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Cartoon of the Day || April 1, 2015

Lisa Benson 3-29-15

Printed by kind permission of Lisa Benson. You can view more of her great work here.

6 Responses to Cartoon of the Day || April 1, 2015

  1. Say what you want about him, but DO NOT EVER try to tell me John Kerry is useless! As is my habit, I was perusing the Uninhibited Dictionary today and here’s what I found:

    1. Pompous Ass
    2. Appeaser
    3. S$%t Bird
    4. Traitor
    5. Pompous Ass (WAS in there twice!)
    6. Mighty Hunter
    7. Boat Tax Evader
    8. Supercilious
    9. Prevaricator
    10. Gigolo

    And whadaya know, after each of those entries, there was John Kerry’s picture. I WAS a bit surprised at numbers 9 and 10 since there is so much competition, but one does not argue with the Uninhibited Dictionary!

    So you see, John (I’m SO much smarter than you) Kerry actually DOES serve a useful function. Well, at least his PICTURE does!!

  2. So when one of these loose nukes goes off in a shipping container in NY / LA harbor ,and it will , what then ?? There will be miles and miles of plausible deniability and no real hard fingerprints . Was it the Norks ?? Was it ISI ?? Was it the IRGC ?? Who did it and then what ?? Bury the dead and then what ?? MAD only works if you know where to send the return package . Then what ??