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Iran Nuclear Deal Leaves Major Differences Unresolved

Details are emerging of an agreement between the United States and Iran, as well as other world powers, on Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

I will add to the article as information is released. The White House released a summary of the deal.

“I am confident at we can show that this deal is good for the United States, for our allies, and for the world,” President Obama said Thursday afternoon at the White House. “When you hear the inevitable critics of the deal sound off, ask them a simple question, do you really think this deal . . . is a worse option than another war in the Middle east? Is it worth doing want we’ve done . . . and Iran’s program moving forward?”

Obama said Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu should embrace the deal, and said he would work with Israel to bolster its defenses.

“If in fact Prime Minister Netanyahu is looking for the best way to (prevent Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon), this is the best option,” Obama said.

According to reports:

Both Germany’s foreign office and President Hassan Rouhani of Iran said that key parameters of a framework for a final accord had been reached, with the details to be negotiated by June 30. But Western diplomats cautioned that on several of the key issues that were debated here for the past eight days between Secretary of State John Kerry and his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif, there were still significant differences.

“We have stopped a cycle that is not in the interest of anybody,” an exuberant Mr. Zarif said at a news conference following the announcement.

Secretary of State John Kerry tweeted that all sides have the “parameters to resolve major issues” on Iran’s nuclear program and will soon get back to work on a “final deal.”

The agreement would place strong constraints and controls on Iran’s nuclear program for as many as 25 years, with severe limits for the first decade.

What the six powers and Iran agreed upon set down key parameters for a final nuclear deal on many key questions. However, reflecting the intense negotiations of the past few days, it remained unclear how quickly Iran will be able to scale up its nuclear activities after the first decade, and it was unclear when United Nations nuclear-related sanctions would be eased.

Mr. Zarif, speaking in Lausanne, said “none of those measures require closing any of our facilities,” something he said the “proud people” of Iran would never allow. He said, for example, that centrifuges would remain in the underground Fordo site, but that no enrichment of uranium would take place there.

“Today we have taken a decisive step,” said Federica Mogherini, the foreign policy chief of the European Union. “We have reached solutions on key parameters of a joint comprehensive plan of action.”

In a statement read to reporters, Mogherini and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif said Iran would limit the operation of uranium-enrichment centrifuges to one site — Natanz — and would convert its controversial Fordow enrichment site into a center for nuclear physics and technology research. The Fordow site, which Iran secretly built deep inside a mountain near Qom, had raised alarm because it was less vulnerable to attack if used to produce fissile material for nuclear weapons.

“There will not be any fissile material at Fordow,” Mogherini said in English. Zarif read the same statement in Farsi.

They also said that a heavy-water nuclear reactor at Arak would be rebuilt so that it could not be used to produce any weapons-grade plutonium. “There will be no reprocessing, and the spent fuel will be exported,” they said.

In return, nuclear-related sanctions against Iran will be terminated by the European Union and the United States, subject to verification that Iran is meeting terms of the agreement, the statement said.

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  1. In return, nuclear-related sanctions against Iran will be terminated by the European Union and the United States, subject to verification that Iran is meeting terms of the agreement, the statement said.

    It looks like both parties got what they wanted.

    Obama wanted to soften the sanctions, and Iran sought to make fools believe that they will adhere to a commitment that is not written on paper.

    What’s next,….a secure e-mail server ?

      • Exactly. The next scene in this play will be Kerry stepping off the plane at Andrews AFB, holding up a piece of paper and proclaiming “Peace in our time”. What Kerry, Obama and Jarrett (and she is right in the middle of this mess) have done is to pave the highway Iran will travel to build a nuclear bomb. This will set off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. It won’t end well.

  2. And I in turn would like Dictator Obama to answer this simple question: What color is the sky in your world – Communist Red or Islamic green?

  3. Can’t listen to the babbling buffoon. There is no ‘deal’. Iran will behave itself until the sanctions are all lifted – then it’s business as usual. They have the time…and the patience.

    The fact that Zarif is so ‘exuberant’ speaks volumes. And sadly, Obama now has his ‘agenda’ set for the next two years….one long victory lap. Again!

  4. A few thoughts. I don’t care about Obama’s legacy which Obama would sell the US security for. We and the world will live in a much more dangerous world

    This is not Nixon China. At the time the
    US and China had a mutual enemy – the USSR. Obama is enabling a country who is dedicated to death to America. Nixon had Kissinger. Obama has Kerry. Enough said.

    Further as someone on FBN noted. Post WWII Germany and Japan came to be secure enough in the umbrella of US defends and protection. Obama’s legacy is a nuclear arms race in the ME so undependable has the US become.

    Also Obama lies all the time

    • To your point, they were yelling “Death to America” during the “negotiations”. That’s what fools they think we and the Obama team are.

  5. I watched, heaven help me (well, I was eating lunch in the fam room). That lower lip pooching out thing–ack. Anyway, what does “snap” mean in terms of time–“we would snap the sanctions back in place.” If this supposedly (if finalized) keeps Iran a year out, what if the Saudis Manhattan it up and get a bomb sooner? Or would they be satisfied with this and not pursue one? What is being done (or would be) with the enriched material already made? And as for what would I like more–a world war or this? I want the Straw Man Store closed!That’s what I want!

  6. Did he say this will STOP Iran from making a nuke? And what was up with giving us the other scenarios…we don’t want to bomb them…what world leader speaks this way?

    He is truly Chauncey Gardiner in Being There.

  7. Only an insecure person gives a statement and talks about what his critics will say, warning people not to fall for that silly nincompoop chatter. Intelligencia in the world watch and wonder, how did the USA every put this rookie in charge?


    • Trying to recall–a Newsweek cover about how he would be better than Roosevelt, the first black pres, a Peace Prize in advance, Hillary dispatched to her room only to come out capitulating, McCain shutting down his campaign, a lockdown on all his personal info…a combo…Wow, it’s fun to look back.

  8. I usually read all comments before I type anything. Sorry if this has been stated already.
    Kerry tweeted: All sides have the “parameters to resolve major issues”.
    Boy do I feel better now with that. sarc…
    Zarif said centrifuges would remain in underground. Won’t have to close any facilities.
    No uranium will take place there.
    They have not stated anything that makes me feel any better.

  9. My local news stations are saying that this is “historic”.
    I agree.1st, IMO, no American President has ever sold out or stabbed an allie in the back as obama has done.
    Historic because this is the day Iran is given the green light to develop a nuclear weapon.
    ” The destruction of Israel is non negotiable ”
    “Death to America”
    Nice going Barry & Kerry.
    Hope your in ground zero when it comes. DRB’s

  10. Its all been said in the other comments but this one.

    If Iran is not building a nuc weapon, why are they building ICBM’s ??

    Iran = extend and pretend.

  11. Iranians accuse Obama of lying. Please tell us something new. Sounds like a Geico commercial.Did you know 5 minutes could save you money on auto insurance? Everyone knows that! But did you know government bureaucrats and elected officials are infected with hoof and mouth disease? What?