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Quote of the Day || April 1, 2015

“Tell Obama we’ll take one more day. And have Kerry pick me up a sandwich.”

– Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

25 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || April 1, 2015”

      1. Man, I can just picture John ( THE most pompous man in the world and proud of it) Kerry salaaming to his Iranian superiors (but then again, who isn’t his superior) with his a$$ pointed reverently toward Mecca!

      1. I must have been posting comments too fast! ANYHOO!

        I almost lost my lunch when I read that that Jihad John Kerry said they’d have an agreement, Inshallah. Does NO ONE in this administration think about AMERICANS first?? Never mind,I just answered my own question!

      1. OK, now I’m more confused than an American trying to negotiate with a Middle Easterner. Is that cold BEER or cold BEEF? Don’t toy with me, I’m an angry old man!

    1. Oh man, 12 pack of Tall Boys! Takes me back to when I was a REAL waste of time! But the beer WAS good!

      Best thing about beer is that it’s recyclable!

      No lie, I once opened all 12 at once to save time. In hindsight, what was my HURRY??

      For the record, I no longer do that stuff, don’t miss it, and wonder what in the hell was wrong with me then!

  1. Major powers reach impasse over key details such as lifting U.N. sanctions & Iran’s future Atomic research.
    Negotiations ended talks in the early morning with an air of chaos, disunity, & cacophony as delegations scrambled to get contradictory viewpoints across.
    France’s foreign minister, often seen as making the most stringent demands of Iran, returned to Paris because things had not advanced enough for “immediate deal”.
    I than pulled up:
    Talks stretched into the morning hours. The French, Russian, and Chinese counterparts all left overnight, leaving the deputies in charge.

  2. Agreed Kerry is a non-acting doofuss. He doesn’t have to act. Then being a negotiator on behalf of the current president of the United States of American whom it is that hasn’t the foggiest idea, which leaves Kerry just guessing what to say or do. Without a plan, any destination will do. As some say the inmates have taken over the administration of the asylum.

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