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The Obama Morning News || April 2, 2015

Iran talks continue, may yield some kind of statement . . . Two days after busting through a March 31 deadline, the negotiators hope to leave the Swiss city of Lausanne with at least a text outlining general political commitments to resolve concerns about Iran’s nuclear program, and the pace of lifting sanctions. They are also trying to fashion more detailed documents on the steps they must take by June 30 to meet those goals. As he headed to his own meeting Thursday, Zarif said the talks had made “significant progress.” But he said drafts still had to be written. Reaching both agreement in Lausanne as well as a June final deal will be “a difficult job,” he said. Associated Press

Vast majority says Congress should vote on deal . . . Three-quarters of voters, 76 percent, say Obama “should be required” to get Congressional approval for any deal he makes with Iran about its nuclear program. That includes nearly two-thirds of Democrats (64 percent). Most think Iran can’t be trusted. Over half of voters, 55 percent, say the U.S. “can’t trust anything” Iran says on the issue of nuclear weapons, while another 28 percent thinks we can only trust “a little” of what Iran says. Fox News

GOP: Enough with the delays . . . Republican senators are voicing concerns that any nuclear deal with Iran will only get worse as negotiations drag on past the Obama administration’s self-imposed March 31 deadline for producing an agreement. Politico

Bolton: Sanctions won’t stop Iran bomb . . . There is no evidence that sanctions imposed against Iran over its nuclear activities slowed down the program, and the notion that future sanctions will curb its ambitions to become a nuclear weapons power is “fundamentally false,” former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said Wednesday. CNS News

Lawsuit seeks to uncover EPA collusion with enviros . . . A nonprofit government watchdog is suing the Department of State seeking to force the agency to disclose email and text message records of its communications with environmental activist groups like the Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council and World Wildlife Fund. Washington Examiner

Obama fails to head off China development bank . . . U.S. efforts to head off a new China-sponsored development bank for the booming Asia region ended in abject failure this week as organizers announced nearly four dozen countries — including some of America’s closest Asian and European allies — have applied to membership, amid growing criticism of how the Obama administration handled the entire episode. Washington Times

DOJ won’t prosecute Lerner for refusing to testify to Congress . . . “Once again, the Obama administration has tried to sweep IRS targeting of taxpayers for their political beliefs under the rug,” Speaker Boehner spokesman Michael Steel told FoxNews.

Indictment silences Obama foreign policy critic . . . Tuesday’s indictment of Sen. Bob Menendez on federal corruption charges silences a rare and vocal Democratic critic of the Obama administration’s foreign policy stance as opposition mounts to an emerging nuclear deal with Iran. Washington Examiner

5 Responses to The Obama Morning News || April 2, 2015

  1. AP piece on Iran ‘talks’ decoded:
    The parties involved will put on paper some kind of outline to document what they will discuss next.
    No agreement is expected this year, or any year to come.

    SenMenendez, a Dem who felt as entitled as the President he endorsed, is now charged as a criminal by doing the same things MrObama, et al, did. and is still doing.
    This unfair treatment of a Hispanic will not go unnoticed by the millions of Latinos who once believed themeselves to be protected by the Dem administration.

    Lois Lerner – uh huh. Yep.

    • Instead of agree to disagree–we are agreeing to agree–maybe…You know, sometime… I heard an interesting thought raised on MoJoe–why is Kerry doing this personally…probably not the best use of his time or the fielding of our sharpest negotiator.

    • The outline that you mentioned is exactly what happened with the ACA.
      Many many holes to be filled at a later date as the administration deems necessary.

  2. Is there anything this president has done right? Another headline about him mishandling a situation that is giving china more influence in world affairs. I refer today to the headline about American allies joining communist Chinese for an alternative to the world bank, because they feel obama has mishandled the situation.

    Another 18 months, huh?

    • I think that as far as he is concerned, his agenda is advancing nicely.

      “Is there anything this president has done right ?”

      That depends on what you consider right.

      Congress needs to but the brakes on this administration.

      18 months more of this is going to be devastating to this Country.