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Happy Passover

To everyone who is celebrating the holiday, a very happy Passover to you.

Passover is the story of the Jews’ escape from bondage in Egypt, beginning a journey that would take them to the promised land.

Perhaps it is a coincidence, perhaps it is not, that Passover occurs the very day after the United States entered into an arrangement that will give the Jews’ enemies the means once again to eradicate them from the homeland God gave them.

We are entering into a very grave moment in the history of the Jewish people, who have faced too many such moments. And the threat from Iran is no less a threat to the United States.

Tonight, as the Jews celebrate Passover, Christians also mark Good Friday. We are all today united in our glorification of God, and in our peril. Together, we will, somehow, face down this threat, and preserve our world and the Holy Land for future generations.

Shabbat Shalom, Chag Sameach, and Happy Good Friday.


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  1. Thank you. I appreciate your thoughts and well-wishes. This is a great holiday season, tempered by the uncertainty of the world situation. But God is in control, and what we can’t see coming He sees clearly and know how it all comes out. That gives me peace despite all.

    Shabbat Shalom. (I love that expression.)

  2. I feel very blessed to be included tonight in a dear friend’s Passover Seder. She cooks for weeks, has almost 40 people over, and I the only gentile.

    Leg of Lamb for us this Sunday, none of us likes ham as much. Traditional scalloped potatoes and carrots, and for sure, coconut cake slathered in icing.

    Happy Passover Keith and Happy Easter to those here who celebrate.

  3. as I posted on the Iran story, a quote from the Passover Haggadah that, sadly, continues to be true:

    “For it was not one enemy alone who rose up against us to destroy us; in every generation there are those who rise up against us and seek to destroy us. But the Holy One, blessed be He, saves us from their hands.”

    let’s hope and pray for better days ahead.only 21 more months of Obama–there’s a reason to smile. happy holidays!

  4. Blessed holidays to all that visit here. My days and heart are made stronger knowing you are here! God bless you and our precious country.

  5. UGH!! Leave to Ovomit to work a civil rights/Selma reference into his official Passover message! He also threw in his usual blather about “progress” coming slowly, there’s more hard work to be done, etc.

    The world is headed towards better days, President Barack Obama said in a message to the greater Jewish community celebrating Passover tonight. In face of the recent framework Iran nuclear deal announced on Thursday, Obama stated, “It is up to us to never lose faith in the better day that lies ahead.”

    Read the President’s full statement below:

    Michelle and I send our warmest greetings to all those celebrating Passover in the United States, in the State of Israel, and throughout the world.

    Tonight, for the seventh year, I’ll hold a Seder in the White House, and we’ll join millions of Jewish families as we retell one of humanity’s great stories of liberation. The Exodus was neither easy nor quick. The Israelites’ journey to freedom required them to choose faith over fear and courage over complacency. Above all, it required the works of an awesome God, who led them out of bondage with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm.

    The story of the Exodus – the signs and wonders that appeared when hope seemed lost, the Jewish people’s abiding belief that they would one day reach the Promised Land – has inspired countless generations over the years. It inspired Jewish families to hold fast to their faith, even during times of terrible persecution. It inspired young Civil Rights leaders as they marched across an Alabama bridge in search of their own Promised Land, half a century ago.

    And it continues to inspire us today. Tonight, my family will read the passage of the Haggadah that declares we must see ourselves as though we personally were liberated from Egypt. The Exodus reminds us that progress has always come slow and the future has always been uncertain, but it also reminds there is always reason for hope.

    Like the Israelites who Moses led out of slavery long ago, it is up to us to never lose faith in the better day that lies ahead. In our own country, we can continue our march toward a more perfect union. Around the world, we can seek to extend the miracles of freedom and peace, prosperity and security, to more of God’s creation. And together, we can continue the hard but awesome work of tikkun olam, and do our part to repair the world.

    From my family to yours, Chag Sameach.

    • considering how Obama’s treated the Jewish people so far, I’m surprised the Haggadah didn’t jump out of his hands when he read the story of the Exodus!

  6. Happy Passover and Happy Easter to all of you.
    It´s really springtime over here, clear blue skies and yellow daffodils everywhere. It´s picnic time !

  7. Yeah, good luck all us Jews. How can our government let one cowardly, lazy, ugly liar tell any country what to do?? Thanks to the also cowardly Republican party that never stops Obama’s evil, never ever! Politicians all out for their own hide and money, never a care what the American people want. The days of patriotism and love for country and bravery are gone forever. We need another civil war to straighten out these low I.Q.’ idiots.

  8. We are all blessed at this time, thank you all for your wonderful comraderie in the face of such strife in our world. United, we shall carry on.

    Happy Passover, Happy Easter

  9. Loved this post.
    Yes, we all are united in our glorification of God and in our peril! What a true and powerful statement.
    I am going to Jerusalem at the end of this month on a trip I have longed to go on my whole adult life. I am nervous but determined to go.
    Hope all you have a very blessed weekend.

    • you’ll be fine, Nanette. and how lucky you get to go to Israel at long last! I’m envious, but hoping to go there myself next year, when my daughter will be in Jerusalem studying at a seminary.

    • How exciting Nanette — I hope ou have a wonderful trip and not be too nervous! Can’t wait until I hear about your trip, tell us all about it when you come back.

      • Thank you all for your encouraging comments!!
        After this weekend of remembering the wonderful story of the cross and resurrection, my excitement is renewed. I can’t wait to walk where this all took place. My fear is minimal and my faith is large.