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Iran Gets the Deal of the Century

When I make decisions and judgments, I try to strip things down to the bottom line. Beyond the details, and emotions, what is actually going on? What is superfluous? What facts are immutable and what is their effect?

Sometimes, there are many factors that must be weighed and a decision must be made using reason, experience, and instinct. But other times, one or two matters are determinative, and the process is simplified.

The thing that no one, supporter or opponent, can deny about the Iran deal is this: Under the agreed “framework,” after ten or 15 years, Iran will be permitted to develop all the nuclear weapons it wants. This agreement is not, as the White House claimed it would be, a deal to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program. It is merely a way to manage and delay it.

And so one logical conclusion flows from this: If you believe an Iranian nuclear weapon is intolerable, this is a very bad deal.

And an Iranian nuclear weapon is intolerable for many reasons, not the least of which is the possibility that Iran will one day use it on Israel or on the West, or hand it to someone else who will. The principle is simple. Crazy, violent, apocalyptic, militaristic, expansionist sponsors of terrorism are not to be trusted with the atom bomb.

An Iranian bomb would also mean the end of nonproliferation efforts. Iran, like North Korea before it, would share the technology with others. And the Mideast would erupt into a nuclear arms race.

This deal leaves the entire Iranian nuclear weapons production line in place. Iran will even be permitted to continue spinning thousands of centrifuges and enrich uranium, though not at the level needed for a bomb. Assuming they don’t cheat, which they always have.

This is approximately like catching a murderer murdering, leaving him out free, and allowing him to keep his gun, with the stipulation that he not have access to his ammunition for ten years. Assuming he doesn’t cheat, which he always has.

“They can take the diplomatic route and end their nuclear program or they will have to face a united world and a United States president, me, who said we’re not going to take any options off the table,” Obama said of the Iranians during the October 22, 2012 debate with Mitt Romney. That was lie. Iran took the diplomatic route, and its nuclear program continues.

Iran’s decades of illegal work on a nuclear weapon is now officially legitimized.

“I’m a little puzzled by the political agreement,” said Olli Heinonen, a previous inspections chief at the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency. “You’re going to leave Iran as a threshold state. There isn’t much room to maneuver.”

So put aside other questions, which though important, are ancillary – like what Iran will do with its current stockpile of fuel, when the sanctions will come off, and so forth. The key point here is that we are licensing a new nuclear state.

Obama supposedly hopes that the Iranian regime will become more moderate or be replaced. Where is the evidence for this?

The mullahs have been in power now for 35 years. They have just weathered an economic crisis brought by sanctions and will soon be empowered by an business boomlet once sanctions are off. During the period of sanctions, they actually extended their power throughout the Middle East.

Hitler gobbled up Europe after Munich. The Soviets invaded Afghanistan after detente. China’s communist regime remains in power and is rapidly building its military force to menace its neighbors four decades after Richard Nixon’s “opening” to the country.

And even if the Iranian theocracy were overthrown, who knows what would follow it? Would you want the Shah to have the bomb?

There is no case for this agreement. It was negotiated by Iranians confident that, despite Obama’s words, the military option had indeed been removed from the table. And they were right.

And so they got themselves, as Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu once called it, the deal of the century.

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  1. Because Obama’s foreign policy has worked so well in recent years, I have a bad feeling about this. He needs to stop spiking the football in the Rose Garden, that was my second clue.


      1. He could care less about his “loyal followers” — they’ll fry along with the rest of us when Iran cuts the big one loose.

    1. This is only about himself as he hopes for some kind of legacy. Same with Kerry who is (preying)not praying, for a Nobel Peace prize of his own. We already know how selective that bunch is, they’ll probably give him one.

  2. Personally I liked the old school approach of keeping an eye on an enemy–spying. Not UN inspectors–which were tossed from Iraq and Korea and we don’t love the UN anyhow. If they are going to be in a “time out”–make sure it will really hurt sanctionwise if they sneak back to play. The Iranians were WAY too elated over this non-agreement or agreement to maybe agree or whatever it is. Also, didn’t our cyber warfare–I mean POSSIBLE, ALLEGED cyber warfare– really slow down their progress…?

  3. It is heartbreaking to hear Bibi speak of this mess. I can’t believe we threw Israel under the bus. Just a matter of time before Israel attacks Iraq, then who knows what. I’m going to church.

  4. We are surrounded by liars.
    It no longer remains a question in my mind.
    Kerry comes out with his lofty rhetoric, and Obama is a psychopathic liar.
    Boehner has told us that the congress will have to read the finished product but given this administration’s contempt for congress, I’ll believe it when I see it.
    Even France has stated that it is a bad deal.

    1. my thoughts exactly.

      I remember a couple years ago when Obama managed to make his Passover seder all about the Arab Spring.

      not only the most incompetent president of our lifetime, but also the most–yes, I’ll say it–anti-Semitic.

  5. Fast forward 10 years:
    Iran drops the atomic bombs on Israel killing a million people. A radioactive cloud heads eastward into Turkey on toward India and China.
    The land is ruined, the infrastructure is destroyed, and most of Israel is a ‘hot’ zone.
    Now what?
    The danger and horror of an Iranian government with nuclear capability is not that they want this for protection. They have made no secret of their desire to kill every Jew on earth, to destroy the country of Israel.
    Of all civilized states in the world who do now have that nuclear capability, none have threatened their neighbors, none have vowed to exterminate millions of humans as their reason for a stockpile of these weapons – but, I

    1. oops. …but Iran makes no secret of their intent.

      Instead of working to have a framework or some kind of deal with the Iranians, the Obama administration should have been working with the other civilized nations around the world to destroy, once and for all, Iran’s ablility to start WW3

  6. Face it people,….everyone here is an infidel.
    If you do not embrace the teachings of the Koran, you are an infidel.
    The Koran teaches that lying is OK.
    Maybe that is why Obama has no regrets in doing so.

  7. To Mr. Koffler,….have a blessed Passover and thank you for giving us this forum.
    We will be celebrating the Easter season here at our house.

    To all of you Koffler critters out there, pray for our Country.

  8. “…they will have to face a united world and a United States President, me…”
    “me”. Well I’m sure that has Iran and ISIS shaking in their boot’s.
    Barry, you chump, Iran just took your lunch money. Be careful, NKorea is waiting for you after school.

  9. I do not see any kind of deal to be held together when neither party trust the other. Why should Iran trust the West? In 1953 the Brits with our help overthrew their leader, Mohammed Mossadeq. Then we supported Shah Reza Pahlavi, not the people’s choice. In the Iran-Iraq (1980-1988) War we had problems with both sides but tilted toward favoring Iraq as best as I can read. The USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian passenger jet with 290 passengers. The Iranians don’t forget.

    And then there is when Iran took over our Embassy. It ended in 1981 which means anyone under 35 years old did not experience it. They can only read about it.

    It appears the option I’d take now is stay firm with the economic sanctions.

  10. So let’s see where we’re at on this deal. Obama peddles his version of the framework. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is calling Obama a liar and is peddling the Iranian version of the agreement. The EU’s rep is selling yet another version of what was accomplished. The Iranians are dancing in the streets because they know they took Obama and Kerry to the cleaners. France is ticked off because Kerry dropped the restrictions on the Iranians to just about zero.

    Meanwhile North Korea continues to supply technology to the Iranians, and is hiding nuclear material for the Iranians. Full production toward a bomb is going full throttle, and Obama is patting himself on the back.

    I think we all understand what really happened in Switzerland.

  11. While everyone looks at this, Oputter is still bringing in who know how many thousands of illegals. Placing them through out the USA. All with nice diseases for our kids to get at school. Border patrol stand down still in place. Cutting the hell out of the military. All under the radar.

    1. It is not under our radar.
      The usurpation of power that the regime is using will not last.
      They are in the minority, we are in the majority.
      Our voices are not as loud as theirs are, however, all we hear is that the republicans are against us.
      The republicans are trying to take this Country back from the progressive agenda that has for over 100 years tried to destroy the Constitutional and the Biblical principles that this Nation was built upon.

      They will not relent in their attempts to push their agenda down our throats.

          1. LOL. I prefer to give him the respect of a simple Obama–it seems to outclass the way he treats the citizens. Now having said that, I am not classy at all.

  12. Obama has said that if Iran cheats, we will “know”. He is a master at stating the obvious. I keep wondering if there will be anyone alive after the cheating to know.

    1. Of course we’ll know. A bright flash, hurricane velocity wind followed by a big bang. Then radiation for a couple of hundred years.

      1. Obama has established all the conditions for nuclear war in the Middle East and perhaps beyond. He’s carefully paved the way. That’s obvious to any serious person who follows events and developments in the world. His legacy may well be having the first mushroom cloud we see as a result of his insane actions named after him–The Obama Cloud.

  13. OT – Obummer flew call the way out to Utah to stay overnight and then give a seven minute speech today before flying back:

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    Surprisingly short speech by Pres Obama at @HAFB. Just 7 mins 13 secs on the economy and solar energy.

    Something tells me there’s another reason why he flew out there. He sure likes staying in hotels….

  14. As usual the goal of Sir Petulance and his sidekicks are to leave a lasting legacy. Doesn’t really matter if it is good or bad, the facts can always be fudged as we have seen time and time again.
    So this “president’s” legacy is arming a dangerous state.
    Damn the torpedos and full speed ahead!


      1. Anytime I see all capitals,
        I think that the person typing
        is kinda old, ala 94 years.I am 84 and sometimes I am
        tempted to write all caps.

        1. I am 53. I have had athritis for several years, and is slowly getting worse. I may move to caps down the road if it gets worse.

    1. You can’t make an honest deal with a country whose leaders’ mantra is Death to America and who refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

  16. in the Passover Haggadah, the story of the Exodus from Egypt, it says:

    “For it was not one enemy alone who rose up against us to destroy us; in every generation there are those who rise up against us and seek to destroy us. But the Holy One, blessed be He, saves us from their hands.”

    tonite and tomorrow at seders all over the world, Jews and other people who love Israel will read those words and think of Barack Obama.

    when Bibi said (in the heat of a campaign) that a two-state solution was not going to happen “today,” he was deliberately misunderstood. Obama was furious and made noises about not supporting Israel at the UN and “reassessing” the alliance.

    but when the Iranians just said a few days ago that destroying Israel was “non-negotiable,” it didn’t even slow down the talks.

    when I think of how much better off the world would be if Romney had won, I weep.

    1. I just turned off The Five. Juan rambling that Netanyahu is better off with this deal. He interuppted the lady on the left, when she said we have ignored Israel and they are our ally.
      Where is Bob?
      As far as I am concerned o should have at least flew his but to Israel to discuss this with Netanyahu. Even if Netanyahu disagreed still, it would have shown devotion and respect for our ally.
      By the way, has any found any news any where, showing what the citizens of UK think of this?

      1. I haven’t been much involved in the “news” these days but I did hear a snippet on The Five that Bob is somewhere having back surgery.

        1. Thanks Grace. I watch the show or parts of it when able. I had missed any annoucement that was made.
          I like Bob Beckel, I do not agree with him a great deal of the time. However if he disagrees he does it with respect.
          For the last couple of months he was making clear he had know explanation, and did not agree with certain things.

  17. Just an observation: it seems that when Obama has done something really stupid internationally, (or domestically, for that matter), all of a sudden there’s an outbreak in the culture wars. Right now, sort of all of a sudden, there’s the “I want pizza at my gay wedding reception” brouhaha. And then the media moves over to cover that THAT shiny button. Or there’s a phony rape case, as there is now at the U of Virginia. I think I’ll do a little research to see if my observation isn’t just confirmation bias. Just seems odd.

    1. You’re correct in that observation, Marcus. Also, this hysteria for the last week over the hypothetical pizza-catered gay wedding conveniently became a huge distraction at the same time that Shrillary’s lawyer advised Rep. Gowdy that she had no emails on her server AND the server has been wiped clean. The lame stream media didn’t have much time to cover that big news over the weekend or at the start of this week thanks to the fake gay pizza controversy consuming everyone’s time and attention.

    2. Hmmm..wondering the same thing about those pizza makers who popped up–they were very blah, ill spoken–too anxious to volunteer that they would not make pizzas for a gay wedding. Like who asked you.

  18. Seems to me the Liar-in-Chief has finally told a bigger one than “If you like your plan…etc.” That was pretty hard to beat, but he seems to have done it.

  19. Also competing for deal of the century is all the new state department action of flying illegals into the country to “reunite” with their families who also came here illegally. Upon arrival they get food, benefits, in some cases housing, medical care etc.

    US tax payers footing the bill with absolutely no say so.

    Legal immigrants waiting in line, suckahs!

    1. What’s the problem? We are a country with unlimited resources, we can afford to give the good life to a few 10s of millions of honest, hardworking (albeit unemployed) illegal (oops) undocumented folks! What’s that Honey? WHAT? We’re HOW many TRILLIONS in debt? Well! I guess Margaret Thatcher was right when she said “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”!

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