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Live Stream || Obama Statement on Iran Nuclear Talks

The remarks have concluded.

7 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Statement on Iran Nuclear Talks

  1. In regards to the forthcoming surrender/agreement with the Iranian muslim savages keep in mind the Dictator Obama prediction rule of thumb:

    If it is good for this country, then Dictator Obama is against it.

    If it is bad for this country, Dictator Obama is enthusiastically for it.

    Using this fail safe method it is 100% certain that this so-called surrender, and or “agreement” will be a disaster for this country, a disaster for Israel and our few remaining allies, and a windfall for our Islamic enemies.

    Good luck to us all.

  2. The world is on fire, our enemies think we are a joke, our military is pre WWII and our “friends” don’t trust us…

    A speech at 2:15 about the most important and dangerous time in the history of the planet and where is he??? Showering from the last round of golf??? Can’t tell time?? Oh yeah, nobody is important enough for him to show up on time. Gets off on making people wait. Power plays from the little prince.

  3. The Iranians and Obama are describing this “agreement” in exactly opposite terms. Iranians are probably describing it more or less accurately, and Obama is lying his butt off again. That’s what’s happening here.