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Jobs Number a Vast Disappointment

In a sign the U.S. economy may be in trouble, hiring declined sharply in March, with employers taking on only 126,000 new workers, far fewer than anticipated.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

U.S. employers sharply slowed their hiring in March to the weakest pace in more than a year, the latest sign that the economy stumbled during a first quarter that was hampered by harsh winter weather in parts of the country.

Nonfarm payrolls rose by a seasonally adjusted 126,000 jobs in March, the Labor Department said Friday. That was the smallest gain since December 2013. The average monthly gain in the first quarter was 197,000, down from an average of 324,000 in the final three months of 2014.

The unemployment rate, derived from a separate survey of households, was unchanged at 5.5%.

Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal had expected payrolls to rise a much stronger 248,000 in March, and predicted the unemployment rate would be steady at 5.5%.

Cold weather no doubt played a part in this, but the exceedingly low number suggests to some analysts that the problems with the economy may be organic.

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  1. Seeing as how the Labor Department has repeatedly issued skewed, false reports month after month since the Dictator Obama regime has been in place, the real monthly job figures for the month of March 2015 must be really, really bad.

  2. Not to worry. Obama will hop on Air Force One and go to some college we have never heard of and make a speech about jobs. That will solve the jobs problem.

    My congressman shows off a stack of new government regulations in his office. The stack is 3 foot tall.

    1. Some day in the future our young relatives will whisper stories of what it was like here without the Govt. regulating any/everything they do.

  3. OT: I just heard Joshi, on Fox say: Still have to be complete end of June. Will shut down every pathway will be shutdown. We would prevent them from deveoping weapons. We would take the core of reactor and ship out. Will not allow you to process ploatolium.
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  4. We’ve seen the sluggish start in our business, which touches most sectors of the economy. 2014 was a robust year but 2015 has started very weak, perhaps due to the severe weather. If this continues, it may be a boom year on Wall Street and a fizzle on Main St

    1. Sure weather has a role. But would have liked to see a bump somewhere if for nothing else than a few extra bucks in people pockets from lower gas prices.

      I think the new congress and their go-along-to-get-along-strategy has as much to do with it as anything. Nobody seems to be willing to stop the out of control spending and subjugation by regulation government.

  5. How easy it comes to mind now – “harsh winter..” as a cause for low employment numbers.
    We’re supposed to believe – Well, it was cold and snowy so we didn’t hire that new guy, or the roads are icy so shoppers didn’t buy any groceries, dry goods, new cars, or gadgets? What?

    Blaming low employment figures on some bad weather in parts of the country is one step to how climate change is a disaster and most people buy that premise. There was no ‘bad’ weather on the West Coast, South-east Coast, SouthWest areas. What the government calls “bad weather” is normal weather for our northern tier states – it snows and is cold up there – always has been and always will be.
    The real reason for the low employment figures is that America is struggling with regulations, Obamacare edicts, and a huge chunk of citizens living on food stamps and welfare of some sort.

    1. Exactly! Until the horrible, sluggish Obummer years I don’t recall ever hearing bad or lukewarm economic numbers, (unemployment, GDP), blamed on the weather.

      It’s ridiculous how this joke of an administration always has an excuse. We are on Year SEVEN of this.

      As a Stuart Varney said on Fox this morning, after all these years this is just proof that the Obama economic policies – which is spend like crazy, ignore the debt, raise taxes, and over regulate – does NOT work!!

  6. If by “organic” you mean huge sea changes involving globalism, caching of corporate profits overseas, Chinese devaluation of currency, the waving about of artificial wage increases here, then yes…organic, baked in, yet to be fully appreciated…

  7. From my site a few days ago:

    According to CareerBuilder, the workforce is changing in this country.

    –Women make up a greater percentage. In 2014, women made up 49%, compared with 48% in 2001.

    –Men are branching into other professions (such as pharmacy and physical therapy)–gaining share in 79% of all occupations.

    –Jobs with a high concentration of men still pay more, on average. $25.49 median hourly for men, five bucks less for women.

    –Women are losing share in high-paying jobs.

    –Among the occupations that lost 10,000 or more jobs since 2001, 76% were male-dominated.

    –Women dominate in college grads, not top-paying jobs.

    –The teenage workforce is a third smaller than in 2001, while the age 56+ workforce is up 40%.

    –Workers over 56 make up the workforce in 210 occupations–this used to be 86 occupations in 2014.

    –Hispanic and Asian workers make up a greater percent of the workforce than in 2001. Hispanics hold 13% of jobs (2014) as opposed to 11% in 2001. Asians–5% in 2014, up from 4% in 2001. African-Americans stayed steady at 12%.

    –Whites lost share–down 2% from 2001–to 71% of total.

    –Non-whtie students also made up 37% of all associate, BA and post-grad course completers in 2013–up from 30% in 2004.

    Pretty big shifts.

  8. Oh, I am sure this is a rash suggestion–but they should hire some darn mail carriers or sorters or someone. I am told that now it takes 4 days for a letter to get to the destination within my little surburb, much less acr the country. Carrier pigeons, anyone? The woman at the local PO (took 20 mins to find the local phone #) said many companies were upset bec they send checks. Why yes, that is what I sent.

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