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Iran Nuclear Negotiators Agree on Something

From the Associated Press:

Iran and six world powers have agreed on the outlines of an understanding to limit Iran’s nuclear programs, officials told The Associated Press Thursday. Negotiations continued on a dispute over how much of it to make public.

Pressured by congressional critics in the U.S. who threaten to impose new sanctions over what they say is a bad emerging deal, the Obama administration is demanding significant public disclosure of agreements and understandings reached at the current round. Iran wants a minimum made public at this point, describing previous two-stage deals as detrimental to their interests, officials say.

The Iranians want any results from talks in the Swiss city of Lausanne described less as a deal and more of an informal understanding.

Secretary of State John Kerry plans to brief reporters, probably within hours.

What this will be exactly, and whether issues are really nailed down, is unclear. I’ll update as more information becomes available.

2 Responses to Iran Nuclear Negotiators Agree on Something

  1. Never fails does it ?
    The pseudo talks are ending and where is Obama ?
    Why he’s on his airplane traveling the US and making speeches.

    Nothing to see here,…move along.