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White House Agrees to Extend Talks Until Wednesday

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today said the United States would agree to continue talks with Iran past the Tuesday deadline, at least until Wednesday.

“If necessary, if the talks continue to be productive, it’s possible the talks could continue until tomorrow,” Earnest said. “If we are making progress toward the finish line, then we should keep going.”

Earnest did not say when the new deadline would be.

21 thoughts on “White House Agrees to Extend Talks Until Wednesday”

  1. Deadline, redline, zipline, alpine – all meaningless to this administration.
    We could bottle the desperation that the US negotiators are exuding now, and the Iranis are not stupid nor are they willing to give up anything.
    Why should they? They hold all the cards.

    1. Right there with ya…there will be no deal. There is nothing in it for Iran. They are doing just fine without us. Now the poor people of Persia might be suffering, but when did that ever bother the leaders of Iran?

      1. and BTW, how did this end up ever being a question about what the GOP will do?! The ineptitude of the White House results in action (re sanctions) that has to be taken by the GOP in congress. What a life this man leads…

    1. Ah,…it is the extension of the convoluted conundrums that is exacerbated on the American populace incessantly.

      Those of us that can see through the facade will have our revenge.

  2. If the talks continue to be “productive”. TRANSLATION OF Productive: “If we enjoy the sumptuous lunch we’re all so looking forward to!

  3. Of course, Obama realizes what a embarrassment it would be to him if the talks don’t yield an ‘agreement”.

    He’s using the Obamacare model for deadlines. If you couldn’t sign up by the deadline, well, then we’ll extend the deadline.

    Unlike Obamacare, though, the Iranians are playing us (successfully, I might add).

  4. I read early this morning that some outline, info would be released today. I assume that it will not, since they all took it upon themselves to extend this.

  5. I missed Joshi’s press conference again. I just read on that o has been updated on the status of the talks.
    I thought he would have been updated several, many times since this started.
    The article said that Joshi also said that, It was possible that o would be in touch with the memebers of the negotiating team.

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