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Obama Schedule || Friday, April 3, 2015

10:15 am MT || Holds a roundtable on clean energy; Hill Air Force Base, Utah
11:00 am MT || Delivers remarks; Hill Air Force Base
11:35 am MT || Departs Utah
5:20 pm || Arrives Joint Base Andrews
7:00 pm || Holds a Passover Seder; Old Family Dining Room

All times Eastern

37 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, April 3, 2015”

  1. Am I losing my mind or what!
    Today, April 2 is about to be history.
    What about tomorrow’s travel schedule.
    Oh, I forgot, tomorrow is Good Friday. So out of respect to this most important Christian holiday he will not travel. RIGHT!!

    1. Good Friday. I’m sure if we called it GREAT Friday he’d be more considerate. Or if we gave it a Muslim name, like “Al Explodi”. Then he’d show some respect! By the way, Biden’s been washing his forehead since Wednesday. Can’t seem to figure out where the soot mark came from!!

          1. I prefer recovering. As in from those 45minute sermons & walking past aborted fetuses they had in jars on tables as we walked in or out. Every Sunday! I will never get those images out of my head…recovering catholic.

    1. My thought exactly. Mayhap they’ll Row their way home! Or, since they’re democrats, maybe they’ll “Row The Boat Ashore”! Hallelujah!!!

    2. Working the math on Obama’s jaunt to Utah:

      1600 nautical miles from D.C. to Ogden, Utah

      3200 nautical miles round trip

      Cruising speed of Air Force One: 575 nautical miles per hour

      Total flying time, round trip: 5.5 Hours

      Fuel Consumption, Boeing VC-25 (military) / 747-200: 3,378 Gallons Per Hour

      Total fuel consumption for trip: 18,579 Gallons

      National average price, Jet A aircraft fuel: $4.63 p/Gallon

      Cost of trip for fuel alone $86,020.77

      Only Barack Obama could burn off 18,579 gallons of jet fuel to spend 45 minutes at an air force base discussing “clean energy.”

  2. Ninety percent of his time is spent flying the wings off AF1, parading around in motorcades, and dragging his teleprompter all over the country. Sick bast*ard!

    1. It will cost MILLIONS$ to replace AF1 after Obama leaves(?) office because of all the useless miles he has put on that beautiful and special plane.

  3. does AF1 have twitter on board? maybe he ought to read what the iranians are saying about him and Jean Francoise. hey, Barry – they’re mocking you. oh, I know, the next time he’s on a late night comedy show he’ll pull up those mean tweets.

  4. Extreme Irony Alert: Dictator Obama, America’s most prominent Anti-Semite and most deadly enemy of the Jewish State of Israel, holds a Passover Seder in our White House.

    Dictator Obama has taken the vices of hypocrisy and shamelessness and raised them to an art form. What an evil, evil, and despicable creature.

    1. Yea, I had pretty much the exact thought. He thinks the jews can be bought off with a ceremonial dinner on his part.

      Sad part is, a lot of American jews can.

      1. …had a discusion with my mom the other day about Obama & the American Jewish “vote”: why the Hell do Jews keep supporting todays socialist-Democrats & Obama…???

        1. A complete and utter mystery. Maybe there is some hidden suicidal urge at work.

          Anyone who votes for a democrat is committing suicide by voting.

  5. Will Bibi be at the Passover Seder? Talk about insulting the State of Israel! On Thursday you slap them smack across the face by working a deal with their evil neighbor, and you follow it up by symbolically hosting a Seder? What is this, a version of the Onion?

    As a non-practicing Catholic, I’m actually glad there was no reference to Good Friday.


    1. I had to look up Sedar. I agree, an insult. He failed to show any respect to Netanyahu, and Jewish people here, and all over the world.

  6. Wow! 45 mins. meeting at the table. Wow! It’s a Round table at that. sarc.
    I had to throw that in, after seeing the bad deal meeting going on for days and partial nights, over the bad deal.

  7. It’s so hypocritical for O to hold a Passover Seder. He hates Jews and has no understanding of their traditions. I’m incensed and I’m not Jewish.

    1. Hate is probably not the proper tone or term. He despises their intrusion in the Arab world, much like he despises the USA’s “intrusion” in to any situation, even if it is for the good of man.

  8. Oh Keith:

    I have finally caught you with a mistake. That Friday schedule certainly can’t be correct. Why? There is not a single Dim-O FUND RAISER mentioned at taxpayer’s travel expense.

    But – If it is true, heads are gonna’ roll, watch for a job opening for White House event scheduler.

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