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White House Sets No Deadline for an Iran Deal

Well, actually, the deadline was yesterday, but that’s all gone, obviously.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today refused to put a new time limit on talks with the Iranians over their attempts to build a nuclear weapon, saying the conversations had been “productive” and should continue.

The latest reports out of Lausanne, Switzerland, where the negotiations are taking place, state that significant obstacles remain to closing a deal.

Earnest said it was important to finish up because “two or three months” would be required to work out technical details. But if as little as two months might do the trick, and with the next deadline June 30, it could mean the White House would allow the current round of negotiations to proceed for some time.

That the White House would continue past its declared deadline is a sure signal to the Iranians of desperation. Obama has staked his foreign policy, and even his second term, on the conclusion of an Iran bomb deal. The Iranians know this and will extract concessions accordingly.

Any good negotiator knows that you have to project to your antagonist that you can live without an agreement. And that is the opposite of what we are seeing here.

13 Responses to White House Sets No Deadline for an Iran Deal

  1. “Hello Khameini? Barack here. I understand after watching the Fox News that you Iranians have not yet agreed to my deal.
    In the interest of time, my next Nobel Peace Prize, and my, um, Presidential Legacy, let’s do this.
    You tell me what you want and I will sign off on it, no questions asked. Now that IS my red-line, so make sure you cross it.
    Must run now, late for my tee time.”

  2. Their blather always puts me in mind of Humpty Dumpty talking to Alice about words.

    Alice was too much puzzled to say anything; so after a minute Humpty Dumpty began again. ‘They’ve a temper, some of them — particularly verbs: they’re the proudest — adjectives you can do anything with, but not verbs — however, I can manage the whole lot of them! Impenetrability! That’s what I say!’

  3. Got to feel some sympathy for Josh Earnest. Hard to be “earnest” when your boss is such a malingering, arrogant, egotistical blowhard, never giving you and up or down answer that you can give to the troops.


  4. I just went grocery shopping. I said to myself, I bet most of the people in hear never heard of the Cold War, Arms Race. Shucks they may not even now what Atomic, or Nuclear means.
    At least…, I must say they do not have any fear whats so ever.

  5. I did mention something like “deadline, redline, zipline….” in another comment section.
    There’s no deadline, there never was a deadline for an agreement, just as there was no chance for a favorable agreement from either side.
    This comedy was all about giving SoSKerry a chance to do something, to keep Congress from placing more sanctions on Iran, and give the illusion that MrO does have a viable foreign policy.
    Secret communications from Middle East states must have been burning up the phones at the State Dept, and White House as countries that surround Iran were begging, screaming that a nuclear option that the Iranis threaten to use on Israel would destroy them, too.
    For all intents, the talking is over, no deal will be reached with the Iranis, and the WhiteHouse spin machine will pretend that work is being done on an agreement.

  6. Just saw the News: the Iranians have agreed to all the US terms and it will go into effect as of November 2016. Also, they have noted they will have a bomb as of September 2016.

  7. Two important issues not being discussed re Iran’s development of a nuclear bomb (according to what has been leaked thus far) .

    1. Long range missiles to deliver the bomb. Iran continues to develop these missiles at breakneck speed. They already have intermediate range missiles–aimed at Israel.

    2. The cooperation between Iran and North Korea to insure that Iran isn’t “caught” with nuclear material and that Iran has the latest tech savvy to develop the bomb.

    Nice diplomatic bargaining there Obama and Kerry, and Hillary as well. Morons.

  8. Its all “extend and pretend” Iran knows full well that the delays are all in their favor. No deal means they just carry on and pretend to want a deal. Mean time they just build the bombs!

    Just like Carter, Oputter is screwing us for years to come. Had Carter supported the Shaw of Iran, none of this would have happened.