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Reid: My Tactics Worked, So Who Cares How Bad They Were?

“Romney didn’t win, did he?”

That was Harry Reid’s response to charges that he lied aboutĀ Mitt Romney of not paying taxes and that his attacks on the Koch brothers were McCarthyite.

It’s always the same with the Left. The ends justify the means. Because the ends are so pretty.

11 thoughts on “Reid: My Tactics Worked, So Who Cares How Bad They Were?”

  1. As long as the left gets what they want. It doesn’t matter what lies are told. The bigger the lie, the more justification they apply to said problem. Can’t wait for the day he’s gone. Far away. Can’t help but feel a little bit of vindication when he smashed his own face. Karma will bite you in ass eventually.

  2. we like to joke about how craven and unscrupulous politicians are, but this really disgusted me. killing an opposing candidate would have done the trick too; maybe that’s an option for the Dems in future elections.

    have any Republicans been heard from to denounce this?

  3. Reid nothing but a typical Lefty communist. Glad he had an accident and wish Obama would have one too for trying to destroy Israel with the United Nations. These low life low I.Q. morons, the UN and Obama, will never destroy Israel no matter how hard they try by putting out their poison to the media. No one listens to the UN and Obama anymore except the subhumans who hate Jews, Israel,cut heads off and murder their own people daily. God damn them and God Bless America. That goes for power-hungry criminal Obama, his United Nations, Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, Kerry and all the rest of the democrat turned communist party.

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