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Obama Attends Church on Easter

President Obama and his family today are making an unusual appearance in church, celebrating Easter at the historic Alfred Street Baptist Church, a two-hundred year old African America congregation in Alexandria, Virginia.

From the pool report:

We arrived at Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria at 10:25 after an uneventful motorcade ride, with a few onlookers snapping photos as we drove past the Washington Monument.

When the pool entered into the church from the back it was a jubilant congregation packed full. Everyone was swaying, singing, and clapping to music played by a band that includes a drummer, bass player, and keyboardist. Some raised their hands up high.

A choir of about 70 people is up front, nearly everyone clad in purple. Two banners, on either side of a wooden cross, read, “Hallelujah” and “He Lives.” There are two large television screens showing video from the service, and lyrics to the hymns. The congregation is predominantly African American.

After the singing stopped, the pastor Dr. Howard-John Wesley came to the front.

“How fitting that on the day we celebrate the rising of our Lord and savior, we also welcome our sitting president,” he said, as the congregation began to applaud and also welcomed the First Lady.

The pastor encouraged the crowd to stay in their seats.

“This is not selfie time,” he said to laughter. “Let the brother worship in the house of God.”

During an infectious rendition of the hymn “He Lives,” the congregation rose as a soloist sang with passion and the keyboardist took a solo. POTUS rose to his feet, too, and he could be seen from behind bobbing his head, clapping, and swaying a bit.

Obama got a sermon he is sure to love, seemingly linking acceptance of Christ to agreement with Obamacare:

“Even today in our political landscape, a line in the sand is drawn forcing you to make a decision on where you stand,” he said. “Where do you stand with rights or same sex couples…where do you stand on gun reform, where do you stand with police body cameras? Where do you stand on affordable health care? Life has a way of making you make a decision.”

“Where you stand on the resurrection of Jesus Christ: You either believe it or you reject it,” he added.

Obama was back at the White House by noon.

The president almost never attends church. Easter is the only time of year they can be reliably expected to appear.

38 Responses to Obama Attends Church on Easter

  1. First, good for the Os, once a year is better than never, even if it is just for show.

    The sermon- oh boy. Gun reform, homosexual rights and police cameras were not mentioned anywhere in any Bible, new or old, nor did the reason for today’s joy, Jesus Christ, ever mention those subjects or anything like that.
    The congregation and service – sounds lively and inspiring.

  2. An activated sleeper agent needs to protect his cover story. Planted in this country years ago the sleeper agent smoked dope and kept to his cover story.
    With his handlers input he became a destroyer of a fine country of moron voters.
    Even today 50% of the brainless think he is doing a fine job.
    They are the walking dead, stumbling into the voting booth to vote democrat as they have no brain.

    • You know many of them are too lazy, oh, sorry, too “busy” to vote, but fortunately measures have been put in place to ensure their votes are counted and they don’t even have to show up. If only the rEepubs could cheat HALF as well!

  3. And this is precisely why I gave up going to church years and years ago. And don’t plan on returning anytime soon.

    I don’t go to church to be lectured on my politics, people.

  4. Obama takes a break from ignoring the slaughter of Christians by Muslims and the constant insults to the prime minister of Israel to go to church. ain’t that sweet.

  5. A fraud “Christian” sermon for a fraud “Christian” president.

    Perfect together.

    By the way, couldn’t help noticing back on Christmas Day in Kailaua Hawaii, Mr.& Mrs. Photo-op-Christian, couldn’t be bothered to drop into a church to commemorate the birth of “his savior”.


    • Man when the Main Stream Press goes to town on on this hypocrisy. What’s that Honey? They love him more than a Pulitzer so they’ll never look into any of the crap he has perpetrated? We are SO fudged!!

    • Yes it’s really sad as I’m pretty sure there is a church on every corner in Kailua and all around there where they leech every year. He seems to manage to find every golf course,restaurant and gym ok.

  6. Fake plastic molds is what those 0 people are.
    But given the “African American” congregation they probably believe the 0’s actually care about our Savior.
    I’m always surprised that the walls don’t crumble around these pretend Christians.

  7. Back by noon??? That there is proof this wasn’t a typical black church. A non-DC church would just be getting warmed up by noon…especially on Easter.

    I bet the secret service told the pastor Obama had to be done by noon to get back… on the golf course… to creating chaos in the middle east… to pick-pocketing some more Americans… you fill in the blank.

    • Oh, and Secret Service, I’m talkin’ LIGHTNING, over which I have NO control, so BACK OFF. If you’re still annoyed, just go get another drink. God knows you need it after 6 years of this!

    • We have been having some east coast earth quakes though. I think it’s Washington, Adams, and Jefferson rolling in their graves.

  8. I’m always glad to see this First Family attends church. If any of the Word of God is spoken or read then – perhaps a soul will be saved. God’s word never returns empty. May the great, good Lord have mercy on us all.

  9. “How fitting that on the day we celebrate the rising of our Lord and savior, we also welcome our sitting president,”

    I really just want to slam my hand in a door!

  10. The wannabee celebs in the White House will be performing at the huge Let’s Move Carnival, (formerly known as the WH Easter Egg Roll), on Monday:

    It acted as the warm up for the annual Easter Roll, during which Barack and Michelle will perform their highly-anticipated dance to Uptown Funk.


    And this year’s performance will come from the president himself, it has emerged.

    Appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show this week, the First Lady revealed that she and her husband will be performing a routine with So You Think You Can Dance contestants on the front lawn of the White House during the annual Easter Egg Roll.

    It will be to the tune of Uptown Funk.

    Michelle said she has been practicing the dance, called Gimme Five!, for over a year in the hope that it will inspire children to exercise.

  11. That explains the mess yesterday in Old Town. We are visiting our daughter who lives in Alexandria. After church yesterday, we attempted to go out for lunch. Streets were blocked off, police were everywhere. We gave up.

    I am sure many businesses suffer when this happens.

  12. So, he’s “a brother” because his father came from Africa, but I’m not a sister because none of my family came from Africa.

    Isn’t this racist?

    “How fitting that on the day we celebrate the rising of our Lord and savior, we also welcome our sitting president,” he said, as the congregation began to applaud and also welcomed the First Lady.

    I don’t see how this follow at all, unless Barack is Jesus.

  13. Two banners, on either side of a wooden cross, read, “Hallelujah” and “He Lives.”

    Guess they knew Obama would be in attendance