a point. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I heard that it was a local reporter who walked into their pizza place and started asking questions, looking to find a story on the new Indiana law.

            It’s not as if this pizza place inserted themselves into this controversy by posting something on their Facebook page or website declaring themselves against gay marriage and therefore unable to cater gay weddings.

            The reporter asked the owner (owner’s daughter) a hypothetical question – would they cater a gay wedding? It was a stupid question. Unfortunately, the woman wasn’t quick enough to answer that since they’re just a pizza place they don’t cater any weddings, so go ask your silly question somewhere else.

          • Yes, Snark is correct–the woman was asked and it was not Facebook… I would be more interested in hearing from someone in say, Oregon, who was sued to turning down a wedding client…But that isn’t what happened here… This all seems silly to me–it does not seem to have anything to do with religious freedom, which is already protected, but commerce…I don’t know…I think someone is trying to work people up. I am not worked up is all.

          • Plus we have no shortage of passive aggressive people in this country–if you don’t want to bake the cake for whatever reason, say you are booked. Why make an actionable case over it that will cost you zillions to defend?

          • “if you don’t want to bake the cake for whatever reason, say you are booked.”

            But why should they have to lie? And lying really isn’t an option to many.

      • This was a set-up from start to finish.
        Take note of an observation: when you speak something that offends these Leftists, they immediately go for the jugular. They don’t want to reason – they want to kill anything that they hysterically perceive is against them.
        Star says live and let live. I think we tried that – look where it got us.
        I intend to speak my mind from now on.

    • Nice article Geoff and also comments by Srdem65.

      It all makes me weary. Weary of the aggrieved victims and their spew of hate. There seems to be no common sense anymore. This is the place endless government has brought us to. With the best intentions, government will intercede for one person in a situation which automatically creates a new victim: the overlooked.

      That can’t be, so with the best intentions, the cycle continues with more government to help the new group of ever deserving victims. It has become acceptable to play the victim card and parade about chanting and protesting the inequity. There is no shame, common decency, or sense of personal accountability in the victim class.

      This is not the same as a whites only drinking fountain. Marriage is a Holy Sacrament of the church between a man and a woman. There is no discrimination in refusing to serve a patron who asks someone to break a sacrament. No is saying, I will not break a sacrament I will not sin. There are no special rights for a behavioral choice…only self anointed victims. And if they are called on it, the offense must be eradicated or the entire lie unwinds. Yes, we really are this small as a society.

      …and Happy Easter everone…back to Ben Hur.

    • So many happenings over the years bring me back to grade school in the early 1970’s. In 4th 5th & 6th grade we watched Alvin Toffler’s (sp) Future Shock. Of course we laughed at the gas masks the population wore. It was also funny to see a wedding of two men & others with purple & orange & pink hair. Now it’s the norm, replace gas masks with surgical masks many people wear due to flu strains, etc. we are in Future Shock now & it’s not working out so well.

  3. Tennessee Rep Sen. Bob Corker said Sunday that he is moving ahead with his bill to give Congress a mandatory review of the recent N. deal agreement. The legislation is still several votes short of a veto proof passage.
    Now I must state we got slammed by people in office that did not “read” nor pay attention to the o crap. Now I must ask each and everyone to come out in public and/or type an essay letting us know exactly what they understand about the danger of this plan.

  4. The targeting of Menendez is starting to quell Democratic opposition to the “deal” — Congress might neuter itself. Big surprise. Thuggery. And the discussion of this controversial framework as a deal makes something real out of puffery.

    Wonder what it will take to make Congress and Americans realize how dangerous this drive for Obama’s legacy actually is.